100 Powerful Name Tattoo Ideas for 2022

Name Tattoos


Name tattoos can make a powerful statement about the people you love the most. If you are a parent and want to celebrate your child’s birth or the unbreakable bond that you share, you can do it with a name tattoo in their honor. You can also ink the name of your husband or wife and show your dedication and commitment to the relationship. Or include the name of a loved one who has passed to your memorial tattoo, keeping part of them close to you forever. The beauty of these designs is they can be as small and simple or as big and detailed as you wish. This means you can get them inked anywhere on the body, from your back to your finger. Inking someone’s name is a beautiful decision, and these are some of the best ideas to help you do just that.


1. American Traditional Name Tattoo

A name tattoo is a wonderful way to keep those who you love close to you at all times. This can be a romantic partner, a parent, sibling, child, or friend. Plus, there are many styles to choose from. One of the most striking is the American Traditional tattoo technique, also referred to as Western or Old School, which has a very distinct style, defined by the thick bold lines and limited but bright color palette. Colors include green, yellow, red, and blue. This style of artwork is unmissable and can have a rebellious feel because it was once favored by those who did not wish to conform to societal expectations. The appeal of using this technique for a name-inspired piece is that it often uses banners, and these can be added to the imagery of your choosing; swallows, an anchor, or flowers.


American Traditional Name Tattoo 2


American Traditional Name Tattoo


2. Anchor Name Tattoo

An anchor is an object that is associated with strength, stability, and determination. It is often inked by those who live at sea or someone who wishes to remind themselves to stay calm and steadfast during challenging times. Including a name in your anchor tattoo design is an excellent choice because this can be a way to show that this person keeps you grounded and focused. There are many styles to choose from, including photorealistic pieces or American Traditional tattoos, which are bright and bold. When deciding on the placement for your tat, it is best to choose somewhere that is visible, such as the forearm or wrist. This is so you can look at it every day and be reminded of the important symbolism connected to your design.


Anchor Name Tattoo 1


Anchor Name Tattoo


3. Angel Wings Name Tattoo

An angel wings tattoo is a striking and symbolic design for both men and women. It is associated with guidance, faith, goodness, and protection. It can also be linked to independence and freedom from physical and mental constraints. Including a name with your wings design is a popular choice for memorial pieces and indicates that the person you have lost is now in heaven. Or they are watching you from above and helping to keep you safe and strong. For many, this tattoo can bring comfort and is a way to honor your loved ones and celebrate their life. You can also include important dates, such as birth dates or the day of their passing. Or add a little halo on top of the name to show that they are now an angel.


Angel Wings Name Tattoo


Angel Wings Name Tattoo 3


4. Arrow Name Tattoo

If you want a design that is associated with direction and determination, consider an arrow tattoo. The weapon is linked to the Native American culture and has been used by warriors in battle, hunting, and protection, and as such, it has many different meanings connected to it. An arrow name tattoo could be a way to honor someone who has played an important role in your life, gives you strength, and makes you resilient. Perhaps this person is also instrumental in helping you stay focused or has helped you find your way in life. There are many designs to choose from, and your piece can be small or large, minimalistic or detailed. You may also wish to combine two arrows, showing that you and this person are intertwined for life. In addition to names, you can also add important dates such as birthdays or even your wedding day.


Arrow Name Tattoo 3


Arrow Name Tattoo


5. Back Name Tattoo

The back is one of the most popular choices for large and detailed artwork. A back tattoo provides enough space to get creative with your inking as you are not limited by size. The area can also be covered up easily or shown off whenever you want. Another pro is that the body part is considered low on the tattoo pain chart scale because of the thick skin, fat, and muscle. However, the closer you ink towards the spine or hips, the more discomfort you will experience. When deciding on a name tattoo, there are several ways to design it. Perhaps you want to opt for a full back piece with various imagery that tells a story and a name in the center of this artwork. Or, you can choose a large font and have the name of a loved one or your last name inked across your back.


Back Name Tattooo


Back Name Tattoo 2


6. Bicep Name Tattoo

If you want to show off your muscles and with a versatile and cool placement, a bicep tattoo is ideal. Designs here can look great as they enhance your muscles and can draw attention to an area on your body you are proud to show off; it is also a location often associated with strength and power. This is a fantastic way to celebrate the person, or persons, in your life that matter the most. Another pro of the bicep is that it can be easily shown off or covered up, making it the perfect option regardless of whether you work in a corporate environment or not. Bicep tattoos will age well and are moderate on the tattoo pain chart scale, although the underside of the arm will cause more discomfort because of the sensitivity and nerve endings.


Bicep Name Tattoo 2


Bicep Name Tattoo


7. Bird Name Tattoo

Bird tattoos are associated with freedom, independence, and travel. There are many different species of birds to choose from, and, depending on your choice, the meaning associated with your inking can differ slightly. For example, the raven is a bird connected to mystery, the afterlife, and death, whereas a swallow represents love, loyalty, and good luck. There are different ways to incorporate a bird and name design. The combination makes for a meaningful memorial piece; the loved one who has passed away is free and in heaven. Your ink can also be a way to keep someone close to you at all times.


Bird Name Tattoo 2


Bird Name Tattoo


8. Butterfly Name Tattoo

The butterfly is a beautiful insect associated with transformation and hope. The appeal of a butterfly tattoo is that there are countless ways to design it, and because there are so many different colors and forms that they can take, this allows you to be more creative with your piece. Depending on your preference, they can also be small or big, which will not limit your placement options. Adding a name of a loved one can make for a delicate and special tattoo that celebrates the bond you share. Butterflies can be used to indicate important occasions, such as the birth of a child. Alternatively, it can show that someone has overcome a challenging time in their life and honor that journey. The meaning you attach to your piece will be unique to you.


Butterfly Name Tattoo


Butterfly Name Tattoo 2


9. Chest Name Tattoo

What better way to keep someone close to your heart than with a chest tattoo? Having a name tattooed over your chest is an incredibly meaningful choice and can make a powerful statement about how much that person means to you. The name you choose to get inked could be of a romantic partner or a child, and this location should be reserved for those who matter the most. This is also because it is one of the most painful areas on the body to get tattooed. The thin skin and proximity to bone can make chest tattoos only for those with high pain tolerance.


Chest Name Tattoo 2


Chest Name Ytattoo


10. Clock Name Tattoo

The clock represents time and can be a way to commemorate major life events. It represents the balance between life and death and is a thought-provoking and visually striking choice for body art. The time that the hands stop at also presents you with an opportunity to mark a significant time in your life. When combined with a name, this could be the birth of your child or the time you celebrate your wedding. If you have multiple children, you can include several clocks, each one representing one child. A clock tattoo with a name can also be a memorial piece and could indicate the time of your loved one’s passing. You can also include other imagery in your design, for example, dates, skulls, roses, or a serpent, each of which can add to the meaning of your tattoo.


Clock Name Tattoo 2


Clock Name Tattoo


11. Collarbone Name Tattoo

Collarbone tattoos are perfect for name designs because the shape of the collarbone looks fantastic when covered with a name. There is so much meaning in inking a name, as it can celebrate the importance of that person and honor the bond you share. If there are multiple names you wish to include, you can use both collarbones. Name tattoos can also be incredibly simple, lending themselves well to small locations like the collarbone. That said, this is an area that will hurt because of the proximity to the bone. The more detailed your design is, the more discomfort you will experience. It is also easy to cover up, and this makes showing it off more special and intimate.


Collarbone Name Tattoo 2


Collarbone Name Tattoo


12. Colorful Name Tattoo

If you love bright colors and want body art that makes a statement, then get a colorful name tattoo. Black has its appeal, but picking a colored piece can make your design more noticeable and pop against your skin. Colors also have different meanings associated with them, for example, green is for growth, and blue can depict calmness. There are several ways to add color to your design, and you can determine just how bright and bold you want it to be. There are some drawbacks to colorful ink; it doesn’t suit all skin tones, fades faster than black ink, and can be more expensive and time-consuming to complete. As with all ink, there is also the risk of an allergic reaction.


Colorful Name Tattoo


Colorful Name Tattoo 2


13. Couples Name Tattoo

What better way to show your partner that you want to be with them forever than with a couple’s name tattoo? You may think this is a cringey choice, but getting a tattoo in honor of your romantic partner can be a beautiful gesture. It can indicate your commitment to the relationship and makes a bold statement about your feelings. You can also decide on matching name tattoos, choosing a special word for both of you. That said, there are some obvious downsides to couple designs, and if you break up, you will be left with an unwanted reminder of that time. This should be a decision not made on a whim, and you must have carefully considered the pros and cons. If you have also been in a relationship for only a few months, it is best to hold off.


Couples Name Tattos 2


Couples Name Tattoo


14. Cross Name Tattoo

The cross is a religious symbol that can show your devotion to your faith. It is associated with Christianity and the love and sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Although cross designs are an excellent opportunity to celebrate your relationship with God, they become a memorial piece when adding a name to them. A cross and name tattoo can be a way to honor a loved one who has passed. You can also include the date of their birth and death if you wish to include more details. Depending on how large and detailed you want your body art to be,  name and cross tattoos can be combined with other imagery, including a Bible, doves, praying hands, and more.


Cross Name Tattoo


Cross Name Tattoo 2


15. Crown Name Tattoo

If you feel like you are dating someone who is the best of the best, you can show this with a crown name tattoo. Crown tattoos represent royalty, power, glory, and authority. When adding a name, it suggests that these are the qualities you associate with that person. Many couples also choose to get matching crown tattoos; the man has the king’s crown and the woman uses the queens. You can keep your design simple and minimalistic, opting for a crown outline and your loved ones’ name. Or, you can decide on a detailed crown. If you want to show off your body art, choose somewhere visible such as the forearm or wrist. This way you can see it every day.


Crown Name Tattoo 2


Crown Name Tattoo


16. Date Name Tattoo

When deciding on a name tattoo, is it to honor a special person in your life, and pairing it with a date is a combination that goes hand-in-hand. Adding dates allows you to make the piece even more meaningful. It could be anything, including the birthday of someone you love, their favorite number, the day you got married, and so much more. You can get creative with how you choose to add the date, and it could be with Roman Numerals or on a calendar design. You can also include other imagery to make your tattoo more striking, like butterflies, flowers, clocks, and an hourglass. Alternatively, you can keep it simple with just a name and date.


Date Name Tattoo 2


Date Name Tattoo


17. Dog Tag Name Tattoo

One of the most powerful and meaningful name tattoos features a dog tag. Dog tags are issued to soldiers and are used to identify them if they are wounded or killed. They commonly include the name and military ID, and deciding to get inked with someone’s dog tag is a way to honor those who have been killed in action. Although most people who choose these designs have a close, personal relationship to the individual who has passed, it could also be a way to honor all those who have served. You can include multiple dog tags if there are several people you have lost. There are various styles, including replicating a fallen soldier’s dog tag or a more stylized approach featuring just the name.


Dog Tag Name Tattoo 2


Dog Tag Name Tattoo

18. Dreamcatcher Name Tattoo

The dreamcatcher is an important and beautifully detailed talisman with significance to the Native American people. It is hand-woven and often includes details such as beads and feathers. The object is hung above young children’s beds and designed to keep them safe, providing protection and filtering out negative thoughts and bad dreams. A dreamcatcher tattoo has become a popular choice for body art because of its beauty and its symbolism. Adding a name could be because you wish to protect this person and keep them safe from those who mean them harm. This could be the name of anyone you love, but most people choose to add their children’s names.


Dream Catcher Name Tattoo 2


Dream Catcher Name Tattoo


19. Elephant Name Tattoo

The elephant is a majestic creature associated with wisdom, power, prosperity, and a great memory. The animal is also linked to family, so adding a name to your elephant design is a way to honor that bond. There are many different styles to choose from, including photorealistic or cartoon drawings. If you want a piece to show the love you have for your child or children, then a cute elephant holding balloons is a wonderful option. You can use color to make the design more vibrant and noticeable. An elephant tattoo can also celebrate the strong women in your life, as the herds have a matriarch. Perhaps you want to add the name of your mother and remember all that she has done for you. Or show your wife or sibling how much you appreciate them.


Elephant Name Tattoo


Elephant Name Tattoo 2


20. Family Tree Name Tattoo

Family is important; whether that is the family we were born into or the ones we choose for ourselves, they help shape our lives and determine who we will become. If you want to honor the bond you share with the people you consider family, a great way to do this is with a family tree name tattoo. This is a piece that represents love, commitment, and dedication. It can include several names and be as complex and detailed as you wish. Perhaps you want to add the names of just your children, or you can include parents, siblings, friends, and more. This design also works well with dates.


Family Tree Name Tattoo 3


Family Tree Name Tattoo 2


21. Feather Name Tattoo

A feather tattoo represents freedom and travel. Birds’ ability to fly is something that many humans envy, and this is often connected to the ideas of independence and having a free spirit. Adding a name to your bird design can make it into a memorial piece, showing that your loved one has passed from this world. Feathers are often associated with angel wings and heaven. In contrast, your body art may be inspired by someone who reminds you to live life the way you want. A person who encourages you to be free, express yourself and remain true to who you are. In terms of designs, there are different ways to make this tattoo unique because there are many feathers to choose from, from doves to peacocks, and each with varying meanings associated with them.


Feather Name Tattoo 2


Feather Name Tattoo


22. Flower Name Tattoo

Flower tattoos are a popular choice for men and women because they are beautiful and symbolic. A flower with a name is an ideal choice for those who want something pretty and meaningful, and, in general, flowers are associated with life and growth. There are countless blooms to choose from, and you can add one that represents the birth month of a loved one. Or it could be their favorite flower. These different flowers also have individual meanings associated with them. For example, the peony is linked to good fortune and honor, whereas the lotus represents spiritual awakening, enlightenment, and rebirth. There are also several styles to choose from for those who want something realistic or prefer a bright and bold design, like the American Traditional tattoo approach.


Flower Name Tattoo 2


Flower Name Tattoo 3


23. Foot Name Tattoo

The foot is a versatile placement for a tattoo, allowing you to cover it up easily or show it off whenever you want. It is not the biggest location, and you, therefore, have to get creative with your design, but a simple name tattoo is perfect. The foot may be an appealing spot for body art, but it will cause you some discomfort. This is because of the thin skin, lack of muscle, the concentration of nerve endings, and the proximity to bone. You also need to consider the healing time as you will not be able to wear shoes for the first few days to prevent friction and irritation. Another downside to foot tattoos is they tend to fade faster.


Foot Name Tattoo 2


Foot Name Tattoo 4


24. Footprint Name Tattoo

A footprint and name tattoo is a great choice to honor a special person in your life, but more often than not, this combination is used to show your love for your child. Footprints are symbolic of taking a journey together, and many parents feel that it is their responsibility to walk by their child’s side, teach, guide, and love them. That said, the footprint can represent whoever you want it to represent, including a romantic partner or your parents. Having the name of someone you love tattooed onto your skin is special, and you have a wide range of fonts to choose from. You could also use their handwriting for a more personal finish.


Footprint Name Tattoo


Footprint Name Tatto 2o


25. Forearm Name Tattoo

The forearm is a fantastic location for body art because it is low on the tattoo pain chart scale. The thick skin, muscle, and fat in this area help reduce the discomfort of getting tattooed. In addition, a forearm tattoo is easy to show off but can be covered up with long sleeves. It also has enough space to allow for a design with some detail. You can get the name done to fit the entire forearm or make it small and minimalistic. You could also include other imagery such as feathers, wings, and hearts to create a more striking visual. Getting the name of a loved one inked here is ideal as you can look at it every day.


Forearm Name Tattoo 3


Forearm Name Tattoo 2


26. Hand Name Tattoo

Hand tattoos are cool and rebellious. Getting inked on the hand is a daring choice because of its visibility, making it very difficult to cover your chosen artwork. This is great for someone who doesn’t work in a corporate environment or is not concerned about conforming to societal expectations. It is also a fantastic spot for a design that means a lot to you, like a name tattoo, because you will see it all the time. The downsides to hand tattoos include the pain. This is one of the most painful areas for tattoos because of the thin skin, nerve-endings, and proximity to bone. Ink here also fades fast because of exposure to the elements and frequency of use.


Hand Name Tattoo 2


Hand Name Tattoo


27. Handprint Name Tattoo

A handprint and name tattoo is a beautiful choice to celebrate the love you have for your child. There are many ways to design it, including an actual copy of your child’s hand and by combining your handprint and theirs. If you have multiple children, you can get a handprint for each of them, and this is something to consider when deciding on placement; you need to pick somewhere large enough. You can also add their date of birth or a special quote about your bond if you wish to create a larger, more detailed piece.


Handprint Name Tattoo 2


Hand Print Name Tattoo


28. Heart Name Tattoo

Heart tattoos are a universal symbol of love. It is one of the simplest ways to get inked and show affection for someone without saying anything. Adding a name indicates that you care about the person and want to keep them in your heart forever. Deciding to use colored ink can also change the meaning of your design; for example, red is for passion, so this could be for a romantic partner, whereas yellow is for friendship. Nothing is boring about a heart tattoo, and it can be as simple or as detailed as you wish. There are also several styles to choose from, some bold and bright, others realistic.


Heart Name Tattoo 3


Heart Name Tattoo 2


29. Heartbeat Name Tattoo

The heartbeat represents our lifeline. It can have several meanings associated with it. Adding the name of a family member or romantic partner can show that they are an important part of your life, and you would be nothing without them. It could represent how your souls are intertwined or how you want to continue to keep them close to you at all times. A heartbeat name tattoo can also be a memorial piece to honor someone who has died. This is sometimes designed to show the heartbeat flatlining. This is often a long design that works best on narrow areas of the body such as the forearm, spine, or leg.


Heartbeart Name Tattoo 2


Heartbeart Name Tattoo


30. Infinity Name Tattoo

The infinity tattoo symbol is a mathematical symbol that is used to represent how something is infinite or endless. For tattoos, this is often associated with everlasting love, dedication, commitment, and unlimited possibilities. It is a popular choice for couples, and adding a name to your piece makes it even more personal. You can also include significant dates, such as your wedding day or the moment you first met the love of your life. The infinity name tattoo doesn’t have to be about a romantic partner, though, and can also honor the bond you share with a sibling or friend.


Infinity Name Tattoo


Infinity Name Tattoo 2


31. Kid Name Tattoo

If you are a parent and your child is the most important person in the world to you, then getting their name is a fantastic choice for a tattoo. This is a meaningful tattoo, celebrating your dedication to being a good parent. The love between a parent and their child is one of the purest loves of all, and your design doesn’t need to be large or detailed to convey this message. You can include their birthday or birthplace to add to the meaning. When deciding on a placement, you may wish to get it tattooed over your heart, ensuring that you are keeping them close to your heart at all times. Alternatively, somewhere like the wrist or forearm is an excellent choice as you can see it every day.


Kid Name Tattoo 3


Kid Name Tattoo


32. Lock and Key Name Tattoo

The lock and key are two complementary images, and they are needed for the other one to work. This is a great way to show that you need someone in your life to function. When adding a name, you are indicating that that is the person who completes you; it can also show that you are taken and that they have your heart. Your design could also include significant dates, such as the day you met or your wedding date. This is a wonderful way to express your commitment to your partner, and you may wish to get matching body art with each other’s names.


Lock And Key Name Tattoo


33. Lotus Name Tattoo

The lotus is one of the most beautiful but also symbolic blooms. It is a flower that is associated with spiritual awakening, enlightenment, and personal growth. It is also an interesting flower, as it grows in muddy water, conditions that many of us would deem unfavorable. This also makes it a symbol of resilience and could indicate beauty to be found despite struggles and hardships. When adding a name to your lotus tattoo design, you show that this person is strong, resilient, and determined like the plant. It could also comment on how they have enabled you to grow and bloom into the person you have become.


Lotus Flower Name Tattoo 2


Lotus Flower Name Tattoo


34. Music Name Tattoo

Music impacts our lives in different ways, sometimes without even thinking of it. You may put on the radio on your way to work, stream music at home after a long day, and sing in the shower. When deciding on a music and name tattoo, you can include sheet notes of your favorite song or an instrument you love. Or it could be entirely about the other person. Perhaps your granddad played an instrument, and you want to honor him by inking it alongside his name. Or maybe your partner brings so much joy to your life that it reminds you of the most beautiful piece of music you have ever heard. Get creative with this design and find something that moves you.


Music Name Tattoo


Music Name Tattoo 2


35. Nature Name Tattoo

Nature is a popular theme for tattoos because there is so much variation. This could be anything from your favorite flower or tree to a scenic image or a mountain range. This gives you the freedom to get creative with your design. Perhaps you and your loved one enjoy spending time outdoors. Maybe you share a love for a certain bloom, or perhaps they remind you of a specific species of tree. For example, the Joshua Tree, which is associated with resilience and longevity; this could be the way you view your relationship. Nature name tattoos could also be inked as a memorial piece, as the energy of the person who has passed has transcended. You could indicate this in many ways, including a Weeping Willow, a symbol of life and death.


Nature Name Tattoo


36. Neck Name Tattoo

Neck tattoos are not for the faint of heart. They are incredibly painful because of the thin skin in the area, and they are rebellious and edgy. These designs are hard, if not impossible, to cover up, making them appeal to men and women who do not wish to conform. This placement also has a stigma attached to it, having been favored by criminals and gang members. As such, it can affect your job opportunities, especially if you wish to work in a more conservative environment. That said, the appeal of a neck tattoo is that it shows the world exactly how much your design means to you. This is why getting a loved one’s name can suit this spot.


Neck Name Tattoo 2


Neck Name Tattoo


37. Newborn Name Tattoo

If you or your partner have recently given birth, you may want to honor the new addition in your life with a newborn tattoo. Becoming a parent is a challenging and important role, and your child will become the focus of your world. So, what better way to honor this bond and show your devotion to your family than with body art?! There are a variety of designs to choose from, including beautiful, realistic images of their little feet or hands. You can also opt for a footprint or handprint or a detailed drawing showing yourself holding your baby. Including their name and the date they were born can add to its overall meaning.


Newbord Name Tattoo


Newborn Name Tattoo


38. Quote Name Tattoo

Words can be just as meaningful as imagery, making for a powerful tattoo. A name design can be simple and impactful, showing your devotion to that person and making a statement about how much they mean to you. You can add to the name with a special quote tattoo that sums up your feelings perfectly. Or, you could add a quote that your family member or partner loves. You can also include images in your piece and experiment with different colors and techniques. Maybe you love bold and bright designs, such as the watercolor effect or American Traditional. Alternatively, you can keep your quote tattoo simple with only text but make it more personal by opting for your favorite font or the handwriting of a loved one.


Quote Name Tattoo


39. Ribcage Name Tattoo

The rib cage is an excellent spot for tattoos, but it is a placement that will cause a lot of pain. It is important that you weigh up the pros and cons of a rib cage piece by considering that it is one of the most painful areas to get inked due to the lack of fat, thin skin, and proximity to bone. The appeal of a name in this location, though, is that you are keeping it close to your heart, and therefore carrying a piece of that person with you at all times. It is also a versatile spot, easily covered up and showed off when you want. Plus, it is large enough to allow for designs that require more detailing, although if you wish to endure that pain is up to you.


Rib Cage Name Tattoo 2


Rib Cage Name Tattoo (1)


40. Roman Numerals Name Tattoo

Roman numeral tattoos are a great way to get inked with numbers that are important to you. This numeric system is interesting and can also be more special since it is not something we use in our day-to-day lives. Instead of being immediately apparent what the numbers represent, it may take others a few seconds to work it out, which makes the piece have an element of mystery. Your chosen numbers could be of anything, but it is often a birthday when combined with a name. This could be to honor the birth of your child. Alternatively, you may wish to celebrate your wedding day and ink the name of your husband or wife. There is a more somber option, too, with the numbers representing the day someone passed away.


Roman Numeral Name Tattoo 2


Roman Numeral Name Tattoo


41. Rose Name Tattoo

The rose is one of the most beautiful and symbolic flowers that you can choose. It is also popular with body art and is often used as a standalone design, accompaniment to your piece, or filler. The bloom represents beauty, life, love, and growth, but it can take on several meanings when added to a name. For example, it could be to show your passion and devotion to your romantic partner. Or it could be for a memorial piece. The color you choose also plays a big part in your design, and rose tattoos can be done in various hues. Yellow is the color for friendship and joy, whereas pink represents compassion.

Rose Name Tattoo 2

Rose Name Tattoo 3

42. Shoulder Name Tattoo

The shoulder is an excellent spot for body art because it is low on the pain scale because of the thick skin, muscle, and fat. It is also an area that is not susceptible to stretching and will not fade as fast as other locations. Your name design can be big or small, as the placement allows for enough space to get creative, adding other imagery. That said, small and minimalistic pieces look just as good here. The one downside may be that it is hard to see a shoulder tattoo, but for those who do not feel they need to look at their design every day to have meaning, this is the ideal spot.


Shoulder Name Tattoo


Shoulder Name Tattoo 2


43. Simple Name Tattoo

The fantastic thing about name designs is that they can be simple. Simple tattoos are just as meaningful but appeal to those who prefer a more minimalist approach to body art and do not want to add too much detail. Instead, this piece focuses on the name itself. It will be quicker to complete because of the lack of shading and detail. It will also be cheaper. Simple doesn’t mean boring, though, and you can choose from a wide range of fonts, including the handwriting of a loved one, to make your piece even more special.


Simple Name Tattoo 2


Simple Name Tattoo


44. Small Name Tattoo

Deciding to ink someone’s name onto your skin can say a lot about your relationship with them. It can be anyone who has impacted your life, including family members, romantic partners, and good friends. The beauty of these designs is that they do not need to be big to make a statement and look just as great when kept small and simple. This gives you a lot of freedom for where you can get tattooed, including places like behind-the-ear and on the finger. Small tattoos have just as much meaning, and they are more versatile. They will also hurt less and be cheaper to complete.


Small Name Tattoo 2


Small Name Tattoo


45. Star Name Tattoo

Choosing to combine a star and name makes for a pretty and meaningful design that can show just how much someone means to you. In general, stars are associated with direction, guidance, and hope. They could also symbolize dreams, success, and goals. The person whose name you choose to add to your star design could be a person who inspires you or encourages you to stay on the right path. They could also be someone who you see as a bright and positive force in your life. There are many star tattoo designs to choose from, each with a different meaning — for example, a shooting star or a star and moon. Work with your tattoo artist to find the best option.


Star Name Tattoo 3


Star Name Tattoo


46. Sunflower Name Tattoo

If there is someone in your life who brings you joy and makes you feel happy and optimistic, you may want to get tattooed with their name and the image of a sunflower. This flower is beautiful and associated with everlasting love, hope, and devotion. It can serve as a reminder to look on the brighter side of life. Or to remain focused on the things you love. Your design can be done in several ways, but choosing to do it in colored ink can make for a striking piece; yellow is such a bold hue that it demands attention. When deciding on the placement for your body art, consider somewhere you can see. The wrist or the forearm are excellent locations and can let you show off your sunflower tattoo whenever you want.


Sunflower Name Tattoo 2


Sunflower Name Tattoo


47. Wrist Name Tattoo

The wrist is one of the most popular placements for a tattoo. This is because it is a location that is visible but can also be covered up easily. The area is relatively small, so minimalistic designs work best here, which is why a name tattoo is ideal. The downside to wrist tattoos is that they are painful due to the thin skin and lack of fat. They can also fade faster because of the exposure to the elements, but opting for the underside of your wrist will age better.


Wrist Name Tattoo 2


Wrist Name Tattoo


48. Watercolor Name Tattoo

Watercolor tattoos are bold and bright. The technique is relatively new but is becoming incredibly popular because of how striking the result is. It gets its name because of the resemblance to the way paint looks on a canvas, and the style blends together different colors to create artwork that does not use heavy outlines or fine detailing. You can add your name tattoo to a watercolor background. Or use the effect to create an interesting pattern or design that complements your chosen name; for example, Lily could feature flower artwork. Although watercolor tattoos will fade faster than traditional ink, they also hurt less and are gorgeous to look at.


Watercolor Name Tattoo


Watercolor Name Tattoo 2


49. Wedding Band Name Tattoo

When you get married to someone, you pledge to spend the rest of your life with them. If you want something more permanent than rings, you can get tattooed on your finger, where a ring would traditionally be. This option has become a trend with married couples, who choose to ink their wedding bands. To make your design even more personal, you can do this with a name tattoo of your husband or wife. This can be a way to show your commitment to the relationship and that you believe in everlasting love. For a unique finish, choose to get it in your partner’s handwriting.


Weddings Band Name Tattoo


Weddings Band Name Tattoo 2


50. Finger Name Tattoo

What better way to celebrate the bond you share with someone than with a design in their honor? The finger provides you with a location to do just that. In recent years, finger tattoos have become incredibly popular because of their visibility and ability to make a statement. The area is small, but name tattoo designs can be minimalistic so that this placement will work well with them. The downside is that finger tattoos do not age well. They tend to fade fast because of how frequently we use our hands and the exposure to the elements. It is also a part of the body with thin skin, a high concentration of nerve endings, and close to the bone. This means ink here will hurt. They are hard to hide, which is part of the appeal but can also be a con for those who work in conservative environments.


Finger Name Tattoo 2


Finger Name Tattoo


Name Tattoos FAQs

Where should I put a name tattoo?

The appeal of a name tattoo is its versatility, and these designs can be big or small. Therefore, you can get them inked anywhere on the body, from the back to the finger. Your piece can be tiny and minimalistic or large and detailed. A few popular placements include the wrist or forearm, as these are locations that you can look at every day and remind yourself of the important symbolism associated with your piece. Another meaningful spot would be on the chest or sternum, a way to keep your loved one’s name in, or in this case over, your heart at all times.

How much is a name tattoo?

How much a name tattoo costs is dependent on several factors, including the size and details that go into its creation. You also need to factor in the technique you choose, your tattoo artist, and the studio; more reputable establishments will cost more. Colored ink can be more expensive, and pieces that include other imagery, such as photorealistic artwork, are more costly. That said, in general, you will pay around $100 for a basic name tattoo.


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