15 Best Resorts In Victoria That Will Definitely Surprise You

When your boarding pass reads Victoria, you have so many reasons. The road to the Great Ocean is sure to make you go from one foreign destination to another during your tour of Australia which is going to be a special one due to various notable reasons. And, no matter where you go, the place of stay is memorable. That’s because different are amazing Resorts in Victoria Where not only will you be promised a comfortable experience, but you will also get a chance to rejuvenate yourself.

Top 15 Resorts in Victoria

To save you from the hassle of excessive research, here are the top 15 of the best resorts in Victoria that you can visit.

1. RACV Torquay Resort

Living room


You are in Victoria and want to stay in one of the best holiday resorts in Victoria to arrest the impression of the stunning beautiful Ocean Road. An alternative to the RACV Torquay Resort can be made as it is definitely just going to give you a great view – all the time!

Facilities offered: Beach, free breakfast, golf course, pool, free Wi-Fi, business center with internet access.
place: 1 Great Ocean Rd, Torquay, Victoria, Australia.
Tariff: INR 23,193 / – per night.

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2. Silver Water Resort

swimming pool


If you are looking for the best resort in Victoria for families, look no further than Silverwater Resort which may be an ideal option for you. While visiting this place, you are warmly welcome.

Facilities offered: Tennis court with gym, bar / lounge, pool, game room, fitness center.
place: 17 Potter Hill Road, San Remo, Victoria, Australia.
Tariff: INR 13,964 / – per night.

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3. Alzburg Resort

Swimming pool in a resort


Experience a modern retreat in its purest form at the Algeberg Resort. Many special touches, both relaxing and memorable, will blow your senses in this famous resort of Victoria.

Facilities offered: Bar / lounge, evening entertainment, free Wi-Fi and pool.
place: 39 Malcolm St., Mansfield VIC 3722, Victoria, Australia.
Tariff: INR 7,195 / – per night.

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4. Cumberland Lorne Resort

Living room


Located in Seaside Lorne, Cumberland Lorne is one of Victoria’s most scenic areas as the gateway to Victoria’s Great Ocean Road. This best resort in Victoria for couples combines luxurious luxury accommodation and leisure facilities with a purpose-built conference center.

Facilities offered: Squash, pool, free parking, sports room, fitness center with gym.
place: 150 Mountjoy PD, Lorne, Victoria, Australia.
Tariff: INR 17,603 / – per night.

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5. Esplanade Resort & Spa

living area


Are you looking for a place to keep your tired head? Esplanade Resort & Spa is definitely the place for you as it is one of the best spa resorts in Victoria where you want to cherish your sweet memories.

Facilities offered: Conference facilities, spa, taxi service, free parking and free Wi-Fi.
place: 1 Esplanade, Lake Entrance, Victoria, Australia.
Tariff: INR 11,464 / – per night.

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6. BIG4 Beacon Resort

double bedroom


Beacon Resort is a family-owned and operated coastal holiday destination in Victoria. Situated amidst native gardens, it is only 500 meters from the beach. Discover a new level of relaxation for the whole family.

Facilities offered: Yoga classes, hot tubs, boating, bicycles available, children’s playground.
place: Beacon Kevan PK 78 Bellarine Hway, Queenscliffe, Victoria, Australia.
Tariff: INR 16,263 / – per night.

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7. Balgoni Estate Vineyard Resort & Spa

Greenery resort


Balgownie Estate Vineyard Resort & Spa is located in the center of Yarra Valley, across from Melbourne CBD and Airport. It is one of the popular resorts in Victoria for couples staying all year round.

Facilities offered: Tennis court, bar / lounge, conference facilities, fitness center with gym, and pool.
place: 1309 Melba Hwy, Yara Glen, Victoria, Australia.
Tariff: 9,744 / – per night.

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8. Chilli Chandah Resort

Bedroom with a view


Papers Moonah Lynx Resort is an ultimate destination for golf enthusiasts and is therefore worthwhile and comfortable for travelers looking for stylish and comfortable accommodation from which to explore the pleasures of the Mornington Peninsula region. The resort is one of Victoria’s finest golf resorts, welcoming thousands of travelers throughout the year.

Facilities offered: Golf course, Wi-Fi, business center with internet access, free parking.
place: Peter Thomson Drive, Fingal, Victoria, Australia.
Tariff: 9,626 / – per night.

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9. RACV Cape Schnuck Resort

Bedroom with gallery


The RACV Cape Schnuck Resort is one of the most beautiful places to get the best of all worlds in an enchanting environment. Its spa bath and furnished balcony attached to every room are among the attractions of this best location in Victoria. Travelers are equipped with the best facilities to enjoy the best luxury accommodation here. Apart from the facilities offered, this resort maintains the highest level of hospitality for the guests, which is a wonderful time to stay here.

Facilities offered: Indoor and outdoor pool, free parking and Wi-Fi, hot tub.
place: Trent Jones Dr, Cape Shank, Victoria, Australia.
Tariff: INR 18,771 / – per night.

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10. RACV Goldfields Resort

Swimming pool in a resort


Considered one of the best luxury resorts in Victoria, the accommodation offered here is excellence. Relaxing yourself in the balcony or looking down at a rainforest canopy or walking the jungle trails in search of your own adventure. It has so much to offer you as a modern resort.

Facilities offered: Outdoor pool, free parking and Wi-Fi, hot tub.
place: 1500 Midland Hwy, Criswick VIC 3363, Victoria, Australia.
Tariff: INR 8,877 / – per night.

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11. Great Ocean Road Resort



Although popular as one of the most expensive resorts in Victoria for families, the Great Ocean Road Resort makes its way onto the list due to its sheer magnetism. You take advantage of the luxurious amenities as luxury is redefined here to explore your stay, while the resort feels satisfied with the best of hospitality offered by the team.

Facilities offered: Air conditioning, indoor pool, free parking, free Wi-Fi.
place: 105 Great Ocean Road, Engels VIC 3230, Victoria, Australia.
Tariff: N / A

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12. Phillip Island Nature Resort

Room in a resort


One of the many amazing holiday resorts in Victoria for couples, the Phillip Island Nature Resort combines the cultures of native Anungu people with contemporaneity with the elite. This is not only a resort where you will be on your honeymoon, but also an experience that you will always remember.

Facilities offered: Wi-Fi with outdoor pool, free parking and gym, hot tub, game room, fitness center.
place: 2128 Phillip Island Rd, Cosse VIC 3922, Victoria, Australia.
Tariff: INR 41,797 / – per night.

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13. Captain Cove Resort Paynesville

Sahara and Port


Captain Cove Resort Paynesville is located in the most picturesque areas of Australia. In addition, this popular resort in Victoria is a haven for those who want the best in the region. Enjoy the amenities offered by the bus and make the best of your time spent here during your memorable stay.
Facilities offered: Wi-Fi with outdoor pool, free parking and gym, hot tub, game room, fitness center.

place: 19 Mitchell St. near Australia, Pennsville VIC 3880
Tariff: INR 20,651 / – per night.

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14. Mantra Locations

Room with view of a garden


If you are visiting Victoria and are in the mood for something different, this is where it is one of the best resorts in Victoria, where travelers keep coming year round.

Facilities offered: Indoor pool, Wi-Fi, air conditioning.
place: 35 Mountjoy Parade, Lorne VIC 3232, Victoria, Australia.
Tariff: INR 9,597 / – per night.

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15. Lady Bay Resort

Resort with a pool


Located near Bass Strait near the Warnambull Foreshore Promenade, this colorful, all-apartment resort in Victoria is 8 minutes from Surfside Holiday Park and 1.8 km from the Flagstaff Hill Maritime Museum.

Facilities offered: Outdoor pool, free Wi-Fi, hot tub.
place: 2 Pertob Road, Warrnambool VIC 3280, Victoria, Australia.
Tariff: N / A

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As we all know, it is already tomorrow in Victoria. With the list of the best resorts in Victoria we settled you in, we promise you, your experience tomorrow will be so special! So, plan your trip to Australia in advance and stay at some of the best resorts!

Frequently asked questions about resorts in Victoria

Q. Where can I stay for a relaxing holiday in Victoria?

a. With an ideal location and facilities to match, RACV Torquay Resort, Esplanade Resort & Spa, Silverwater Resort, Beacon Resort, Peppers Moonah Links Resort is the perfect choice.

Q. Are the beaches in Australia good?

a. Yes, Australia has no shortage of beautiful beaches and some of them include Noosa Main beach, Whitehaven Beach and Turquoise Bay.

Q. What eating and drinking options are available at Victoria Resorts?

a. Travelers can enjoy an on-site restaurant, a lounge and breakfast while staying at resorts in Victoria.

Q. Are there any cleaning services offered at resorts in Victoria?

a. Yes, there are many resorts in Victoria that offer dry cleaning and laundry services to guests.

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