10 Best Meaningful Moon And Stars Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

A meaningful moon and stars tattoo is widely appreciated for its aesthetic look and different meanings. Get yours from our detailed list of celestial tattoos!

Meaningful Moon And Stars Tattoo
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No other celestial body can be as beautiful as a sky full of stars and a moon, which also makes for a perfect tattoo to adorn your body with meaningful art.

A meaningful sun, moon and stars tattoo is known for its beauty as well as aesthetic and spiritual symbolism attached to these celestial bodies. Diverse elements of space may or may not appeal to people towards their beauty, but stars and moon never fail to catch eyes.

The vast night sky is a captivating sight to behold each night, and even more when it is adorned with various phases of the moon and stars. Moon and stars are the two most widely appreciated celestial bodies known for inspiring, motivating, and encouraging people to find different meanings under an overwhelming dark sky. These also capture diverse symbolisms among humans through their aura. For some, crescent moons represent motherhood; for others, it is a sign of new beginnings, while the star continues being ambitious, with as many meanings as there are people. You can also add to these and give your very own meanings to these symbols by using them as art on your body.

Star and moon tattoos are some of the most popular elements tattoo artists use to create diverse body art pieces. There are many reasons for the moon and stars to hold importance in human lives, the most important one being a constant companion in the dark sky. It is probably the reason why many people incorporate star and moon tattoo ideas into their tattoo bucket list. Talking about the fun part, stars, moons, and sun have been illustrated vividly through human history, both from scientific and religious perception, allowing tattoo artists to play with the design as much as possible.

We understand how popular and loved celestial tattoos are, and that is why we have compiled a detailed list of the meaningful moon, stars and sun tattoos. If you wish to stand away from the crowd and experiment with your celestial tattoos, these tattoos will offer you a great inspiration to find your design!

Mandala Moon Tattoo Ideas

Mandala Moon Tattoo Ideas
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The mandala art style is popular among artists as an intricate collection of patterns curated together that carry specific spiritual meaning in several religions. This moon mandala tattoo is perfect for anyone aiming to represent their subtle strength and feminine power through body art. The tattoo is neither simply a mandala nor a crescent moon but a combination of the two, making it far more complex and beautiful.

The waning crescent moon contains detailed floral patterns, with some of them being repetitive to form defined shapes while others offer the moon its crescent shape. This mandala tattoo can be your very personal symbol for enlightenment, though you can change the crescent moon or mandala pattern in different shapes to fit your taste.

Waxing Crescent Moon Tattoo Designs With Portrait

Waxing Crescent Moon Tattoo Designs With Portrait
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Waxing moon tattoos are always preferred over a full moon tattoo considering their beautiful shape and ability to carry other elements when assimilated with different patterns. On the other hand, this tattoo does not simply star sun and moon. To add to the simplicity of the sun and moon, the tattoo features two beautiful portraits with arranged floral additions elevating the entire aura of the tattoo from basic to unconventional. Simple moon tattoos usually deal with phases of the moon or the inclusion of a few stars nearby. However, this tattoo takes symbolic meanings to another level and defines the sun and moon tattoo, implying the two drawn ladies as day and night.

The tattoo artist has done an immaculate job incorporating several tattoo designs into a single tattoo. From shading to dot work, the tattoo is drowned with creativity, which you can definitely take inspiration from for your next tattoo!

Traditional Blood Moon And Sun Tattoo

Traditional Blood Moon And Sun Tattoo
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Taking a flip back to the basics, this traditional sun and blood moon crescent tattoo follows traditional drawing style and bold colour palette to offer it an old-school look. Although the colours are different from the most prominently used red or green in traditional style, the bold outlines hold their true meaning offering a fresh change through colours nonetheless.

Instead of simply tattooing a sun and moon, the artist has created facial expressions of the celestial bodies. These facial expressions can also be linked to Greek mythology, where the sun and moon are associated with Greek gods Helios and Selene. Expressions make the tattoo different from any other simple crescent moon tattoo, adding a creative touch.

Meaningful Feminine Moon And Stars Tattoo

Meaningful Feminine Moon And Stars Tattoo
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Celestial bodies are associated with prayed entities in many religions globally. This tattoo is a dedication to the various such meaning where a goddess can be seen playing around with the sun, stars and crescent moon. Instead of using a simple lineart across the illustration, the tattoo artist has incorporated a small dash of colours to add vibrancy to the entire illustration’s look. While the planetary elements contain light colours, clouds near the goddesses’ feet are shaded with dark grey colour.

Space and astronomy lovers can go for this tattoo that includes various planetary elements to create a cohesive artwork. The symbol can also be perceived as a tattoo dedicated to feminine power, which is pretty apparent through the gestures of the lady holding planets.

Mystic Celestial Body Tattoo With Waning Crescent

Mystic Celestial Body Tattoo With Waning Crescent
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There is something mystical about planets and space that appeals to people as art pieces are heavily incorporated with celestial elements such as the crescent moon, different phases, stars, planets and the sun. This tattoo enhances that mysterious aura through a beautiful art piece containing a hand that controls space and all its features. The tattooed hand elegantly holds the control of planets, which is an exceptionally creative take on the world’s power being under the control of an unknown entity. Instead of going for a large sun, star or moon tattoo, this one features space elements through small tattoos adding more depth to the artwork.

The tattoo’s simple artwork makes it even more alluring as the illustration is the main hero of this. You can also emphasise illustration if you’re sceptic about playing around with colours.

Crescent Moon Astrological Tattoo

Crescent Moon Astrological Tattoo
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Another addition to meaningful moon tattoos, this artwork features waning and waxing moon figures facing each other with the entire sun placed in between. Crescent moon tattoos are cohesive on their own with a few elements, though this tattoo also features a bright sun in between. Crescent moon tattoos like this can represent opposing sides co-existing together with harmony and fueling each other through acceptance and cooperation, which is a great message at dissonant times like today.

You can recreate this tattoo with small moon tattoos for a small-sized version of the same and play around with colours for more vibrancy.

Meaningful And Spiritual Moon Phase Tattoo Art

Meaningful And Spiritual Moon Phase Tattoo Art
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Moon phases are among the most beautiful natural phenomena, and getting one as a tattoo can be exceptionally beautiful. This black moon tattoo starring diverse moon phases follows an ornamental pattern that makes it minimalistic yet in-depth through a smart representation. Ornamental tattoos replicate wood carvings through small dot-like patterns achieving an elegant look for the tattoo. While moon tattoos are shaded with black and grey, ornamental tattoos cover the artwork and frame it in a way that highlights the moon phases.

Unlike usual moon tattoos, this one is fresh, eccentric, detailed and offers an equally beautiful artwork like other moon tattoos, so why not try it out yourself!

Meaningful Moon Sun Moon And Stars Tattoo In Ornamental Tattoo Style

Meaningful Moon Sun Moon And Stars Tattoo In Ornamental Tattoo Style
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Ornamental tattoo ideas are too hard to dodge; therefore, here is another one for your recommendation list! This ornamental tattoo contains all three popular features: sun, crescent moon, and stars. The sun and crescent moon are depicted through a very intricate dot work filling its entirety. On the other hand, stars are described in a unique pattern through dots that feature precisely five dots around the artwork that resemble stars framing the sun and moon tattoo.

Communities claim the existence of sun and moon tattoos together to express the presence of opposing power, which you can use in your tattoo to connect with your different selves.

Funny Crescent Moon Tattoo Ideas

Funny Crescent Moon Tattoo Ideas
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Taking a break from all the meaningful and spiritually symbolic tattoos, we share a comic relief moon tattoo design to steal laughs from anyone who gets a chance to see it. The tattoo features a smart or ridiculous wordplay that will bring a smile to faces while maintaining your moon tattoo theme with its cute and simple illustration.

Tattoos do not always have to be stern or filled with deeper meaning. You can go for lighthearted ones as well to keep you reminded of taking it easy in tough times. The tattoo is not exceptionally complicated yet works its charm instantly!

Traditional Crescent Moon Tattoo Design With Floral Additions

Traditional Crescent Moon Tattoo Design With Floral Additions
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This tattoo is dedicated to good-old tattoo lovers who enjoy traditional tattoo styles and would like to maintain a collection of the same. Crescent moon tattoos can now be a part of your traditional clan through this vibrant artwork that features a crescent moon with feminine features and floral inclusions. A light shade is added to the sides of the moon, while floral inclusions carry classic red and white colours for the traditional touch.

The lady moon tattoo also features stars supporting the moon with their bright side, with beautiful yellow contrast. Moon tattoo enthusiasts can use a full moon in place of a crescent for a change. A full moon will allow them more space to add several other elements and improve the overall aura of the tattoo.

Stars, sun and moon tattoo design ideas are endless, which is both an advantage and disadvantage for indecisive people. Tattoos are permanent and must be opted for after thorough selection and the right meaning. This curated list will offer you more inspiration to find the right match for yourself.

If you are still confused, here are a few more stars, sun and moon tattoo ideas to take notes from!

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