10 podcasts recommended for this long weekend

10 podcasts recommended for this long weekend

Among the podcasts recommended for this long weekend of May 1st, we have chosen those of fiction: stories capable of taking us to an elsewhere that transcends the limits imposed by this period of Coronavirus to make us live fantastic adventures in other eras, other places, with other cloths compared to the comfy ones we wear these days.

In the April issue of Fashion Italia it was published “One night on Capri” by Christopher Bollen, an American writer and journalist who lives in New York and who has recently published his fourth novel, a mystery entitled “A Beautiful Crime” (Harper) set in Venice.

10 podcasts recommended
10 podcasts recommended

A young artist without a penny in the swimming pool of the most elegant hotel on the island. A rich lady, a group of Russian dancers. A millionaire theft. Intrigues and machinations, perhaps, will be revealed after dark. But not everything is as it seems in this yellow story, seductive like summer and bright like a precious brooch.

In the podcast you are about to listen, the writer himself reads a compelling and noir story, set in the beautiful Mediterranean island:

Podcasts by the same author, in Italian or English, are dedicated to a winter story set in an attic in New York, “The angel of the fifth”:

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Here is the English version, read by the author himself:

A story poised between imagination and reality, set in New York and at the same time in a dream island: it is the very voice of the writer Lila Azam Zanganeh, born in Paris to Iranian parents and author of the book “An enchanting dream of happiness “(The anchor of the Mediterranean) which takes us into the mystery of a dress capable of transforming the protagonist of the story into a mermaid …

In the September issue of Fashion Italia it was published Envy, a dazzling tale about the unpredictable dance of fate and the music that certain wishes sound signed by Hanif Kureishi.

Here is the podcast of the story, read by the voice of the same author made famous by the bestseller “In the intimacy” (Bompiani, 2000) from which Patrice Chéreau made the 2001 Berlin Film Festival winner, “Intimacy”.

Anna Todd is considered the greatest literary phenomenon of her generation, thanks to the five volumes of the series after translated into 35 languages ​​and which sold 11 million copies.

A Fashion’s Tale

per Fashion Italia of October, he signed A Fashion’s Tale, the author’s tale freely inspired by the cover. Here is the track in English read by the author herself:

To discover and rediscover Europe, we recommend listening to the four stories dedicated to Europe and signed by four world-renowned writers published in L’Uomo last spring:

Still looking for something nice to listen to?

Here are 10 more recommended podcasts to listen to at home.

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