15 Adventurous Things To Do In Tasmania On Your Vacation In 2020

An island state in Tasmania, Australia, is famous for its vast, rugged wilderness locations, largely protected reserves and parks. The fertility of the land has led Tasmania to gain fame for its exquisite cuisine and foods, especially high-quality wines, cheeses and chocolates. The location is home to breweries of the best and most prestigious beer brands in Australia such as Boggs and Cascade.
You can see the rugged and raw Tasman Sea in stunning high rocks [300 metres] Of the Tasman Peninsula. The peninsula is known for its spectacular coastline and natural diversity that is breathtaking. Read on to learn the most exciting Things to do in Tasmania In 2020:

15 most adventurous things to do in Tasmania

Here is the list of the most popular things to do in Tasmania for a long holiday in this beautiful part of Australia.

1. Hobart

Hobart in Tasmania


The city lies between the summit of Mount Wellington and the sea. The capital of Tasmania has transformed itself into a state-of-the-art culture center. Museum of old and new art [MONA] Runs the art world with its illuminating performances. The Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery has a more traditional look at country art and its natural history. The city’s waterfront is buzzing with prancing restaurants and hip cafes and so you can eat anything you want on the restaurant belt in North Hobart.

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2. Port Arthur Historic Site

Port Arthur Historic Site


The Port Arthur guilty settlement is about 60 minutes’ drive southeast of Hobart. It provides a serene look at Tasmania’s chaotic past. Governor Sir George initiated a tightening agreement, where the culprits were applied to fallen wood and hive coal. Despite the fire in 1897, many buildings remain, including churches, guard towers, hospitals, and model prisons.

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3. Cradle Mountain National Park

Cradle Mountain National Park


Being one of the most famous and most visited tourist attractions, you should not miss Cradle Mountain National Park and the main Midlands National Park. You can go on the popular multi-day trek or go for a day walk.

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4. Tasman Arch

Tasman Arch


Tasmania is an enduring testimony to the infrequent and wild greatness of nature. You can opt for a road trip to find many qualified stops on your way. The Tasman Arch is located on the southern peninsula of Tasmania, about the Eaglehawk Neck area. You can see signs that tell the direction of this place and a handful of other places nearby.

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5. Wineglass Bay in Freeznet National Park

Freycinet national park


You can go on a hike on the visitor’s platform to get a wonderful view at the brewery. You can also embark on a difficult hike to reach Mt. Amos Top. Get a bird’s eye view by booking a flight, which will only cost you a minimum of $ 175.

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6. Lavender Fields at Bridestowe Estate

Lavender Fields at Bridestowe Estate


If you visit Tasmania during the beginning of the year, you should not miss the notable lavender fields located in Tasmania North at Bridgesto Estate. The fields usually bloom in February, however, the season may sometimes advanced to the end of January. This will definitely make your holiday in Tasmania a memorable one!

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7. Bay of Fire

Bay of fire


This bay is exactly what it looks like. Located next to the Tasmania East Coast Ocean, the Bay of Fire is just a few blocks away from St. Helens Township. A great route is to drive all the way through Hobart to the East Coast and onwards to Launceston to end your journey.

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8. Stay at the world’s best boutique hotel

Saffire Freycinet, the uber resort was recently modeled as the world’s best boutique hotel. If you are lucky enough to book your stay, you will understand exactly why. Rooms are not cheap, but they have all meals, including a 6-course fall with matching wines and a free minibar that is all inclusive.

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9. Huon Valley

Valley view


The Hoon Valley is the perfect place to visit some amazing places in the city. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery by riding a jet boat on the Huon River. Tahune Airwalk is another favorite place for tourists where you can walk on the top of trees that include a 50 meter high hanging section above the river. You can go for one walk and also do cable hang gliding.

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10. Hastings Caves and Thermal Springs

Hastings Caves & Thermal Springs


The place has two major attractions – thermal springs where you get to swim in a pool and caves. The caves are dolomite that took its shape millions of years ago. They are quite astonishing sight and house pillars, stalactites, straws, shawls and stalagmites. You can go on a guided tour.

The pool has 28 degrees of spring water. The thermal springs are surrounded by woods with all the necessary facilities – toilets, BBQ, changing rooms etc. and a good location for a picnic stay. Your children would like to come here.

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11. Maria Island

Maria island

Image credit: JJ Harrison for Wikipedia

Maria Island National Park offers dramatic, wildlife views and austere remains. The convicted probation ruins and 14 convict buildings undergoing prohibition in Darlington are listed as World Heritage.
There are gorgeous cliffs and beaches to visit and peaks to climb with great top views of the island. You must be alert to search for wallabies, kangaroos, Tasmanian devils, wombs and other wildlife. You can also camp or opt for a bunk room accommodation.

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12. Walnuts



You can find the popular nuts in the north west part of the state. It is an extremely sided bluff that is the remnant of a very old volcanic plug. To see the nut you need to go to the summit. If you are healthy and fit, you can opt for a walk. For the rest, you have a chair. The city of Stanley has great historical value and is at the bottom. This lovely city is worth a stay and is also a good place to stay to visit nearby places.

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13. Jungle Railway

Jungle railway


The West Coast Wilderness Railway operates between Queenstown and Strahan and is a great way to travel more on this section of Tasmania. The old steam train has a carrier and maneuver with a temperate rainforest that can only be accessed from this train.

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14. Salamanca Bazar

Salamanca Market View


This market is yet another famous place to see in Tasmania which is visited by about forty thousand people every week. There are more than three hundred stalls on the waterfront, usually on Saturday morning. This is a good place to get a souvenir, try local food and take in the atmosphere. There are many surrounding gardens and parks which make it an ideal picnic spot after taking some food at Salamanca Market.

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15. Grindelwald

Grindelwald in Tasmania


Grindelwald, located on the outskirts of Launceston, is a city with a Swiss theme. The city looks lovely and has some small shops, mini-golf, a golf course and other leisure interests. It is also a great place to stay to explore this section of the state, the Aspect Temer Valley Resort.

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Tasmania is also a delight for foodies. Crisp fruits, creamy cheeses and tender seafood are some of the types of lips you might find. When you are in the port city of Hobart, spending time in restaurants or waterfront cafes is one of the major things. What are you waiting for? Free yourself this weekend and book a flight ticket to enjoy a trip to Tasmania with your loved ones.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Adventure Things to do in Tasmania

Q. When is the right time to visit Tasmania?

a. The best time to visit the island is between December-February, summer season. Although room rates can be high due to the thick congestion, the weather has a comfortable temperature to enjoy the island’s plentiful outdoor activities. The average summer temperature ranges between 17–23 ° C.

Q. What is the specialty of Huon Valley?

a. You can go for a jet boat ride or see pedal boats as well as the river in Huonville in a more calm and restrained way.

Q. How to reach Maria Island?

a. You can enter the island on a ferry and once you are on the island take a walk.

Q. What do popular nuts have to offer?

a. You can see spectacular views at the top, such as Bass Strait, Stanley City and neighboring beaches.

Q. How to reach Tasmania from Melbourne?

a. Since Tasmania is the only island in Australia, you can only see it by sea or by air. There are flights from Melbourne to Launceston and Hobart. Direct flights are available from Melbourne to Davenport, Vineyard [Burnie], King and Flinders Island.

Q. Why visit the Port Arthur Historic Site?

a. You can browse the remains and documents of the brutal settlement at the museum, go on a lantern-fitted evening “ghost tour” in the ruins or visit the nearby Coal Mines Historic Site.

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