Don’t Skip a Beat: 11 Tips for a Strong Heart

Don’t Skip a Beat: 11 Tips for a Strong Heart

 Strong Heart: Your heart works non-stop to keep up with your fast-paced and increasingly demanding lifestyle. Small changes in your daily routine can help in strengthening your heart and keeping it healthy. Here are some health tips to keep your heart ticking along:

Strong Heart




  1. Sleep seven hours:


Your heart is healthier on a good night’s rest. Researchers have found that young and middle-aged adults that slept 7 hours every night had less calcium in their arteries. This was opposed to those that slept for 5 hours or less and those that slept for more than 9 hours. Adults that had a good quality of sleep had healthier arteries than those who did not sleep well. Visit your doctor if you have trouble falling asleep and get healthier habits to improve your slumber patterns.


  1. Check blood pressure:


Get your blood pressure checked on every visit to your doctor. It is important as it measures how much pressure flows through your arteries with each heartbeat. If it is high, then the extra force can damage artery walls. This will make it harder for blood to pump oxygen to and from the heart. The heart is then forced to pump harder, and if oxygen cannot reach certain parts, then they start to die. Check your blood pressure every 3 to 5 years if you are in the age group of 18 to 39. After 40, you need to check your blood pressure every year.


Reduce your alcohol and salt intake and encourage healthy eating habits like fruit, vegetables, whole grains and lean protein, besides managing stress and exercising. These will help maintain your blood pressure normally.


  1. Reduce saturated fats:


Cut down on saturated fats to help your heart’s arteries. These are mainly found in meat and full-fat dairy products. Eat reduced fat and leaner cuts. Avoid trans fats that are found in most processed foods. They are high in cholesterol.


  1. Stop Smoking:


The best way to protect your health is by avoiding tobacco. It is one of the best ways to keep your heart safe. There should be no ifs, and’s and maybe’s; you need to take a firm decision.


Smoking causes lots of problems, not just for you but your spouse as well. Non-smoking partners such as wives or husbands face 92 percent more chances of an increase in the risk of heart attacks and breathing problems.


The smoke you inhale boosts harmful cholesterol levels, and it will decrease good cholesterol levels in your partner’s body and your own. This increases the chances of blood clots forming, causing heart attacks.


Most of the heart associations such as the American Heart Association (AHA), National Heart, Lung and Blood Institutes, and other world health institutes always recommend that people quit smoking.


  1. Lose weight, especially in the middle:


If you are overweight, then you should work on your weight to get healthy. Losing weight in a healthy manner can lower the risk of heart attacks in your body. Research studies found that people who are overweight are more prone to heart attacks. The study also stated that those overweight are more likely to suffer from heart attacks 8.2 years earlier when compared to those in the prescribed weight limit.

Strong Heart

You should mainly focus on losing your fat in the belly section. Scientific research by the American College of Cardiology has linked excessive belly fat with higher blood pressure and unhealthy blood lipid levels. This can simply affect your heart. So, if you are carrying extra fat around your belly, you should attempt to lose some weight. It’s time to slim down by eating meals with fewer calories and by exercising daily. Start a routine, and you will see a big difference in no time.


To be on the safer side, check for diabetes and stay active and be on the move. In the case of heart pain or heart-related issues, you can contact a cardiologist in Chennai for assistance and immediate care.

  1. Drink at least five glasses of water a day:


Drinking water can make your body healthier. Most people just don’t believe that this is true. Some people like to substitute water with soft drinks. A recent survey proved that men who usually have an intake of 8 ounces’ glasses of water are less likely to have a fatal heart attack.


So, if you want to be healthy and stay away from heart attacks, then you should drink at least five glasses of water daily. Water dilutes the blood, making it less likely to clot. This simple tip can make a huge difference in your health.


  1. Include Fish in Your Diet:


Eating fish at least twice or thrice a week can lower your chances of heart disease. This is because fish is rich in omega -3 fatty acids. Researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health say that eating fish at least twice a week can lower your risk for heart diseases by more than 30 percent.


Most of the ish such as tuna, salmon, sardines and herring are pretty rich in omega three fatty acids. If you are that concerned about mercury or other fish contaminants, then you may consult your doctor to know more heart healthy benefits and how to safely eat fish.


8.Work out at least 30 mins four times a week:


A regular work out can help you to stay healthy and gives you a fit body as well. Middle-aged men who frequently exercise vigorously for more than 2 hours or more per week are having 60 percent less likely to have  heart attacks. So, to stay healthier, you have to spend 30 mins four times a week. But always remember to not go overboard. Find a workout that is good for your body and gradually increase your workout routine to see health benefits.


9.Lower your stress by laughing out loud:


Most of you might think is a crazy point, but this isn’t an absurd point. Laughing is one of the best ways to lower stress hormones. Don’t just say lol or send funny quotations in your emails, tweets, and Facebook posts. It’s time to laugh out loud in your life. Whether you are reading jokes or watching TV or cracking jokes with your friends, just laugh louder.

Strong Heart

Recently the AHA, research suggests that laughing can help people to lower their stress hormones and it can decrease inflammation in an individual’s arteries. And also, it can raise your levels of high-density lipoprotein which is also known as “good cholesterol.”  As I already said in above points good cholesterol can always lower your risk for heart disease. So practically, you can be healthier by laughing out loud.


10.It’s time to switch from coffee to tea:


People who drink three cups of tea a day can half the risk of heart attacks when compared to those who don’t drink tea at all or those who also drink coffee.


Tea has potent antioxidants which are called as flavonoids, and these flavonoids provide a protective effect. They can help you in the long run. By drinking tea, you can boost your health. So, it’s time to switch your coffee routine to the tea.


11.Control your anger and count 1 to 10:


It is always best to stay relaxed when faced with tough situations. Most people instead, suffer from the excessive anger. If you are one of them, then you should start creating a 10-second buffer time before you react to any sort of stressful situation.


In most of cases, just counting from 1 to 10 may be enough to cool you down. It has been found that men who respond to situations with anger are three times more likely to have heart attacks, strokes, and disease. And along with this, peoplewho display excessive anger are five times more likely to have a heart attack before turning 55. So, it is always best to control your anger in all situations.  It’s not just good for your relationships but also good for your health.


I hope this post has helped you.If you think they are other effective tips to improve your health, then you can let me knowin comments section.

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