14 Easiest Flowers to Grow

14 Easiest Flowers to Grow: With a basic understanding of flower types and planting techniques, you can have a vibrant garden that your neighbors will envy all summer. From marigolds to sunflowers, here are the best and easiest summer flowers to grow. With none of this popular summer, the garden picks you to need a green thumb.

14 Easiest Flowers to Grow
14 Easiest Flowers to Grow

Marigold flowers

Many consider this flower to be a focal point for gardens, as it is easy to grow when there is sufficient sunlight. They are versatile enough to thrive in damp or dry soil without fertilizer.

Sweet alyssum

These dainty flowers, which are often used for landscape borders, prefer full sun. Their honey scent and pretty shades (they are available in white, pink, and purple) make them a popular choice for gardens.


If there is an area in your garden that doesn’t get enough water or receives too much sun, this flower is for you. Their height depends on the variety chosen and you will find them in pink, yellow, or red.


Many gardeners like these cheerful flowers, which have a minty scent, for edging. Use a well-drained soil with an adequate amount of fertilizer and plenty of sun to help these flowers thrive.


These vibrant flowers come in more than 70 different varieties and attract bees. Regardless of the soil conditions, they usually grow beautifully as long as they have full sun. Heliotropism, that is, when flowers grow in response to sunlight, is more evident in heirloom varieties.


This flower, which usually grows up to four feet tall, is a great choice to brighten up your garden. However, keep in mind that Japanese beetles are attracted to white zinnias. Therefore, choose a different variety if they are popular in your region.


Enjoy the beauty of pansies – a popular choice for flower bed work – by relying on well-drained soil and shaded areas.


From striking rose to strong orange, you will find begonias in a range of beautiful colors. Once in the shade, they can bloom in pots or in a scenic setting.


This easy to grow flower simply needs enough water to last all summer. However, they are known to attract various types of pests and diseases, including mildew.


With some shade and full sun, you can enjoy these trumpet-shaped flowers. They tolerate challenging conditions but prefer moist, well-drained soils. Use it as a dense floor covering or to make a grille or fence more interesting.

Sweet peas

Sweet peas, which often come in two-tone colors, pastel colors, and shades of blue, are versatile enough to work well in containers or in the ground. Simply choose your varieties carefully, as certain varieties are better suited for warm weather than others.

Moss rose

Let this easy-care flower, which can grow up to 20 cm high, also serve as great ground cover. It responds best to well-drained soil and dry environments.


These breathtaking, fragrant flowers can be used in both warm and cool climates. To make peonies thrive, avoid windy locations and give them full sun and well-drained soil.

Shasta daisies

These low-maintenance perennials are known to be resistant to deer. They have pretty flowers and stems that can grow up to four feet tall. You can also attract insects that are beneficial to your garden.

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