15 best and latest Mehndi Designs 2017

15 best and latest Mehndi Designs 2017

Best and latest Mehndi: These are some of the best mehndi designs in 2017. If you are planning to try a new and fresh mehndi design, then these are the best options you can try in 2017.  Which one are you planning to try out? Just share your views them in the comments section below.

Best and latest Mehndi
Best and latest Mehndi
  1. The Palm Peacock Passion:

The Palm Peacock is another version of the inimitable peacock. This is a fresh and trending mehndi design in 2017. Palm peacock looks elegant and stunning, and it adds a new appearance to your hand. This design will have the motifs and floral design on the fingertips and a peacock on your palm.

  1. Paisley Print:

Paisley print mehndi design is a classy design, which is perfect for wedding occasions. In this paisley print, there will be many curved motifs. There are simply done in many forms such as mango design, floral design, and so on. This fresh paisley print design will have small and cute paisleys at fingertips, and it will have large paisley on your palm. Paisley print mehndi design is one of the popular designs in wedding collections. So if you plan a wedding then make sure you put some glamour touch on your hands with paisley print.

  1. The Swirl design:

The swirl is a known design for most of the best mehndi designers, but for normal people, it is somewhat new. This swirl will have the curvy design on your fingers, and you should leave the bottom part of your fingertips blank in this design. Coming to your palm, you will have the combination of swirls and paisley patterns with a dot accents forms. It simply looks like a classy design, which makes your hand more glamorous. This is one of the trending designs in 2017, especially for pre-wedding functions.

  1. Modern Day Dandiya Mehndi Design:

Dandiya mehndi design covers your arms, feet, and legs completely. This design consists of a dulha and Dulhan, which means you can see the bride and groom who are playing dandiya. It is a perfect design for traditional weddings and pre-wedding functions. This is another mehndi design, which is trending in 2017.

  1. The Peacock Styled design:

This design is the fresh mehndi design, which is similar to the other peacock style. However, this is design a bit different when compared to standard designs. In this style, you will get a modern bird style design.

  1. Trendy Simple Floral Mehndi:

This floral mehndi is a simple yet stylish design. You can see a modern floral design with a stylish twist. This contemporary minimalist floral design will have the uncluttered design and light, which shows the current trend of modern designs. It suits in all kinds of functions, and this appears modern and fashionable to your eyes in any dressing style.

  1. Sun and moon design:

Sun and moon design is a beautiful mehndi design pattern. This is a modern mehndi design which mainly shows the lights of the sun and the moon. Here the sun and the moon design goes for both the hands. One side you have a sun design pattern (here sun is the groom) and another hand you will have the moon, which means the bride. If you want to try new and fresh mehndi style, then this suits you.

  1. Intricate floral flowing design:

The intricate floral flowing design is one of the latest and best Arabic mehndi. This style is having the beautiful flow of floral design. There is no stop or break in the flow of the floral mehndi design. Therefore, it always looks stunning and beautiful to others that’s why it is one of the best mehndi designs in 2017 to try.

  1. Symmetric Mango Leaf:

Symmetric Mango leaf is the Oldest and remodeled mehndi design. This beautiful mango leaf pattern will give a decent and trendy look for your hand. Mango leaf design will have no concrete breakthrough. If you are keen to try the simple and fashionable design on your hands, then you have to try this symmetric mango leaf design.

  1. Budding Pansy Arabic strip:

As the name suggests this mehndi, the design is an Arabic style mehndi art. This budding pansy Arabic theme is the trending mehndi design these days. It is decent and yet stylish enough to grab the attention of others. You can see the simple pansy design on your fingertips and then the floral design will follow through your palm.

  1.    Indian Maharani design:

The Indian Maharani design is one of the designs, which is perfectly fit for royalty. This mehndi art is widely popular in India. Maharani Mehndi design is elegant and luxurious in its design so you can quickly use this for traditional marriages.

  1. The Single Mandala:

The single mandala is a usually a conventional design in all the bridal mehndi’s, but it is one of the trending styles in 2016. This design will have a large circle, which serves as the base around the several patterns. You can see the petals, which are arranged in a multi-dimensional look similar to the rays of the sun.

  1. The Crafted Cuffs:

Crafted Cuffs is a pattern, which mainly focuses on the intricate, and some strokes emphasize the thick cuffs over your wrists and those cuffs. You can see the lace pattern over the fingers and features the curvy floral design. The paisleys in between the lead towards the cuffs. This is a modern and trendy mehndi design, which is used a lot by teenagers.

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