10 How to handle Co-Passenger you dread flying with

10 How to handle Co-Passenger you dread flying with

Summer is the busiest time of year for travellers across the globe. Travellers are eager to get to their destinations. While travelling, there are eccentric people who give hoots about their co-travellers. For them, it’s all about their comfort and damn the others. These days fear of flying can be caused by anxiety about what might happen during your flight. Will you be encountering a sick passenger, losing your luggage being surrounded by intoxicated seatmates, fighting with flight attendants or encountering the dreadful seat kicker?

How to handle Co-Passenger
How to handle Co-Passenger

Here a list of douche bags we often encounter while travelling:

Loud music lovers:

They are the first-timers who are not aware of airline etiquette. They play loud music from their mobiles disturbing others.

Coughing and sneezing on your neighbour:

During flu season, we’re all just trying to stay healthy. If you happen to fly while you’re sick be sure to practice basic cold and flu etiquette like covering your mouth or even wearing a face mask to eliminate the spread of germs.

Chatter bums:

Oh, even you are going to Miami nice. It all begins with this humble sentence and before you realise you are dragged into a conversation where you are listening to how their great aunt threw a fit on her birthday because of the number of candles lit. We all have to at some point in our travelling lives bear a chatty person who wouldn’t get the hint. Trying to read a book or faking a nap, nothing stops these over-enthusiastic creatures.

Rear seat Kickers:

It may be just an automatic short movement of the feet but is annoying for passenger seating in front. They will fiddle, toss and turn uncomfortably or merely shake their legs so vigorously that it ends up disturbing the person sitting in front.

The Aromatic passenger:

While half of the world is battling with water crises boarding a flight unshowered isn’t the right way of doing your bit. Body odour is something that is too annoying. These passengers know that they need to sit with another stranger. Some of them even annoy by using strong perfumes.

Not respecting other space:

Everyone has a limited amount of personal space on an aeroplane and recognising it is vital for the mental wellbeing of all passengers. A plane is not your home and travelling can only be pleasant if everyone adheres to the basic rules of etiquettes.

The armrest hogger:

These are ones who think when they buy the air ticket they have bought the aircraft. Wait until they shove their luggage in the best Valuable space and then they make themselves comfortable resting both of their mighty arms on the armrest.

If you can’t live without a hot dog topped with raw onion then eat it before you get on the plane. Try to avoid carrying smelly food on an aeroplane. If you do have to bring food inboard, pick something neutral that won’t offend your fellow passengers.

Noisy children on a flight are the most irritating type of passenger .39 per cent of flyers admitted their biggest pet peeve was the inattentive parent who fails to control their child.

Baggage offenders:

Even though people know about their limits of carrying cabin baggage. They take everything with them in the cabin. And when the overhead compartments are full, they would push their bags below the seat and leg rest of theirs and their co-passengers. That’s very uncomfortable.

Navigating the airport can be stressful especially if you’re a nervous flyer, but the flight can be made unbearable if you’re stuck next to a space invader.

The passive aggressive complainer:

There are ones who probably came to earth to criticise about it. The moment they set their feet in the aircraft, they will find something to complain about the cleanliness, the timeliness, the temperature of the food, the co-passenger.

The Queue Jumper:

Finally, as the plane halts, there are always a few passengers who would rush to the entrance of the aircraft, as if these few minutes are more important for them than the remaining passengers.

It is better than the flight attendants when they give out safety instructions should also announce aloud a few etiquettes for educating these annoying co-passengers.

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