10 Easy Bridal Mehendi Designs Tips

10 Easy Bridal Mehendi Designs Tips

10 Easy Bridal Mehendi Designs: Mehendi is one of the essential rituals in Indian weddings. A bride, as well as friends and family members, decorate their hands and feet with mehndi on the wedding day. For an Indian wedding, excluding a Bengali marriage and Christian marriage, Mehendi is a ritual that happens a couple of days before the wedding. But now these days, the ritual has gone beyond the perimeter of caste and religion. Now Bengali marriages also have Mehendi Ceremony along with other big fat rituals. Mehendi indicates the colorful life of the bride. It is said that the strong the color of the Mehendi, the stronger the relationship between the groom and the bride.

Simple Mehndi Designs

Arabic mehendi design
Arabic mehendi design


As Mehendi has so much importance in a bride’s life, of course, the designs must be carefully done. Today, as I said, Mehendi has become one such important thing in weddings, the designs and the patterns are updated too. Here I mention ten easy Bridal mehndi designs for you all.

  1. Floral designs

Floral designs
Floral designs

This one is easier among all. In floral design, you make a flower in the middle of your palm or foot and fill it with small and beautiful dots all over. The design is traditional and quite easy so that you can draw it yourself on any occasion.

  1. Arabic style

Arabic style is another natural style where the design runs from one corner to another of the palm. It does not need an elegant design. It can be a flower or leaves or any easy design that stretches from one finger (preferably forefinger) to the wrist. The design looks elegant and can be done in no time.

  1. Geometric style

Here the motifs look like geometric shapes like round, square, or triangle. These shapes are being made in the center and then fill it up with small dots or flowers in and around the shapes. Geometric shapes can be done in Arabic style as well. Rounds and triangles look more beautiful than squares.

  1. Cheques and borders

Make it even simpler and more comfortable with chequered designs. Make any of the geometric shapes and fill it up with chequered designs. Put a dark edge around the ways to make it more attractive. The design is comfortable yet looks fantastic on any bride.

  1. Fingers only

Another easy way to put Mehendi on bride’s hands is fingers only pattern. In this case, you can decorate all your fingers with beautiful designs and a little round or floral motifs in the center of the palm. It is easier, can be done at home and looks classy.

  1. Colored Mehendi

This one is new and a lot easier for any brides. You don’t need to take care of the designs; you can fill up the places with different colors, which makes the Mehendi design look brighter than other congested models. Using different colors enhances the bridal look and gives one a glamorous look.

  1. Glitters design

Like colored Mehendi, you can easily use glitters or shiny stickers on your Mehendi designs. You don’t need to put extra effort into exceptional designs to make your Mehendi looks brighter. You can use glitters like colors and make it stylish.

  1. Wavy style

Wavy style is also a simple bridal mehndi design which is really easy. If you are planning to make a flower or an animal or any sort of design, just add some wavy curves around the main design to make it look like waves.

  1. Figures style

Use figures like animals, birds, human and such in your bridal mehndi designs. The designs will be easier to draw as we all have drawn such figures sometimes in our schools. Draw hem on your palm again and fill them up with colours or glitters.

  1. Sticker or Tattoo mehendi

Among all these mentioned ways this one is the easiest one. In sticker or Tattoo mehendi you just have to stick the tattoo on your palm and the work is done. They are easily removable and no need to wait for longer time to get rid of it.

Easy mehendi designs

Patterns Design type
Floral Flowers
Arabic Corner designs
Geometric Different shapes
Coloured Diverse colours
Glitters Different coloured glitters
Wavy Curves
Sticker Tattoo style


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