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Looking for some variations of the venom women tattoo going viral on TikTok? We have a list of varieties of this tattoo for you!

Venom Women Tattoo
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In recent years, the women venom tattoo has gained a lot of popularity among youngsters on TikTok.

People consider the perfect way to express their personality and individuality and also pay tribute to their loved ones or women in their family. Many people got influenced by celebrities on TikTok after this tattoo trend became viral.

If you are a regular on social media, then you must have definitely seen this Venom Women Tattoo trend. A lot of people, including social media stars have gotten this tattoo that says the word ‘venom’ and if you look at it upside down, it says the word ‘women’. This has nothing to do with the venomous creatures or any poisonous substance, it is related to the empowerment of women. This tattoo might look a little difficult to cover, however, with a good tattoo artist, you can definitely make the magic trick of this tattoo look realistic. You will definitely find a font that will say both the words ‘women’ and ‘venom’ in one word.

If you are looking for some cool fonts or variations of this design, we have an amazing list ready for you. Check out these designs given below and select your next tattoo now!

Simple Venom Tattoo

Simple Venom Tattoo
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The venom tattoo is not only a trend, it has become a challenge. This is linked to the song ‘Venom’ sung by the famous Little Simz. The song is actually from his album called ‘Grey Area’ which was released in 2019. The song portrays prejudice against women and is a misogynistic song. The lyrics at the end of the first verse of the song are what gathered the attention of people in the first place. The words that Simz raps are ‘It’s a woman’s world, so to speak / Pussy, you sour/ Never givin’ credit where it’s due ’cause you don’t like pussy in power / Venom’.

In this particular tattoo, the word ‘venom’ has been written in a normal font with black ink. If you look at it from an upside-down angle, you will see the word ‘women’. The wearer has worn this tattoo on their wrist where it is clearly visible and a great way to start conversations.

Venom Tattoo In Red

Venom Tattoo In Red
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The venom tattoo is one of the few trends that have a deep meaning and have stayed a viral trend for a very long time, more so than the other trends. These past years, people have been successful in raising topics that matter to the world, and this topic of women empowerment is also very important. Some people do not have ways to express themselves in the right way, however, getting a tattoo is now a good way.

This particular tattoo is made in bright red ink, which makes it look more prominent. The most common placement of the tattoo is the wrist of the person. Since the wrist is a very visible area and the word venom will be very prominent here, it will be easily seen on Tiktok as well. Other popular places to get this tattoo is usually anywhere on the arm, the neck or the ankle, or any other body part where this tattoo is easily seen.

Women And Venom Tattoo

Women And Venom Tattoo
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The venom tattoo trend probably has the highest number of hashtags and followers. Almost every other social media star on TikTok has this tattoo for two reasons, first, showing to the world that they stand in solidarity with women and their empowerment, and second, for the viral TikTok challenge. This tattoo is an incredible tattoo in itself.

This tattoo is made on the forearm of the person. It is made with black ink. The font of this tattoo looks like it is made with brush strokes. Instead of the letter ‘O’ of the word, is a woman symbol. This adds to the design elements of the tattoo making it look more impactful. This tattoo is versatile and can be placed on any part of the body. It is also customizable and can be made with other colors to make it look more prominent.

Women Empowerment Tattoo

Women Empowerment Tattoo
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When people see the word venom, the first thing that comes to their mind is the poisonous substance in spiders, snakes, or other poisonous creatures. This venom is completely different from that. This is in reference to the song ‘venom’ by Little Simz. After a few people on TikTok took the song to their heart and created a word in a specific font that looks like venom in one way and women, in the other, it became viral. People all over the world took it upon themselves to get this tattoo and encourage women empowerment.

This particle tattoo has been inked in normal font across the forearm of the wearer. It is made completely in black ink. If you just want to get this tattoo for a video, you can create it with a pen and make it permanent if you like the sorcery of the word!

Movie Venom Tattoo

Movie Venom Tattoo
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If you are a fan of Venom from the Marvel universe but also want to go along with the viral trend of the ‘women venom tattoo’, this is the perfect design for you. The font of this tattoo is similar to that of the movie title ‘Venom’. This tattoo has been made completely in black ink. The font gives it a creepy yet impactful vibe to it.

If you want, you can add other elements to complement this design. The wearer of this tattoo has added a rose infinity tattoo. It is a symbol of eternal love for someone who has passed away. It is a representation of beauty and infinity is a symbol of forever, even if the loved ones are not with you.

Ambigram Tattoo

Ambigram Tattoo
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Although the statue looks extremely simple and Saturday it has made a huge impact on the Internet world. The words venom and women have been closely associated since the song venom by little Simz was released. Not only does the statue Pramod women, equality and empowerment, but it is also given a chance to women to stand together in solidarity and have a voice. By making this a tattoo trend, the world has become aware of the misogynistic songs and where women are still looked down upon.

This particular tattoo is a part of the viral trend. It is made with bright red ink which makes it look more permanent. The placement of this tattoo is not clearly visible. However, it appears to be somewhere on the leg. The most common placement of the statue is either the forearm or the wrist. If you are looking to make an impactful tattoo, which is also very trendy, this is the one for you.

Artistic Venom Tattoo

Artistic Venom Tattoo
@smoore_ink via Instagram

Making a TikTok video with this tattoo is actually a very simple task. All you have to do is get this tattoo, either in pen or permanent ink, and show it off in a video where the song ‘Venom’ by Little Simz is playing in the background. This trend started with celebrity ticktoker getting this tattoo and showing it off in videos, however, recently, a lot of other people have also gotten this tattoo and are showing it off very proudly. The women have used this tattoo as a means to voice their opinions about empowerment and equality.

This particular tattoo has been made in dark black and placed on the left side of the ribs of the person. The tattoo artist has completed this tattoo with fine line work and dot work in some places. The placement of this particular tattoo is very unique because it can be hidden whenever wanted and can be shown if required.

Women Venom Tattoo

Women Venom Tattoo
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This tattoo is actually very similar to the last tattoo. It has been written in normal font and the letter oh has been replaced with the symbol for women. The tattoo artist has used bright red color to make this design so that it is very prominent, especially in videos. Even though this tattoo has slight differences from the other tattoos, if you look at it upside down, it says women. This is one of the best signs to flaunt on videos. Not only does this design look appealing, but it also gives out the message of women’s empowerment and equality.

Upside Down Venom Tattoo

Upside Down Venom Tattoo
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This tattoo also appears to be similar to the previous tattoos. However, if you look carefully, the word women has been written in this design instead of Venom like other tattoos. To read the word venom, you have to look at it upside down. This is a chic and trendy tattoo and is a great way of expressing your opinions about women’s empowerment without saying much. This design has been made in completely black ink. However, if required you can add other colors to make it look more appealing.

Women Or Venom?

Women Or Venoms
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This is one of the most appealing designs that shows the words women and venom written in one word and unique font. The tattoo artist has used such things strokes that it appears to be written in pen. This is a sweet and subtle design, but also very impactful. This design has been placed on the wrist of the person which is an ideal position. If you are looking for a meaningful but trendy design, then this is for you.

Venom tattoos are subtle and unique and a perfect way to express your feelings of women empowerment. If you liked the above designs but are still looking to explore further, you can go online and search for –

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