10 Best Cross With Wings Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

Cross with wings tattoo can be a meaningful addition to your tattoo collection, implying religious freedom and an ultimate belief in the power of the almighty.

Cross With Wings Tattoo
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A cross with wings tattoo is a beautiful representation of religious freedom.

Cross and angel wings are some of the most commonly used elements of religious tattoos, expressing diverse meanings, with each related to faith. When combined, these two can create an entire new striking tattoo design that delivers more than just religious values.

Cross tattoos are proudly owned by Christianity followers representing their divine faith in Jesus Christ. In order to make it more impactful, people often incorporate a set of angel wings that sit well with the shape of a cross, as well as enable tattoo wearers to add personalized meanings to their tattoo. Angel wings represent freedom while the cross explores faith in Christianity. Combining the two is a way to represent the presence of a guardian spirit.

A Cross with wings tattoo provides an elevated look to your simple cross tattoo, which may not look as striking as it can without wings. Wings help cross tattoos achieve the majestic look many people aim for while keeping their religious meanings intact. If you are a Christian looking for religious tattoos to feel closer to your faith, then a cross with wings tattoo can be your perfect match. Use it to serve as a reminder of your strong belief in the almighty or as a tribute to the ones you’ve lost to heaven. Cross with wings tattoo is a versatile design, helping people express their most sincere prayers through body art.

If you are a Christian looking for a cross with wings tattoo recommendation, this is the right place! Go through our cross with wings tattoo suggestions and find inspiration for your next tattoos!

Cross Tattoo With Angel Wings

Cross Tattoo With Angel Wings
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The tattoo above takes a cross with wings tattoo theme to another level with an intricate illustration of an angel sitting over the cross with its majestic wings spread across. The tattoo design takes inspiration from Catholic religious architecture honoring the details designs and art style of the period. Basic colors on the tattoo represent an oxidized cross with wings to add to its vintage charm, while smart usage of white highlights enhances its overall look.

The vintage cross with wings tattoo is a beautiful representation of ancient Catholic structures created with intricate designs incorporating religious references. Instead of using a simple cross, the tattoo artists managed to capture the vintage feel of this rich cross with detailed illustrations.

Chest Cross With Angel Wings Tattoo Broad

Chest Cross With Angel Wings Tattoo Broad
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Angel wing tattoos are best suited for broad spaces to span across the skin and flaunt their intricacy majestically. The cross with wings tattoo is an excellent example representing the cross as a guardian figure with wings and a subtle light illuminating the tattoo to represent attained enlightenment through the wings. The tattoo is the best way to honor Christianity and its related symbolisms, inscribing it right on the chest to stand proudly with your beliefs. These majestic tattoos are best suited for the chest or back, so you might not want to replicate them on your neck or arm. The tattoo exhibits subtle shades of black and gray, delivering an illuminating effect on the symbol, which further enhances its beauty.

Amazing Enlightenment Cross Tattoos For Men

Amazing Enlightenment Cross Tattoos For Men
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This cross and angel wings tattoo design is everything a Christian tattoo lover would want to have in its tattoo! Wings, cross, enlightenment, and a rosary wrapped around the tattoo in honor of your countless prayers sent to heaven. Cross tattoos usually end with a simple cross sign inked in bold, black color. Contrary to usual ideas, the tattoo features an elaborate illustration of Christian beliefs and various symbols that make Christianity what it means!

The design represents the sacrifice of the guardian angel Jesus Christ whose sacrifice can be honored with a reverent illustration on skin. Wearers can also include flowers to honor the symbol of sacrifice further.

Cross Tattoo With Wings Tribal Tattoos

Cross Tattoo With Wings Tribal Tattoos
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Tribal tattoos extend stories within tattoos in the most rustic styles, assimilating bold colors without detailed illustrations. People who would like to keep their tattoos simple yet striking can go for a cross with wings in tribal style. The tattoo stars simple crosses with minimum designs keeping its essence as authentic as possible while delivering the statement of religious freedom successfully.

The tattoo might not feature colors but uses a very smart shading technique to create highlight effects on the cross and angel wings. Tattoo design does not require large spaces, so you can easily wear it on your wrist, neck, or arm, a subtle statement of your belief.

Dedicated Cross With Wings Tattoo Design

Dedicated Cross With Wings Tattoo Design
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Memorial tattoos are special, created in memory of our lost dear ones. Hoping for them to reach heaven safely can be your inspiration for your next tattoo, as the featured tattoo encapsulates the same idea within the cross tattoo design. The black and white angel wings tattoo uses a simple cross and angel wings to represent the memory of a passed loved one as the name inscribed on the front speak of their valued presence. The tattoo design can either mean you hope the passed loved one safely reaches heaven with their guardian angel, while it can also imply your never-ending connection with them. Such Christian tattoos make excellent dedication pieces anyone can support in memory of their beloved people.

Black Sketch Cross With Angel Wings Tattoo Design

Black Sketch Cross With Angel Wings Tattoo Design
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Abstract cross and wings tattoo designs are versatile and can be easily played with to create new variants with different meanings. The tattoo above explores a similar theme and shares a simple abstract tattoo with sketchy wings. Contrary to usual coloring styles and neat, bold outlines, the tattoo artist has used a sketch-like coloring style to highlight the highs and lows of the illustrated wings.

The tattoo artist has intended to deliver a darker theme with this tattoo design, different from the usual optimistic religious meanings people often seek from their tattoo designs. Cross tattoo’s versatility is its biggest benefit as it allows artists to play with different styles anywhere on the body.

Small Cross With Angel Wings Tattoo Design

Small Cross With Angel Wings Tattoo Design
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All entities are not perfect, and the cross with wings tattoo above aims to deliver similar meanings with its crooked wing tattoo design. Starring a simple sculpted cross tattoo, the illustration steals all the attention away with intricately drawn wings that have lost one side. Signifying fallen angels, the tattoo design features a cross with a single wing, implying a lost or sacrificed wing that can correlate to Jesus’ life and his sacrifice.

The tattoo uses a grainy coloring technique to add a slight shaded effect on the cross and wings, yet keeping the illustration true to its original state.

Cross With Wings Tattoo And Added Thorns

Cross With Wings Tattoo And Added Thorns
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The tattoo features a gothic take on the cross with wings tattooed through shades of deep black and gray. The illustration again takes inspiration from old Catholic structures to create a well-sculpted cross. Wings majestically point above, exhibiting fierce energy through the tattoo, though there is more to this tattoo than just angels and crosses.

The tattoo consists of thorns rising up to reach the wings tattoo, creating an image of thorns slowly reaching for the wings to bind them. The tattoo can be perceived as a dedication to the life of Jesus Christ, whose free soul was attempted to lash down. Add this tattoo to your collection as a reminder to keep striving through hardships, no matter what battle you face.

Cross With Wings Tribal Tattoos

Cross With Wings Tribal Tattoos
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Another tribal tattoo on our list featuring a cross and wings tattoo design is a simple yet eccentric addition to your tattoo collection. End your search for impactful crosses here and get this beautiful cross wings tattoo on your arm, neck, forearm, or wrist to represent your undying belief in your faith.

The tattoo follows the most basic design, loved by a majority of Christians. You can include personalized meanings by adding a rose, bird, or other Christian symbols. Rose can be your best option to include in your tattoo collection, so you might want to consider getting a rose cross with wings tattoo!

Colorful Illustrated Cross With Wings Tattoo Design

Colorful Illustrated Cross With Wings Tattoo Design
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A unique recommendation on our list, the cross tattoo is unique, intricate, and features vibrant colors that make it different from any other tattoo design seen. Bejeweled cross tattoos are not often seen sported by people. This could be your unique tattoo design adorned with unique colors and jewels that can be changed according to your preference.

Add other Christian elements like the rosary to enhance its appearance, though the tattoo is cohesive enough to sport as it is!

These were some of our best-found cross with wings tattoo recommendations. Remember, you can always switch components to create your own personalized tattoo design and share your faith with the world like never before.

If you wish to find more cross and wings tattoo designs, here are a few more suggestions to inspire your next religious ink!

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