10 Most Famous Temples In Ahmedabad You Must Visit In 2020

Nestled on the banks of the incredible Sabarmati River, the vibrant city of Ahmedabad is some of the most notable holy places in India. So, if you want to know about the rich cultural history of the metropolis, then you will definitely have to visit some of these magnificent pieces of architecture, such as many Temple in Ahmedabad. Here is a list that can help you plan your trip and visit the best of them.

10 magnificent temples in Ahmedabad

Here is a list of the most revered temples in Ahmedabad which will surely awaken your inner spirit and give you deep peace.

1. Shree Hanumanji Temple

Oldest temple in Ahmedabad

Located in Shahibag, Shree Hanumanji Temple is one of the oldest temples in Ahmedabad. This huge eye catching sanctuary was established about 100 years ago by Pandit Gajanan Prasad. However, it still remains in an intact condition and proudly houses a grand gold plated statue of Hanuman. The interior of the temple is decorated with the sayings of Lord Rama. A lot of devotees visit the temple usually during Tuesdays and Saturdays. Therefore, if you want to avoid traffic and congestion, then visit this temple on other days of the week.

place: Cantonment Area, Airport Road, Shahibag, Ahmedabad
Time: 5:30 am – 11 pm

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2. Houthising Jain Temple

The temple is built entirely of white marble.

Known as one of the best temples in Ahmedabad, the Hutheasinga temple reflects the beautiful culture of Jainism. It was built in the 18th century by a rich merchant named Seth Hathsingh. The temple is built entirely of white marble, which is considered sacred to Jain religious people. The interior of the temple is filled with beautiful carvings, making it very beautiful at night. Along with this, there are also 52 distinct sub-temples, which are dedicated to many Tirthankaras including Dharmanath. To understand its real charm, be sure to visit this temple during Mahavir Jayanti Festival. However, before going to the temple, make sure to wear traditional clothes to avoid any kind of inconvenience.

place: Shahbagh Road, Bardolpura, Delhi Darwaja, Ahmedabad
Time: 6 AM – 7 PM

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3. Vaishno Devi Temple

It is almost impossible to forget about Vaishno Devi Temple

When talking about famous temples in Ahmedabad, it is almost impossible to forget about Vaishno Devi Temple. Located near Gandhinagar Road, this magnificent holy place is dedicated to Goddess Vaishno, who is considered to be an incarnation of Goddess Durga. However, it is a replica of the Vaishno Devi temple in Jammu and Kashmir. Therefore, if you have visited the original temple before, you can find many similarities between them. The sanctuary is built on a man-made hill. So, if you want to see it, you have to climb the slope. The best time to visit Vaishno Devi Temple is during the Navratri festival.

place: Vaishno Devi Circle, Sarkhej, Gandhinagar Highway, Khodiyar, Ahmedabad
Time: 5 AM – 10 PM

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4. Sri Jagannath Temple

Oldest Hindu temple in Ahmedabad

Located near the Jamalpur Darwaza, the Sri Jagannath Temple is considered to be one of the oldest Hindu temples in Ahmedabad. This magnificent piece of architecture has statues of many deities such as Jagannath, his younger sister Subhadra, and his brother Balabhadra. The grand festival of Rath Yatra began here in the year 1878 and since then, it has been celebrated every year. So, if you are thinking to go here and taste its cultural vibrancy, then make sure to come here during this festival. However, while visiting, be sure to wear traditional clothes to avoid any issues.

place: Jamalpur Darwaja, Jamalpur, Ahmedabad
Time: 4:30 am – 9 pm

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5. Akshardham Temple

Gujarat's largest city for the first time

If you are visiting the largest city of Gujarat for the first time, it will be most convenient for you to start from Akshardham Temple in Ahmedabad. Located on a 23-acre site, this beautiful sanctuary attracts tourists with its attractive architecture. Akshardham Temple is dedicated to Lord Swaminathan and his philosophy as well as thoughts about life. Therefore, at this place, you will be able to find a gold-framed statue of Lord Swaminathan, whose height is about seven feet.

place: Sector-20, Gandhinagar, Ahmedabad
Time: 9:15 AM – 5:15 AM (closed on Mondays)
Entry Fee: INR 60 | Water Show: INR 90

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6. Modhera Sun Temple

Oldest temple in Ahmedabad

Dedicated to the glorious Sun God, the Modhera Sun Temple of Ahmedabad is located near the Becharji Highway of Modhera. It is believed to have been built during the 11th century, making it one of the oldest temples in Ahmedabad. The architectural style of the temple reflects the old yet world famous Chalukya style, which is considered quite sophisticated. Therefore, it looks quite different compared to other sun temples in India. You can visit this beautiful sanctuary at any time of the year. However, if you want to admire the surroundings of the temple as well, make sure to come here during the months of October to December.

place: Becharji Highway, Modhera, Ahmedabad
Time: 7 AM – 6 PM

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7. Sri Swami Narayan Temple

Most of the other sanctuaries already mentioned

The Sri Swami Narayan Temple, like the other sanctuaries already described, displays its architectural splendor in a grand way. The interior as well as the exterior of the temple is made of Burmese teak wood, which is believed to be the main reason behind the unique beauty of this temple. Along with the Narayana temple, there are many other buildings in the pilgrimage complex, such as Akshar Bhavan, Temple for Women, Rang Mahal, etc., if you want to enjoy a quiet outing among the deities, then be sure to visit Sri Swamy. Do it Narayana temple at least once during his stay.

place: Shahbagh Road, Jain Colony, Shahibag, Ahmedabad
Time: 6 pm – 7 pm

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8. Devendeshwar Mahadev Temple

The holiest place in the city

Located a short distance from Ahmedabad Railway Station, Devendeshwar Mahadev Temple is considered the holiest place in the city. A beautiful and ornate statue of Goddess Durga and a small statue of the deity Mahadev are displayed in this temple. Unlike some other Shiva temples in Ahmedabad, it is considered to be a very large and spacious one. Therefore, even if the place is overcrowded, you will not have any problem while watching Aarti and Prayer. If you are coming to Ahmedabad for the purpose of traveling, you can come here at any time of the year. However, if you want to feel the cultural vibrancy of this place, then make sure to come here during Navratri.

place: Manav Mandir, Memnagar, Ahmedabad
Time: 6 AM – 8 PM

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9. Bhadrakali Maa Temple

One of the forms of Goddess Kali

The temple is dedicated to the deity, Bhadrakali, who is considered one of the forms of Goddess Kali. It was built during the reign of Ahmed Shah, a colonist of Ahmedabad in the 14th century. Navaratri is probably the best time to visit this beautiful temple as this festival is celebrated with the most gaiety here. During this time, many food festivals are also organized around the temple, which is very good news for food.

place: Kishore Darwaja, Ahmedabad
Time: 8:30 AM – 9 PM

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10. ISKCON Temple

ISKCON Temple in Ahmedabad

If you want to get the real essence of the spiritual charm of Ahmedabad, then ISKCON Temple in Ahmedabad is a journey for you. Located in the heart of the former capital of Gujarat, this exquisite piece of architecture is considered one of the best Radha Krishna temples in Ahmedabad. Along with the beauty sculptures of deities, Radha and Krishna, this temple also comes with a grand interior, which will surely leave you spellbound. Apart from tasting the sensational charm of this holy place, you can also get some souvenirs, such as T-shirts, perfumes, books, etc. from in-house shops.

place: Satellite Road, Sarkhej – Gandhinagar Highway, Ahmedabad
Time: 6 AM – 8 PM

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So, which of these famous temples of Ahmedabad will you visit? Make sure that you do not miss any of them during your Gujarat trip as each of them is unique in itself. And if you know of more sacred temples, can visit here, then let us know in the comments below.

Frequently asked questions about temples in Ahmedabad

Q. Which is the most famous temple in Ahmedabad?

a. When talking about famous temples and sanctuaries, the city of Ahmedabad comes with a plethora of options. However, regarding beauty and beauty, the Akshardham Temple still holds the first place.

Q. Is Prasadam free in Ahmedabad temples?

a. Most temples in Ahmedabad generally provide Prasadam completely for free. However, in some sanctuaries, you will have to purchase offerings from counters. Different amounts of offerings are available in these special temples for different price tags.

Q. How can we visit temples in Ahmedabad?

a. The city has many modes of transportation such as taxis and buses, which can help you to get from one temple to another.

Q. Can we wear western clothes in the holy sanctuaries of Ahmedabad?

a. There are many temples in Ahmedabad that allow western dress. Nevertheless, in some other sanctuaries like Vaishno Devi temple, you have to wear traditional costumes to gain entry. Therefore, before visiting any of the holy places in the city, make sure that it allows for western attire.

Q. Can we click the pictures inside the temples?

a. Clicking photos is strictly prohibited for all in temples. Therefore, while walking in sanctuaries, keep your camera or mobile phone inside your bag.

Q. Is it possible to perform Aarti or other worship in temples?

a. Yes, some sanctuaries of Ahmedabad provide you the opportunity to perform all the puja processions. However, before this, you have to listen carefully and follow the instructions of the pundits.

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