10 Best Witchy Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

Women who are into mystery and magic are usually enigmatic and unique. If you are one such person, go ahead and check out these witchy tattoo ideas!

Witchy Tattoo Ideas
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Witches have been a source of fascination for people throughout ages.

We were first introduced to the figure of the witch from storybooks where they were portrayed in a negative light. However, later on, we also read works where the witch was not always bad and even used her powers for good.

A witch is also associated with mystery and magic. People have always been curious about the meaning of their spells and how they make magical potions. Over the years, we have come to associate anything cool, quirky and slightly supernatural as witchy. Therefore, if you are someone who wants to unleash their inner love and fascination for magic, you can definitely look for some witchy tattoos. While there are a lot of tattoo designs about witches on the internet, you can also unleash your inner creativity and create a new witchy tattoo design just for yourself.

So go ahead and look at these awesome witchy tattoo ideas and find out which one speaks to your soul the most.

Amazing Designs For A Witch Tattoo

Amazing Designs For A Witch Tattoo ideas
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If you were always fascinated by fantastical, mystical stories involving witches, then you can definitely look at some awesome witch tattoo designs on the internet. If you want to focus on the figure of the witch, then you can use the motif of tarot cards. Like the tattoo artist has done in the picture above, the figure of the witch has been used in the format of tarot cards. This tattoo design is symbolizing wisdom and mystery as well as enigma all at the same time. The artist has also used varying shades of black very precisely to create the perfect tattoo.

While the wearer has the figure of a beautiful, young woman as a witch here, you can also modify that to get the tattoo of a wizened old woman who is incredibly powerful. If you want to make the tattoo more witchy, you should add the motif of the moon or the pointy hat.

Cute And Colorful Ideas For Witchy Tattoos

Cute And Colorful Ideas For Witchy Tattoos
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Not everybody thinks of witches as dark, enigmatic, mysterious, or even evil. While witches have been portrayed in a negative light for a long time, a lot of movies and TV shows and works of literature have also shown us how witches can be forces of good. After all, these women play with magic and often help the protagonists in their adventure. Consequently, if you look at witches in a favorable light, you can look at some happy and lovely witchy tattoos which give off warmth and joy. These tattoos don’t even need the figure of the witch but can just express a cheerful sense of magic, like tiny mushrooms or a cute wooden house in the forest. One can almost imagine an old and cheerful witch living in that house and spending her days surrounded by the creatures of the forest!

Funny Witchy Tattoo Designs For People With A Sense Of Humor

Funny Witchy Tattoo Designs For People With A Sense Of Humor
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If you have a sense of humor and appreciate the absurd in all art, then you can also use that as your inspiration for your witch tattoo! While witches are known for their magical collection of potions and spells, you can skip that tattoo idea entirely and create funny witchy tattoos. The person in the photo above has created a cute ghost tattoo that is also wearing a devil-shaped hat to imply the witchy connotations. You can also choose a cute tattoo of the pointed witches’ hat.

Funny Witchy Tattoo Designs For People With A Sense Of Humor ideas
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If you ask your tattoo artist, they will definitely have a wide collection of tattoos that can be symbols of witchcraft. While some people focus on the figure of the witch or their powers, you can choose a more unconventional design and select a cute but scary tattoo! A tiny ghost tattoo will be an adorable idea if you are looking for something cheerful.

Designs For Dark And Mysterious Witchy Tattoos

Designs For Dark And Mysterious Witchy Tattoos
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If you believe in the practice of witchcraft and the fact that dark magical elements exist on earth, then you can also get a dark witchy tattoo to put on your body. In the photo above, the artist has created a stunning tattoo design related to dark magic and occult that will shock everyone. However, if you are not afraid to sport such a bold design, then go ahead and choose a dark tattoo.

You can also take inspiration from the Greek goddess Hecate who was known for her witchy ways and mysterious powers. Here are some amazing Greek tattoo designs in case you want to explore Greek mythology a bit more.

Awesome Full Sleeve Tattoo Design Using Neotraditional Style

Awesome Full Sleeve Tattoo Design Using Neotraditional Style
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If you want to wear a witchy tattoo sleeve, you should choose a neotraditional style of tattoo. The neotraditional tattoo style is a modification of the classic traditional tattoo sleeve. In the neotraditional style, the artist uses more bold strokes along with bright colors which were absent earlier.

A tattoo sleeve that runs from your shoulder, throughout your arm right down to the point of your fingers will also give you enough space to draw the elements which symbolizes the practice of divination and magic. One can also add in other spiritual tattoos like a pentagram tattoo which symbolizes witchcraft.

Consequently, if you want a witchy sleeve tattoo with the lovely symbols of magic, you can get some inspiration from the image above.

Ideas For Fabulous Witchy Tattoos Done In Blackwork Style

Ideas For Fabulous Witchy Tattoos Done In Blackwork Style
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The blackwork style of tattooing will be a great style to follow if you are getting a witchy tattoo. After all, blackwork tattoo style is entirely dependent on the black ink which the artist uses skillfully in order to create a shadowy or bold effect depending on the design.

So you can use the blackwork style to create a gorgeous tattoo of the different phases of the moon including the full moon, half moon and crescent moon. Such a tattoo will display the natural elements that surround us and act as a metaphor for each phase of our life.

Ideas For Fabulous Witchy Tattoos Done In Blackwork Style ideas
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You can also opt for a bold and striking witchy tattoo design like the wearer in the picture above. She has gotten a stunning tattoo on her body that expresses the effect that the goddess Mother Earth has cast on nature through a spell. You can also decrease the size of the tattoo or place it on your shoulder or back if you are not looking for such a huge chest tattoo.

Aesthetic Witch Tattoo Designs

Aesthetic Witch Tattoo Designs
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Even though innocent women were killed mercilessly at the Salem witch trials, the meaning of witchcraft and witches has considerably changed today. For many nowadays, magic is a way of life and practicing witchcraft is no longer evil. For them, becoming a witch is a sign that they are accepting nature and the Mother Goddess of Earth. Even though modern witches cannot cast a spell and do whatever they want to, these women believe in living a simple, humble and organic life. If you subscribe to that way of life or follow that aesthetic, you should get a beautiful witch tattoo as well that is visually aesthetic.

Awesome Witchy Tattoos Depicting Dark Magic

Awesome Witchy Tattoos Depicting Dark Magic
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Depending on how you look at witchcraft and dark magic, your witch tattoo can be incredibly dark. If you want to go for a striking tattoo that expresses your witchy beliefs, then you can be inspired from this picture. The wearer has gotten a bold and large tattoo on their back with some of the darker symbols associated with witchcraft. These symbols are connected with the act of sacrifice and loss of life as well.

Awesome Witchy Tattoos Depicting Dark Magic ideas
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If you do not want such a bold tattoo, you can also opt for a triple goddess tattoo. A witch tattoo triple goddess will also look quite eye-catching even from a distance. Such an unconventional tattoo will definitely catch everyone’s interest and you can be sure about getting a lot of curious questions from other people.

Popular Witchy Tattoos With The Symbol Of Potions And Crystals

Popular Witchy Tattoos With The Symbol Of Potions And Crystals
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A tattoo about witches cannot be complete without the well-known symbols that we associate them with. These symbols include the upside down triangle, the four elements of Mother Earth, a collection of candles, the circle of divination, bones, crystals, and ravens. You can also add the wand or broom of a witch to the tattoo to make it seem more realistic and authentic. After all, we have all seen the image of the witch riding off in the night on top of her magically levitating broom.

All these magical elements are crucial to the spirits of witches as they use words and spells to summon a soul through occult witchcraft practice. So if you are looking for evil tattoo ideas that will remind people of different kinds of devils, this might be the design to choose.

Fantastic Ideas For Witchy Tattoos Using The Black Cat Motif

Fantastic Ideas For Witchy Tattoos Using The Black Cat Motif
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If you are looking for some popular witchy tattoo ideas, a witchy cat tattoo would be at the top of the list. After all, cats are known for being associated with witches. In every imagination of witches, they are surrounded by cats – especially black cats. Just think about Jiji in the Ghibli animated film ‘Kiki’s Delivery Service’! Thus, if you want to portray witches through a tattoo on your body, a lovely black cat will look great. You can also use symbols from nature like moons or crystals to add to the tattoo. A black cat tattoo will also look great regardless of where you place it on your body. Once you fix the design and size of the tattoo, you can place it on your forearm, wrist, ankle, chest, collarbone area, shoulder, or even on your back.

If you love the idea of a tattoo with black cats, check out these amazing black cat tattoo designs for all things witchy cat!

Witchy tattoos are perfect for women and men who have always wanted to get a unique and unconventional tattoo but could never figure out what to choose. So go ahead and get an awesome witchy tattoo!

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