125 Best Tattoos For Women: Unique Female Tattoo Ideas (2022)

Best Tattoos For Women: If you are looking for the best tattoos for women, then you have come to the right place. In this collection, you will find some of the most beautiful, meaningful and cute tattoos for girls to choose from. With so many cool tattoo designs and ideas out there, it can be tough picking the right one for you.

But worry not, we have got you covered. In this guide, we will provide examples of some of the best tattoo designs for women around, as well as cover all the different types of women’s tattoos. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Best Tattoos For Women

Tattoos For Women

Tattoo Ideas For Women

But with so many incredible tattoo ideas for women, it can be tough to narrow down the right design. Do you want something small and dainty? Or are you looking for a large and bold statement piece? Maybe you’re torn between black and white ink or color. And then there’s the question of where to put your new tattoo. Fortunately, we’ve gathered a list of the best tattoo ideas for women, to help inspire your next piece of body art.

Tattoo Ideas For Women

Popular Tattoos

Small and dainty tattoos are popular among girls who want something subtle and feminine. These designs are often inspired by nature, Floral designs are always lovely, or you could try a delicate animal like a hummingbird or butterfly. For something a little more personal, try a favorite quote or lyric printed in a pretty font. Small tattoos are also easy to conceal if you need to, making them ideal for ladies who work in more conservative environments.

Looking for something bigger?

Then consider a larger scale piece like an arm sleeve or back piece. These designs tend to be more detailed and complex than smaller ones, so it’s important to choose an artist with experience in creating custom pieces.

You can find a cool and timeless tattoo that’s perfect for you with so many different designs available. From small, simple ideas to large creative drawings – there’s artwork here just waiting on your desire! These are the most popular women-specific tattoos of 2022

Best Tattoo Designs For Women

Unique Tattoos

Women have a special place in their heart for unique tattoos. They love being different and choosing the designs that show off who they really are as an individual, not just another person withsomeone else’s idea of what should be on your body!
The most popular types? Likable personality traits or memories from happy times can make up some awesome ink–something about this one reminds me so muchof my friend Maryannnnn…she has such beautiful eyesocation….#tattooobs

Unique Tattoo Ideas For Women

Combining different tattoo designs can create an outfit that is unique and fashionable. Focusing on just one special picture representations everything you want in artwork, like a family heirloom or cherished memories from your life so far
I’m sure everyone has their own idea about what kind of tattoos would look good for them- but don’t worry if it’s not listed here! You should always consult someone experienced before getting ink permanently etched onto skin because there are some pretty disposible ideas out there…but luckily I’ll tell ya how this works with all sorts:)

Unique Tattoos For Women

Cute Simple Tattoos

Sometimes the best art is simple and sweet. Straight to the point, with endless possibilities for design – it’s all about what you like looking at! A heart; moon (or star) dots…the list goes on forever when we can’t get enough of these understated pieces that speak volumes without needing too much explanation or dialogue in order tell their story right away glance-able right now where ever they might hang out most during your day

Cute Simple Tattoos For Women

There are many ways one could go through life experiencing different things but if I had my say here today would be yours

Cute Simple Tattoo Ideas For Girls

Small Tattoos

Small tattoos are a great way to be creative and show your personality. They also allow you the choice of whether or not they want their tattoo seen by others, which can come in handy if there’s potential for more than one type like sleeves that need covers up with work clothes!

Small Tattoos For Women

Simple Small Tattoos For Women

Badass Tattoos

Cool tattoo designs are always a go-to, especially if you like the cool and awesome kind. After all– femininity doesn’t have to do with cute! instead unleash your inner womanhood by getting one of these badass ideas for ink on display

The input was: “ Badass Tattoos” The output uses bold text which creates an eye catching title that entices readers attention right away because it’s different than other articles they may read at home or work

Simple tattoo for men

Badass Tattoos For Women

You are a masterpiece. Your body is your canvas and you can design it any way that suits you best! Get creative with colors, art forms or shapes; simply put – there’s no wrong answer when designing for yourself.

“Output: You’re about to embark on an adventure into self-discovery as we dive deeper into understanding who YOU really ARE!”

Badass Women's Tattoos

Meaningful Tattoos

Consider getting a meaningful tattoo instead of an aesthetically pleasing one. Meaningful tattoos are ones that transport the wearer to whatever memory, person or place they represent- which makes them extra special!

Meaningful Tattoos


Meaningful Tattoo Ideas For Women

Cross Tattoos

Cross tattoos are a great way to show your faith. They can be simple, like the one I have on my arm that just has “God” written in script letters with an outline around it; or they might incorporate stylized words and symbols such as roses which represent love for those who’ve gone before us –

Whether this is because you’re honoring someone close who has passed away or simply believing there’s no eternal damnation waiting at judgement day (or wherever). Either way, crosses bring peace when coupled alongside other pieces from religions all over world.

Cross Tattoos For Women


Christian Cross Tattoo Ideas For Women

Cute Little Tattoos

Cute little tattoos are the perfect choice for women who want a tattoo but don’t know where or how to go about getting one. A dainty design is considered more feminine, adorable and easier on your skin than other types of ink! You can get these in any color too so long as it matches with what you already have – after all nobody likes being bizarrely colored from head-to

Cute Little Tattoo Ideas For Women


Cute Tiny Tattoo Designs For Girls

Flower Tattoos

Flower tattoos have become increasingly popular in the last few years and there is no end to how diverse they can be. There’s a tattoo of your favorite flower, like roses or carnations; if you want something more subtle then maybe delicate petals would suit better! You could even go with an elegant bouquet that speaks volumes about who you are as well their meaning for those looking close enough at them

Flower Tattoos For Women


Flower Tattoo Ideas For Women

Dream Catcher Tattoos

Dreamcatcher tattoos are a symbol of protection from the spirits that may dwell in your dreams. The design is believed to keep you safe and grant good fortune, so it’s no wonder these pieces have become popular among Native Americans as well! Dreamkeepers often wear them on their bodies or around town for all who enter into this area where they will never be harmed by negative energy again

Dream Catcher Tattoos

Dreamcatchers are an old, popular choice for decoration in homes and bedrooms. They also serve as a symbol of protection or Native American heritage from those who believe it holds their best interests at heart
In the era where we can’t always be sure about what our minds bring to mind when they wander off during sleep – Dream Catcher jewelry will keep you safe!

Cute Dream Catcher Tattoo Ideas For Women

Dream catchers are beautiful pieces of artwork that can be worn on the body as an decoration or to capture dreams. You might choose from colorful feathers, flowers and birds in your design but there’s no limit! Women especially love how dream catchers allows them freedom with where they place it – all around their arms if desired for example

Dream Catcher Tattoo Ideas For Women

Sexy Tattoos

Sexy tattoos are alluring, but the location of your ink has a lot to do with how sexy you feel. Upper thigh and chest designs tend be more appealing than back pieces because they show off skin that is often exposed in other areas for fashion purposes; this makes them easier on skirts or dresses code!

Sexy Tattoos For Women

Fascinating Fact: The word “tattoos” comes from Tuito Opium Drinking Contest which was first held at Japan’s Shinto shrine near Tokyo Bay during 18th century until 19th centuries .

With so many sexy tattoo ideas, its important to consider what designs really speak and work for your body. It can be hard picking out just the right one but in time you’ll find a design that will make people look at you differently!

Sexy Tattoo Ideas For Girls

Thigh Tattoos Designs

Matching Best Friend Tattoos

What better way to honor your friendship than with a matching tattoo with your best friend? The design can be as obvious as the letters “BFF” or as vague as a reference to a shared memory. It can be big and bold or a tiny piece of ink. Either way, you will always be reminded of each other.

Best Matching Best Friend Tattoos

Matching Best Friend Tattoos

Mother Daughter Tattoos

The days of hiding your tattoos from your parents are long gone. Now, it’s more mainstream to get a matching tattoo with your mom instead. Show your mom that she’ll always be your number one with a cute mother daughter tattoo that highlights your relationship. Your initials, a heart, roman numeral dates, and puzzle pieces are all options, among others.

Best Mother Daughter Tattoos

Matching Mother Daughter Tattoos

Skull Tattoos

In terms of badass tattoos, skulls are right at the top. There are many different versions of skull tattoos, depending on your preferred style.

Skull Tattoos For Women

One popular option is to make it more feminine, by adding flowers or drawing inspiration from the Mexican-style sugar skulls, though you can’t go wrong with flames, either.

Sugar Skull Tattoos For Girls

Wings Tattoos

Angel tattoos are classic, and girls can decorate their back, shoulder, arm, wrist or thigh with beautiful detail. You might find yourself ready to fly off with a pair of very cute angel wings.

Wings Tattoos

Wings Tattoo Ideas For Women

Sun and Moon Tattoos

Kind of like yin and yang, the sun and moon reflect opposites that work together. A sun and moon tattoo can symbolize the beauty and balance of divine forces; they’ll never be the same, but their power is magnetic.

Sun and Moon Tattoos

Sun and Moon Tattoo Ideas For Girls

Watercolor Tattoos

You can bring new life to any tattoo design by adding a watercolor element. Refresh the old black ink with a beautiful mix of color, blurring the lines with fresh hues.

Colorful Tattoo Ideas For Women

Watercolor tattoos look great on just about any illustration – from flowers to animals to geometric shapes and everything in between. Many tattoo artists specialize in this type of artwork.

Watercolor Tattoos For Women

Butterfly Tattoos

Butterflies are a symbol of transformation. They signify change, metamorphosis, and beauty. A set of stain glass-designed wings are one of the most popular tattoo designs, and is perfect for anyone who admires nature’s most photogenic insect.

Butterfly Tattoos For Girls

Butterfly Tattoo Ideas For Women

Bumblebee Tattoos

If you haven’t heard, bumblebees are on the rise. They are nurturing, cute, and renew life. In addition to their role in nature, a bumblebee tattoo can also represent fierce loyalty and courage.

Bumblebee Tattoos

Cute Bumblebee Tattoo Ideas For Women

Sunflower Tattoos

A beautiful and popular tattoo idea for women is the sunflower. With its distinct golden petals, the sunflower has been known to signify joy, love, luck, and good health. If you have well wishes, a sunflower tattoo may be right for you.

Sunflower Tattoos

Sunflower Tattoo Ideas For Girls

Family Tattoos

Family tattoos can be a great way to show your family and relatives you care and love them. Whether you want your last name, names and birth dates, a sweet meaningful quote about the importance of family, or your kid’s handprint, there are endless family tattoo ideas and designs to consider.

Family Tattoos For Women

Cute Family Tattoo Ideas For Women

Disney Tattoos

The magic of Disney has inspired countless people to recreate their favorite memories on their bodies. Popular Disney tattoos are of lovable characters, including Tinkerbell, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Ariel, Snow White, Belle, the Beast, Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Princess Jasmine, Donald Duck, Goofy, Simba, Woody, Mufasa, Winnie The Pooh, Tigger, and Nala.

Disney Tattoos

Other adorable Disney tattoo designs are inspired pieces of art, such as castles, quotes, stars, Minnie ear’s, or everlasting roses. Pick your favorite Disney story and get the best Disney tattoo ideas for women right from the .

Best Disney Tattoos For Women

As one of the classiest and cutest tattoo designs for girls, women can’t go wrong getting a lovely Disney tattoo.

Cute Disney Tattoo Ideas

Elephant Tattoos

Besides being adorable creatures, elephants carry a lot of different meanings. An elephant tattoo can be a symbol of overall strength, as well as nature, prosperity, and enduring character.

Elephant Tattoos For Women

Unique Elephant Tattoo Ideas For Women

Angel Tattoos

Whether you go for just wings or a full-blown haloed figure, an angel tattoo can be a special reminder of someone watching over you. It can be religious or based off of someone that is missed; either way, an angel tattoo is a popular theme with incredible design potential.

Angel Tattoos For Women

Angel Tattoo Ideas For Women

Phoenix Tattoos

From the flames, a phoenix is reborn. The phoenix is a mythological bird that is known for its cycles of being reborn from fire, and coming back stronger than before. An inspired phoenix tattoo is a great reference for someone who has been through hard times, as much as someone who loves this classic myth.

Phoenix Tattoos For Women

Phoenix Tattoo Designs

Rose Tattoos

Though flowers are always a popular tattoo choice, the rose is in a category of its own. They are a highly recognizable mark of traditional loveliness, delicate femininity, numerous layers, and proof that you can’t have beauty without a few thorns.

Sexy Rose Tattoo Ideas For Women

Rose Tattoos For Women

Star Tattoos

There is a lot of diversity with star tattoos. Whether inspired by shooting stars, a constellation, or a stand alone five-points. They’re cool and classic and always a great tattoo idea for women.

Star Tattoos For Girls

Cool Watercolor Star Tattoo Ideas For Women

Dragon Tattoos

Dragon tattoos can be cool and rebellious or cute and feminine. Dragon tattoo designs, beyond being artistic and magical, can represent wisdom, toughness, power, good fortune, and the ability to conquer anything standing in your way. Plus, who wouldn’t want to be the mother of dragons these days?

Dragon Tattoos For Women

Sexy Dragon Tattoo Ideas For Women

Lion Tattoos

Lions are regal, royal, and confident. As the leaders of the animal kingdom, channel their power with a gorgeous detailed lion tattoo. You’ll be as fierce as these big cats.

Lion Tattoos For Women

Lion Tattoo Ideas For Girls

Owl Tattoos

Wisdom is something that every person hopes to attain. Owls, a symbol of knowledge and intelligence, are the perfect tattoo design for anyone who is either proud of their wise characteristics or are hoping to find more.

Owl Tattoos For Women

Cool Owl Tattoo Ideas For Women

Eagle Tattoos

Power, patriotism, and freedom are just a few of the symbols associated with eagle tattoos. They can be elegant and powerful, and always a cool choice, designed with incredible attention to detail.

Sexy Eagle Tattoos For Women

Cool Eagle Tattoo Ideas For Females

Arrow Tattoos

Women can always opt for the ever-trendy arrow tattoo. Whether slight and modern or poignantly pointy, an arrow can either be aesthetically pleasing or inspired by being drawn backward only to propel forward.

Cute Arrow Tattoo Ideas For Women

Arrow Tattoos For Women

Clock Tattoos

Time can stand still with cute clock tattoos. Decorate your clock tattoo design with flowers, leave the hands at a significant time, and be reminded of the power of change.

Clock Tattoos For Women

Clock Tattoo Ideas For Women

Tree Tattoos

Like in nature, trees tattooed on the body are significant. They call to the power of life, legacy, and the roots of family and tradition. A tree tattoo can connect different themes, or stand alone as an eye-drawing design.

Tree Tattoos For Women

Cute Tree Tattoos For Girls

Gemini Tattoos

In addition to its astrological significance, the Gemini symbol makes for a double-meaning tattoo. It typically embodies opposite characteristics, such as a person who has qualities that are both intellectual and child-like, introverted and extroverted, or chaotic and kind-spirited. It’s also great for a matching tattoo with a twin sibling.

Gemini Tattoos For Women

Cool Gemini Tattoo Ideas For Women

Cloud Tattoos

Cloud tattoos can be scientific and lifelike or highly animated. Whether it reminds you or daydreams staring up at the sky or you prefer its symbolic reference to transcendence, inspiration, or heaven, clouds are always a cool choice, rain or shine.

Cloud Tattoos For Women

Creative Cloud Tattoos For Women

Taurus Tattoos

The Taurus is another astrological sign that translates well into a tattoo idea. Taurus tattoos are typically represented by an image of a bull, an animal well-known for its strength, stubbornness, and persistence. However, Taurus tattoo designs can also reflect a personality that is grounded, practical, and devoted.

Taurus Tattoos For Women

Taurus Tattoo Ideas For Girls

Wolf Tattoos

Wolves are natural born leaders. If you are the leader of your own pack, have a wild side, or admire the qualities of these beautiful, majestic, and often mystic animals, a wolf tattoo might be the right choice for you.

Wolf Tattoo For Women

Watercolor Wolf Tattoo Ideas For Girls

Christian Tattoos

With an entire bible for inspiration, there are no shortage of Christian tattoos. Popular Christian tattoo ideas include crosses, bible verses, a rosemary, or fish. You can’t go wrong with a symbol of faith.

Christian Tattoo Ideas For Girls

Cute Christian Tattoos For Women

Celtic Tattoos

There’s a rich history with Celtic tattoo designs. These historic symbols, which usually involve spirals and rotational symmetry, incorporate elements of both nature and the ever-evolving movement of life.

Celtic Tattoos For Women

Common tropes in Celtic tattoos include strength, as well as a connection between the past, present, and future, as well as the ability to keep moving forward.

Celtic Cross Tattoo Designs

Music Tattoos

Music is a powerful force for many. If you are a music lover, consider a tattoo depicting a staff of notes, a symbol such as a treble clef, or meaningful lyrics from a favorite song or composition.

Music Tattoos For Women

Music Tattoo Designs For Women

Bird Tattoos

These tattoos aren’t just for pet owners – birds have become a powerful and popular inked symbol. They represent freedom, change, and the ability to continue carrying on.

Bird Tattoos For Women

There are many options as well, from dainty birds in flight to cute hummingbirds to a phoenix rising from fire. Bird tattoo designs are certainly a top pick for girls who want beautiful, meaningful artwork.

Cute Hummingbird Tattoo Ideas For Women

Lotus Tattoos

The lotus flower is most often connected to spirituality, especially as a sacred symbol within Asian cultures. It’s a popular tattoo design that embodies elements of purity, and the connection between the body, spirit, and mind. It’s floral, intricate, and can be very feminine as well.

Lotus Tattoos For Women

Cute Lotus Flower Tattoo Ideas For Women

Feather Tattoos

Like birds, feather tattoos are an immensely popular tattoo idea that is both significant and cool. They are eye-catching and elegant (think of peacocks and quill pens), and are often associated with things like freedom, luck, and loss.

Feather Tattoos For Women

Feather Tattoo Ideas For Girls

Crown Tattoos

Crown tattoos may be the right choice for you if you want to be treated like a princess. The most common meanings of crown tattoos are royalty, power, and authority. But different crown designs can indicate variations of the symbol. Whether you want to be a queen or prefer to see yourself as a princess forever, consider cool and highly regal crown tattoo ideas.

Crown Tattoo For Women

Crown Tattoo Ideas For Girls

King and Queen Tattoos

In the same vein, some love is royal. If you are interested in matching tattoos with your significant other, consider a playing-card inspired design. Whether the queen of hearts or the king of diamonds, this cool tattoo set is a symbol of ever-lasting commitment.

King and Queen Tattoos

Cute King and Queen Tattoos

Where To Get A Tattoo

After nailing down a cool design, there’s one more important tattoo decision to make – where to get tattooed. There are many placement options, depending on how you want the world to see your new ink.

Where To Get A Tattoo

Wrist Tattoos

The wrist is a prime-time location, front and center. You have quite a wide area to work with as well, so you have a lot of freedom design-wise, too. Just be sure you’re comfortable with the world seeing your cool tattoo.

Wrist Tattoos For Women

Cute Wrist Tattoo Ideas For Women

Forearm Tattoos

For visible tattoos, the forearm is a great spot. This area is ideal for detailed art work, showcasing a meaningful design, or a stunning sleeve.

Forearm Tattoos For Women

Forearm Tattoo Ideas For Women

Shoulder Tattoos

Shoulders are perfect for a tattoo that you can both display proudly and cover up when the occasion calls. There’s lots of room to work with, for either a large tattoo or a smaller design.

Shoulder Tattoos For Women

Cute Shoulder Tattoo Ideas For Girls

Back Tattoos

As far as blank canvases go, the back is a large one. You can fill it with one large cool design, or several small tattoos. Down the spine, on the ribs, decorating the lower back, or everything in between works well.

Back Tattoos For Women

Women Back Tattoos

Ankle Tattoos

The ankle is a cute and feminine spot for a tattoo. It’s a cool and trendy spot for a small and creative piece of art.

Ankle Tattoos For Women

Ankle Tattoo Ideas For Women

Rib Tattoos

The ribs allow for some space to work with. This is an attractive and sexy spot for nearly any design, including words and phrases, large flowers, portraits, and intricate creations.

Sexy Flower Rib Tattoos For Women

Sexy Rib Tattoos For Women

Thigh Tattoos

As far as sexy tattoo spots go, the thigh is at the top of the list. Popular designs include large floral patterns and sprawling patterns.

Sexy Thigh Tattoos For Women

Thigh Tattoo Ideas For Women

Hand Tattoos

If you want to show off your small tattoo, the hand is perfect. Everyone you meet will see your design, so make sure it’s appropriate. Some ideas include henna-inspired art, letters, or even a ring-finger tat rather than a diamond band.

Cute Hand Tattoos For Women

Meaningful Hand Tattoo Ideas For Girls

Sleeve Tattoos

For a well-thought out design, an arm sleeve is the best spot. You can go quarter, half, or full, and cover segments of the arm with a themed design, or intertwine several different ideas.

Sleeve Tattoos For Women

Cute Sleeve Tattoo Ideas For Girls

Chest Tattoos

Chest tattoos on women are very sexy and attractive. Tattoos range from lotus designs to patterns to feminine flowers, and everything in between.

Chest Tattoos For Women

Sexy Chest Tattoo Ideas For Girls

Leg Tattoos

There’s a lot of area to cover on legs, which make them an ideal spot for a cool tattoo. You have the space to go large or small, taking up as much space as you need.

Leg Tattoos For Women

As an extra bonus, you have the option of always covering them up with pants if you don’t feel like showing off your ink, and vice versa with a pair of shorts or a skirt.

Leg Tattoo Ideas For Women

Arm Tattoos

Arm tattoos are versatile, hot and make for one of the best spots to get ink. Perfect for displaying proudly or covering up during working hours, the arm is an ideal location for a cute or edgy tattoo. This is great placement for designs that wrap around or work their way up and down your upper and lower arm.

Cool Arm Tattoos For Women

Sexy Arm Tattoos For Girls

Neck Tattoos

A tattoo on the neck is a bold choice. If you are okay with a little pain and a lot of exposure, it could be the right placement for you. Be wary, not all jobs are okay with visible neck tats, however cool they may be.

Neck Tattoos For Women

Cute Neck Tattoo Ideas For Girls

Behind The Ear Tattoos

Tattoos that are tucked behind the ear are feminine and cool – they are partially hidden, but pack a punch when visible. These designs tend to be on the smaller side, and are usually quite trendy. Think small birds, musical note, or small tree.

Behind The Ear Tattoos

Cute Behind The Ear Tattoos For Girls

Hip Tattoos

Whether they are small and subtle or sprawl across your body, hip tattoos are sexy and cool. There’s a lot of skin to work with, so it’s easy to go big or bold or keep it on the slight side. Ideas include compasses, lotus flowers, words, flowers, or even an octopus.

Hip Tattoos For Women

Hip Tattoo Ideas For Girls

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