100 Striking Eagle Tattoo Designs for 2022

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Body art allows you to ink the things you love or admire the most onto your skin. It is a way of showing yourself and the world the qualities you value the most, and with an eagle tattoo, this could be strength, determination, freedom, and courage. There are many designs to choose from, each with varying meanings. If you want to show your patriotism and pride for your country, you could do this with an eagle and flag piece. Or you could honor a loved one with an eagle and roman numeral design. You can also choose from simple, minimalist options that focus on the basic form of this majestic bird to colorful techniques that make your inking unmissable. Keep reading to get inspired and learn everything you need to know about eagle tattoos.


1. Eagle Geometric Tattoo

Geometric tattoos are fascinating as they are created with different shapes to form a larger image. These can be abstract, or they can take the form of something recognizable, such as an animal. It is appealing for those who want something modern, but your chosen piece can be as simple or detailed as you wish. This style often looks best when done with slight shading and black ink. However, if you want a more detailed design, you could opt for a piece split in two; half is a realistic portrayal of an eagle, and the other side is a geometric design. Choose somewhere large enough to allow for detail, letting you get more creative with your design.


Eagle Geometric Tattoo 2


Eagle Geometric Tattoo



2. Bald Eagle Tattoo

There are several species of eagles, but the bald eagle has special significance to those from the United States. It is the country’s national animal and symbolizes patriotism and pride. A bald eagle tattoo is a fantastic choice for those who want to show the world that they feel connected to their homeland or do anything to honor and protect the country. It is believed to have become an American symbol in 1776, after featuring on a copper cent. This long and interesting history makes your tattoo a thoughtful and meaningful tattoo. It can also represent courage and strength.


Bald Eagle American Tattoo 2


Bald Eagle American Tattoo


3. American Traditional Eagle Tattoo

The American Traditional tattoo technique is a vibrant and bold one. It is a popular choice for those who want an unmissable design, and the use of bright colors and thick black lines makes this a statement piece. The color palette is often limited, including red, blue, green, and yellow. With this style, which is also sometimes referred to as Old School or Western, several themes are favored, including animals. An eagle can represent freedom and power. If these are qualities that you value, then this is an excellent choice. Get it inked somewhere visible for a rebellious vibe, or choose somewhere that is easier to cover up to make your piece more intimate.


American Traditional Eagle Tattoo 3


American Traditional Eagle Tattoo


4. Behind the Ear Eagle Tattoo

When it comes to body art, there are countless designs to choose from, but your placement is just as important as your artwork. When deciding on the best location for your inking, you need to consider several things; the pain factor, the visibility, and whether it is susceptible to stretching or fading. A behind-the-ear tattoo is a fantastic location for someone who wants something discreet yet cool. These pieces are usually relatively small and hard to see, especially with long hair. It is best reserved for meaningful designs. An eagle could represent the qualities you value or strive to achieve in life. Or it could be a way to remind yourself of the importance of freedom and determination. The downside is the pain, which is considered high. The vibrations from the electric machine may also cause discomfort.


Behind The Ear Eagle Tattoo


5. Double Eagle Tattoo

The double eagle tattoo is an interesting design that is also symbolic. When deciding on a double-headed eagle, it could represent the balance between the spiritual and physical worlds. The coat of arms of Russia also shows a two-headed eagle, so this could be a way to honor your heritage or homeland. Alternatively, you may want to get two eagles representing two important values in your life, or your piece could celebrate two loved ones. In general, the eagle is symbolic of power, freedom, and focus.


Double Eagle Tattoo


6. Eagle and Snake Tattoo

The eagle and snake tattoo makes for an interesting design representing two opposing forces. The eagle can be attacking or eating the snake, symbolizing the triumph of good over evil. This could be your internal struggle and how you wish to succeed in life and conquer your demons. An eagle is associated with power, strength, freedom, insight, and even spirituality. The snake can have positive and negative associations. It is associated with fertility, rebirth, and wisdom and represents death, sin, and temptation. You can determine which qualities you wish to attribute to your piece.


Eagle And Snake Tattoo 3


7. Eagle Ankle Tattoo

An ankle tattoo is a fantastic spot for ink because it is versatile. You can easily show it off or cover it up, and there are multiple options for your design, but small and simple pieces are best. You can opt for an eagle with its wings wrapping around the ankle, or you can keep it tiny; the symbolism associated with it is the same. This tattoo represents power and freedom and can be combined with other images if you want it to work up your leg or down your foot. The downside to an ankle is that it will hurt due to the thin skin, lack of cushioning from fat and muscle, and the proximity to bone.


Eagle Ankle Tattoo


8. Eagle Arm Tattoo

The arm is one of the most popular locations for body art for both men and women. This is for several reasons, including visibility. It is a fantastic area for letting you show off your artwork but can also be easily covered up. The arm is low on the tattoo pain chart scale because of the cushioning from fat and muscle and the thick skin. Unlike some other parts of the body, the arm is not that susceptible to stretching, and your piece will not fade fast unless regularly exposed to the sunlight. Another pro is the size, allowing you to choose a big and detailed design. That said, small and dainty pieces look just as good here.


Eagle Arm Tattoo 2


Eagle Arm Tattoo


9. Eagle Arrow Tattoo

An arrow tattoo can represent purpose, direction, and determination. The weapon has importance to the Native American peoples where it was used for hunting or by warriors to defend themselves against enemies or attack. The appeal of an arrow design is that it can be incredibly simple, allowing you to get it inked anywhere on the body. If you want to add even more meaning to your piece, it is a good idea to include an eagle feather. This is a feather that has been valued and used in spiritual ceremonies. It represents bravery, strength, and spirituality and is one of the most revered feathers. This inking is the perfect option for someone who wants to show the direction in life or remind themselves to stay on a particular path.


Eagle Arrow Tattoo 2


Eagle Arrow Tattoo


10. Eagle Back Tattoo

The back is a fantastic spot for designs that require a large amount of space because it is big and detailed. That said, a small, simple back tattoo can look just as great, and you can experiment with your placement. The back is easily covered with clothes and is not an area on the body exposed every day. This makes it an attractive location for someone who wants to keep their body art private. The thick skin, muscle, and fat in the area also make it low on the tattoo pain chart scale. However, the bigger your chosen design is, the more prolonged discomfort you will feel. It can also hurt more when inked closer to the spine or hips. An eagle can spread across the top of your back, with its wings open. Or you could include several images and ink your entire back for a statement design.


Eagle Back Tattoo 5


Eagle Back Tattoo


11. Eagle Chest Tattoo

A chest tattoo is not a placement you should consider if you do not have a high pain tolerance. It is regarded as one of the most painful locations on the body to get inked because of the proximity to bone, thin skin, and general sensitivity. That said, the size of your design will also play a part in how much discomfort you will experience. There are some pros to getting inked on your chest, though; these include that it is close to your heart, making it ideal for designs that mean the most to you. It is also easy to cover up, perfect for those who work in more conservative or traditional environments. Your design can highlight your muscle definition, and it can be an excellent way to show off your body on your terms.


Eagle Chest Tattoo


12. Eagle Cross Tattoo

The cross symbolizes Christianity and is often inked by those devoted to their religion. Your decision to get a cross tattoo could be a way to feel closer to your faith or show its importance in your life. It can represent unconditional love and Jesus Christ’s willingness to sacrifice himself for the good of humanity. This symbol can often include other imagery such as doves, praying hands, and Bible verses, but adding an eagle is an interesting choice. This makes your piece more individual and different. The eagle can mean many things, including honoring someone who you feel is powerful or important in your life. It is also an excellent way to honor a fallen comrade or a loved one who has lost their lives while in the armed forces.


Eagle Cross Tattoo


13. Eagle Date Tattoo

The appeal of a date tattoo is that the symbolism is unique to the wearer. We all have a date that is important to us, and this could include the day we were born, the birth of a child, your wedding day, or even death. There are several ways to design your piece, and it could be as simple as a few numbers or as detailed as you wish, including adding other imagery to your piece, such as an eagle. An eagle and date tattoo makes for a symbolic work that could show that the memory you want to honor is powerful and holds great importance to you. It could also be a way to celebrate a moment in time that you feel strongly about, such as the date of American Independence or when a foundation was established.


Eagle Date Tattoo


14. Eagle Dreamcatcher Tattoo

The dreamcatcher is a beautiful and symbolic object. It is handwoven and traditionally used by the Native Americans, who hung the object above the bed of a sleeping child to keep them safe. It was also a way to filter out bad dreams and help protect against negative experiences in their lives. The talisman has been more widely used worldwide, including serving as inspiration for body art, although there is some debate about whether this is cultural misappropriation. Choosing a dreamcatcher tattoo design with an eagle feather adds even more meaning to your design as the mighty bird is respected. It represents freedom, bravery, strength, and spirituality.


Eagle Dream Catcher Tattoo


15. Eagle Eyes Tattoo

The eagle may represent power and freedom, but it is also a keen hunter with impressive eyesight. For this reason, a tattoo of an eagle’s eyes is appealing and can represent determination, focus, and power. This is an excellent choice for someone who wants a reminder of the importance of staying true to themselves or that their goals are attainable and within sight. It could also have a spiritual association, seen as someone watching over you and guiding you. If your piece is in honor of a loved one, you may wish to include their name or initials to make it more personal.


Eagle Eyes Tattoo


16. Eagle Feather Tattoo

The eagle is a bird with great importance in several cultures but is also seen as the symbol of many countries. This mighty creature is majestic, and the qualities associated with it make for a thought-provoking and beautiful piece. To the Native Americans, the eagle feather is one of the most sought-after and has been used in spiritual ceremonies and to adorn those with high social standing. The feather can represent bravery, strength, and pride. Feather tattoos can also have a more generalized meaning associated with freedom and flight.


Eagle Feather Tattoo (1)


17. American Flag Eagle Tattoo

The eagle is a mighty and majestic bird that has been symbolic to multiple cultures and countries. An American flag tattoo represents patriotism and the love for your country and is often inked by those who have served in the armed forces. There are many ways to design your piece, and it can be a standard flag with the name of a loved one or a design that looks as though it is beneath your skin. You can also add other images to your tattoo, for example, an eagle. These two images go together well because the Bald Eagle is the national animal of the United States and a symbol of strength and pride. Combined with the red, white, and blue, this makes for a statement tattoo that would look best on a large enough placement to allow for details.


American Flag Eagle Tattoo


18. Eagle Forearm Tattoo

Consider a forearm tattoo if you are looking for a versatile and visible location for your next design. This is an excellent area for body art as it is somewhere you can look at every day but can also be easily covered with clothing. Looking at your design can help remind you of its importance and why you got it inked in the first place. Other pros of the forearm include that it is low on the tattoo pain chart scale because of the thick skin, muscle, and fat. It is also large enough to allow for a detailed piece, which gives you more freedom in terms of design. Your eagle body art will look fantastic here, and you can choose to depict the bird with its wings spread out, using the entire forearm. Or get it inked smaller and more in the center.


Eagle Forearm Tattoo 2

Eagle Forearm Tattoo


19. Eagle Half Sleeve Tattoo

A half sleeve tattoo presents you with a wonderful opportunity to reflect your thoughts and feelings and ink them onto your skin forever. These pieces have a lot of creativity, and because they cover half the arm, hence the name, this gives you a lot of space to combine various images. These tattoos usually stick to a specific theme to make the artwork blend together more seamlessly. For example, if you love nature, you can add to your eagle design with images of your favorite trees or a silhouette from a place special to your heart. It is worth noting that half sleeves can be time-consuming and expensive to complete because of the detail that goes into them.


Eagle Half Sleeve Tattoo 2


Eagle Half Sleeve Tattoo (1)


20. Eagle Hand Tattoo

There are few placements as edgy and rebellious as a hand tattoo. Whereas most body parts can be easily covered up with clothing or shoes, the hand is visible, and ink here will be unmissable. Hand tattoos hurt because of the thin skin, lack of fat and muscle, and proximity to bone. It is not a location that should be chosen without serious consideration, as tattoos still carry a stigma. Your design could affect your job opportunities or influence how society sees you. That said, this can be an excellent way to show that you are a risk-taker or that you do not care about societal norms. It is also a perfect place for a meaningful piece to you as you can look at it every day.


Eagle Hand Tattoo


21. Eagle Head Tattoo

There are many options when deciding on a design for your eagle tattoo. Some people may want to choose something large and detailed, including the bird’s entire body and its wings spread. Others want a piece that focuses on only an eagle’s head. When determining what works best for you, consider the size of the placement you wish to get inked and the detail you want to include. Your eagle can represent many things, including strength, spirituality, determination, and focus. This is a fantastic choice for someone who values these things or wants to remind themselves of the importance of achieving their goals — or remaining strong in all they do in life.


Eagle Head Tattoo


Eagle Head Tattoo


22. Eagle Nature Tattoo

Nature tattoos are fantastic because they follow a specific theme, including plants and animals. This allows you to be incredibly creative with your piece, and an eagle design works well with a nature theme. The combination of several images often calls for a large and detailed design, and your placement should be big enough to allow for this. For example, a finger or wrist tattoo does not provide you with enough space. When deciding on what images to choose, this could be anything meaningful to you; your favorite flower, a tree you climbed as a child or a scene from your favorite camping spot. Your créativity is your only limit.


Eagle Nature Tattoo 2


Eagle Nature Tattoo


23. Eagle Neck Tattoo

If you want extremely visible body art, consider a neck tattoo. This location often has a rebellious feel and is associated with those on the fringes of society. Gang members and tough guys have long favored it, and although that image is slowly changing, deciding on ink here can have some negative connotations. However, it is an attractive location for someone who wants to make a statement and doesn’t care what others think about them. It can also be surprisingly versatile, and you can choose to ink only one side, the front or the back. Wherever you choose, though, it will hurt because of the thin skin and sensitivity of the area.


Eagle Neck Tattoo 2


Eagle Neck Tattoo


24. Aztec Eagle Tattoo

The Aztecs were an interesting and, in many ways, advanced civilization. Body art is believed to have played an essential role in their lives to distinguish social standing, honor and appease the gods, and instill fear in their enemies. Several symbols held great importance to these peoples, including the eagle. The bird is often associated with their god, Huitzilopochtli. He is sometimes represented as an eagle or wearing the feathers of one. There were also eagle warriors, who were mighty and renowned for their skills on the battlefield. They would adorn themselves with eagle feathers, believing they could channel the bird’s qualities, including power and strength. An eagle Aztec tattoo will make a statement.


Aztec Eagle Tattoo


25. Eagle Numbers Tattoo

If you have a particular number that holds great importance in your life, it is good to incorporate it into your body art. This could be anything from a special date, a lucky number, or even navigational coordinates to your favorite destination. There are multiple options, each of which can have a slightly different meaning when an eagle is added. For example, the latter choice could be that it is somewhere you want to fly to because this place makes you feel free. The great thing about tattoos like this is there is also an element of mystery associated with them; the meaning is not immediately apparent when you look at your piece.


Eagle Numbers Tattoo


26. Eagle Outline Tattoo

An outline tattoo is an excellent choice if you prefer a more laid-back approach to body art and favor minimalist designs. These pieces are in black ink and do not typically feature shading or detail. Instead, they focus on the basic form and the meaning associated with your ink. That said, there are variations of this style, and it can also be incredibly detailed, but without color or shading. This can also result in your artwork being cheaper and less time-consuming to complete.


Eagle Outline Tattoo2


Eagle Outline Tattoo


27. Eagle Quote Tattoo

Words can bring us comfort and solace, and they can reflect the way we feel about something. If a quote moves you, why not include it in your body art? This could be anything, from a sentence from your favorite poem or a line from a childhood TV show that evokes happy memories. You could also choose a quote tattoo that focuses on an eagle or its qualities. For example, a piece that describes the beauty of the animal or the symbolism that is often associated with it. The appeal of quote designs is there are so many options to choose from, allowing you to tailor your piece to suit you.


Eagle Quote Tattoo 2


Eagle Quote Tattooo 3


28. Eagle Rib Cage Tattoo

A rib cage tattoo is an excellent placement for a design for two reasons; it is close to your heart and, therefore, for pieces that are meaningful to you, and it is easy to cover up or show off. There is a major downside to ink here, though: the pain. This is considered one of the most painful areas to get tattooed, and you need to consider this when choosing this placement. A detailed design that includes a lot of shading will also cause more discomfort. If this is your first inking, it is best to choose somewhere else to understand your pain threshold better. For some people, the pain is part of the appeal, though. It is like a badge of honor, showing that you could endure discomfort for a design that means a lot to you.


Eagle Rib Cage Tattoo 3


Eagle Rib Case Tattoo


29. Eagle Roman Numerals Tattoo

Roman numeral tattoos are great for celebrating special moments in your life. This could be anything from your wedding date to the birth of a child. It could also be used to honor someone who has passed. Combining an eagle with your chosen design can add to its overall meaning, as the bird is often associated with power, determination, spirituality, and bravery. Perhaps you want to ink a memorial piece for a loved one and show that they are now free? Or maybe you have chosen the date of your child’s birth and how they bring you strength. You can choose to ink these symbols on something like a clock face or keep them simple; the choice is entirely yours.


Eagle Roman Numeral Tattoo 2


Eagle Roman Numeral Tattoo


30. Eagle Rose Tattoo

The rose is one of the most popular flowers to get tattooed because it is beautiful, versatile, and symbolic. In general, it represents love, beauty, and growth. The rose can be combined with several other images to add to the overall meaning of the piece or to create a softness. It is also fantastic as a filler piece for larger designs. There are multiple colors to choose from, each with a slightly different meaning. For example, a white rose represents purity and innocence, whereas a black rose is associated with death and grief. When combining your eagle and rose tattoo, there are several styles to opt for, from realistic to American traditional, which has an almost cartoonish appearance. Choose the rose tattoo that appeals to you most.


Eagle Rose Tattoo


Eagle Rose Tattoo 2


31. Eagle Shoulder Tattoo

A shoulder tattoo can be delicate and simple or detailed and make a statement. There are multiple reasons why this is a sought-after spot for body art, including that it tends to be one of the most flattering body parts for both men and women. It is also easy to cover up, or you can show it off when you want. The shoulder is not high on the pain scale because of the thick skin and muscle, but the closer you go toward the shoulder blade, the more discomfort you will experience. It is not susceptible to stretching, and ink here will not fade as fast as in other locations. Your eagle design will look great, whether it is big or small.


Eagle Shoulder Tattoo


Eagle Shoulder Tattoo 2


32. Eagle Skull Tattoo

Skull tattoos can be intimidating and scary, but they are also symbolic. The human skull is a universally recognized symbol of death and is a sought-after choice for contemplating the balance between life and death. Hardened individuals have long favored the skull, but it has become more common in recent years with men and women from all walks of life choosing the image of a skull for their body art. It can also be combined with several other images, including an eagle, slightly altering the meaning. The eagle with a skull can represent victory or could be inked as a sign that you have overcome a challenging time in your life. Your ink can also have a positive meaning, reminding you to stay determined and focused. Or to let go of the things you cannot change in life.


Eagle Skull Tattoo


33. Eagle Sleeve Tattoo

If you want a detailed design that can tell a story, look no further than a sleeve tattoo. Sleeve tattoos cover the entire arm the way a long-sleeve garment would. They make a statement and are hard to miss when you choose to show them off, but because they stop at the wrist, they can also be covered up. These pieces contain several images, each of which will have meaning to you. It is best to follow a theme or stick to a specific style to create a more blended appearance, but you can work with your tattoo artist to determine the best outcome for what you want. As appealing as sleeve tattoos are, they can be incredibly time-consuming and expensive, especially if deciding on a very detailed design.


Eagle Sleeve Tattoo


34. Eagle Snake Tattoo

Snakes and eagles are two creatures that are often shown together, including in tattoos. They can be depicted in many ways but are often fighting, with the snake either trying to wrap around the eagle or the eagle holding it in its talons. The majestic bird often represents goodness, whereas the serpent is evil and sinful. Your piece could show good defeating bad and how you will not let the negativity in your life win. These two creatures could also be associated with balance and connectedness. There are many different interpretations, so think of what appeals to you the most to reflect this with your design.


Eagle Snake Tattoo 3


Eagle Snake Tattoo


35. Eagle Stick and Poke Tattoo

Most tattoos are created with an electric tattoo machine, but you may opt to go back to basics with a stick and poke tattoo for those who want something different. Stick and poke pieces are created using a hand-held needle and rod gadget, and they have a very distinct style. They are not as precise as electric ink but can be incredibly detailed or simple and minimalist. Each tattoo is different and unique, which is appealing for many people. Your body art may also hurt less.


Eagle Stick And Poke Tattoo 2


Eagle Stick And Poke Tattoo


36. Eagle Sun Tattoo

The sun represents truth and light. Without it, life on Earth would cease to exist, and it is often seen as a very positive image. For tattoos, the sun represents a guiding force and direction, and other imagery can be included to add to the overall meaning. An eagle represents freedom, strength, power, loyalty, and spirituality, and these qualities will be added to your sun design. For some people, combining these two images can also be associated with life, new beginnings, and self-discovery.


Eagle Sun Tattoo 2


Eagle Sun Tattoo


37. Eagle Thigh Tattoo

Not only is the thigh one of the least painful placements for getting inked, but it is also one of the most versatile. Thigh tattoos can be shown off whenever you want but also covered up easily, making them appealing regardless of the work environment you are in. They also provide you with a large enough space to get creative with your design, not limiting whether you want something big and detailed. That said, a small inking can look just as great here. There is also a lot of variation in design, letting it wrap around your leg or deciding on a vertical piece.


Eagle Thigh Tattoo 2


Eagle Thigh Tattoo


38. Eagle Tribal Tattoo

Tribal tattoos are important to each culture and can indicate social status, achievements or intimidate their enemies. The modern approach to tribal tattooing is often a way to celebrate your cultural heritage or to feel closer to your ancestors. Some people also opt for a more stylized tribal design, which often features thick black lines and limited shading. These pieces can form beautiful abstract patterns or be of animals and flowers. An eagle makes for a striking and symbolic design, often associated with power, bravery and confidence. Some cultures have deep respect for the bird and believe they can channel its strength. These inkings tend to look best on body parts that are visible, like the arm and leg.


Eagle Tribal Tattoo 2


Eagle Tribal Tattoo


39. Eagle Upper Back Tattoo

Your back is an attractive location for a tattoo, especially if the design you have in mind is large and detailed. You do not have to get inked over your entire back, though, which can be time-consuming and painful, especially on the spine and toward the hips. Instead, you can focus on the upper back, one of the least painful body parts for tattoos. This is because of the area’s thick skin, muscle, and fat. It is also an excellent spot for an eagle design, and you can spread the wings out over your back. The back is often considered one of the most seductive and flattering parts of the body, so showing it off to people who you want to see your ink can be special and intimate.


Eagle Upper Back Tattoo


40. Eagle Watercolor Tattoo

If you love vibrant designs, then look no further than watercolor tattoos. The technique blends colors creating a similar effect that paint would on canvas. The way these bold hues are combined, often without outlines, creates a striking appearance and makes for an unmissable tattoo. This is an excellent choice for someone who wants something different from the norm, and almost any design can be created in this way, including animals and nature. Other pros include that it tends to be less painful than traditional tattoo styles. However, there is a drawback because this artwork will fade fast because of the lack of outlines. It can be time-consuming and expensive.


Eagle Water Color Tattoo 3


Eagle Water Color Tattoo 4


41. Eagle Wrist Tattoo

Wrist tattoos are a great choice, whether your first piece or you’re fifth. The appeal of the wrist is its visibility, allowing you to look at it every day. This is especially appealing if you have a very meaningful tattoo in mind and wish to remind yourself of its importance. An eagle has strong symbolism, including freedom, courage, and strength. It can also be discreet if inked on the underside, making it an excellent spot for someone who doesn’t want their tattoo to always be on display. Small and simple designs work best here, so work with your tattoo artist to create something that doesn’t overwhelm your wrist. It can also be a painful location because of the thin skin and lack of muscle and fat.


Eagle Wrist Tattoo


42. Eagle Clock Tattoo

A clock tattoo represents time. It is also associated with the balance between life and death and is often inked as a reminder to live life to the fullest because our time is running out. Including an eagle in your clock design makes it even more symbolic and visually interesting. For some, the eagle has a spiritual connection, so your piece could focus on the afterlife, or it could be to honor a loved one who has passed. Some people may see the eagle watching over them, and this is a touching way to remember the person who has died. The time when the hands of the clock have stopped is also significant, which could indicate the time of death.


Eagle Clock Tattoo


43. Eye of Providence Eagle Tattoo

The eye can represent many things, but opting for an Eye of Providence is connected to the idea of an all-seeing eye. God is looking down and watching over humanity with this design, and it would be appealing to someone religious. Choosing to add an eagle into your inking makes it different and unique. It also adds to the overall meaning of your piece, including qualities of strength and determination. Alternatively, you may be drawn to this piece because it makes you think of wisdom and knowledge, as the eye also represents the divine and powerful. The beauty of this piece is that it is open to interpretation.


Eye Of Providence Eagle Tattoo 2


Eye Of Providence Eagle Tattoo


44. Flying Eagle Tattoo

Body art can say a lot about your thoughts and feelings. It can also bring you solace when you choose a design that is personal and meaningful. The eagle is one of the most popular birds to be inked by both men and women because of its powerful symbolism and the beauty of this majestic creature. A flying eagle is associated with power, strength, and dominance. It is a fantastic choice for someone who wants to show that they value these qualities in life. It can also represent freedom and show that you are not afraid to take risks or willing to do whatever it takes to achieve your goals.

Flying Eagle Tattoo 2


Flying Eagle Tattoo


45. German Eagle Tattoo

A German eagle tattoo can be somewhat controversial as the Nazis used the bird during World War II. You want to ensure that your design does not have any neo-nazi or white supremacy associations and that it will not cause offense to others. The Reichsadler, a heraldic eagle, is inspired by the Roman eagle and has been used on the German coat of arms. An eagle is often associated with power and supremacy, and because the majestic bird is revered, some choose to add a flag of their country to it. But again, ensure that you are not unintentionally spreading a message of hate with your design.


German Eagle Tattoo 2


German Eagle Tattoo


46. Mexican Eagle Tattoo

You may be drawn to a Mexican eagle tattoo if you want to celebrate your homeland or your Mexican roots. This piece can show your patriotism and pride and indicate Mexican Independence. The Mexican flag depicts an eagle with a snake in its mouth. This design works best in color to accurately portray the flag, but there are a variety of styles and techniques to choose from. Some people may want to get it inked somewhere they can see every day and show off.


Mexican Eagle Tattoo 2


Mexican Eagle Tattoo


47. Native American Eagle Tattoo

The eagle has great importance to many Native Americans. The feathers have been used in rituals and spiritual ceremonies and worn by those who have a high social standing. It could be to distinguish an individual and honor the bravest and strongest. They are also a source of pride and strength. The bird has many meanings associated with it, but this could be a great way to honor the culture and celebrate your heritage. Of course, when choosing any design, you need to ensure that it does not offend and is not considered cultural misappropriation.


Native American Eagle Tattoo 2


Native American Eagle Tattoo


48. Small Eagle

Your eagle design does not have to be large for it to be meaningful. Small tattoos are an incredibly appealing option for both men and women because they can be inked anywhere; you will not be restricted with placement. In addition, small pieces will cost less, take less time to complete, and therefore hurt less. You can ink your eagle somewhere visible, like the finger or the wrist, where you can see it every day. Or pick somewhere different, like behind-the-ear, which is discreet but also edgy. This is a great first tattoo if you are interested in body art but scared of the pain.


Small Eagle Tattoo


49. Stomach Eagle

The stomach may seem like an ideal location for your eagle tattoo because you can cover up any perfections with your body art. This could include stretch marks and scars, or it could be used to highlight your muscle definition with the right shading. The stomach is also a large enough area to allow for detailing. However, there are some downsides. It is a place that is susceptible to stretching; your artwork here can also be extremely painful, especially if you are slimmer and have less body fat. An eagle stomach tattoo can symbolize strength and power, and you certainly need both of these things to endure the pain.


Stomache Eagle Tattoo


50. Eagle Finger Tattoo

In recent years finger tattoos have become incredibly popular because they are edgy and cool. Designs here are unmissable because they are almost impossible to cover up, and visibility is part of the appeal. The finger is the ideal location for those who want a cool design that they can look at every day. It can also have a rebellious feel. Finger inkings, although small, will hurt because of the nerve endings, thin skin, and proximity to bone. They will also fade much faster because of the frequency of use and exposure.


Eagle Finger Tattoo


Eagle Finger Tattoo1



What does an eagle tattoo symbolize?

The eagle can represent many things depending on the culture and country. The bird is generally associated with strength, freedom, and independence. It can also be seen as a symbol of patriotism and pride. For example, the bald eagle is associated with the United States and is the national animal. You can also combine the eagle with other images which can alter the meaning slightly. This can include a sun, snake, or flower.

What do eagles mean historically?

Eagles have played a part in the history of many countries and have great importance to various cultures. They are often seen as a symbol of strength, bravery, and power, and the Native Americans and Aztecs have highly prized their feathers. Some countries have also used the eagle as an emblem or flag. The United States also has the bald eagle as their national bird, representing patriotism and pride.

How much is an eagle tattoo?

The cost of your eagle tattoo is dependent on several factors. These include the size and detail of your design, the location you will get it inked, and the technique you choose. Some pieces which use a lot of color or shading are more expensive and time-consuming to complete. Your chosen tattoo artist and the studio’s location can also influence the price. As for what you can expect to pay? For something small and minimalistic, a minimum would be around $75, whereas a sleeve tattoo could cost $4000.


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