15 Famous Soccer Player Haircuts To Copy in 2022

Football Player Haircuts

The world’s international footballers are known not only for their athletic skills, but also for their bold, forward-thinking style. David Beckham was one of the original football stars who became a style icon, and he’s adopted hundreds of different looks over the years. His influence goes beyond fashion – men all over the world have taken his picture to the barbershop. However, he is not alone; today, football stars are often the first to jump on new trends and wear the coolest cuts. So keep scrolling and find the most stylish football player haircuts you’ll want to copy.

1. Antoine Griezmann

Good news for men with naturally wavy hair: curls are back! Barcelona striker Antoine Griezmann rocks his flowing locks. To copy the style of the French player, develop your curls at mid-length and apply a light mist of salt spray for a beachy finish. If your hair tends to frizz, you may need to use a curl-defining cream instead.

Antoine Griezmann - Natural Curls

2.Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most famous football players in the world, as well as being a role model for Armani. The Juventus star is as elegant in her grooming as she is in fashion. To achieve its polished and masculine style, combine a medium fade with a slick back. While fades are one of the most popular haircuts for men today, the slicked back gives this modern hairstyle a cool old-school twist.

Cristiano Ronaldo - Fade with Slick Back

3. Carlos Vela

For a hairstyle that’s sleek and cool, yet professional enough to wear to work, try Mexican soccer player Carlos Vela’s side part. The LA FC star makes the most of her naturally thick hair by leveraging her natural volume at the crown. Combined with a side part, the result is a flattering style for her rectangular face shape. For a more formal finish, add pomade and comb the hair into place. Otherwise, leave a few loose pieces to create a casual look.

Carlos Vela side part

4. Zlatan Ibrahimovic

The man bun has grown from its reputation as a “hipster hairstyle”. Today, it’s a versatile, fresh and practical style worn by men everywhere. One of them is Swedish LA Galaxy star Zlatan Ibrahimovic. His classic man bun keeps his mid-length locks away from his face during matches. At the same time, it makes it sophisticated and put together.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic Man Bun

5.David Beckham

He may have retired from the game in 2013, but iconic footballer David Beckham continues to inspire trends to this day. Becks has had every haircut under the sun, from a buzz cut to a bro flow, but one of her best looks is the banana fade. The fit is a perfect complement to her English gent-with-an-edge style. It also elongates its face and balances its square jawline.

David Beckham

6. Eden Hazard

He is respected as one of the best footballers in the world and he captains the Belgium national team, so it’s no wonder men all over the world want to look like Eden Hazard. Much like his style of play, his haircut is a deal breaker. Rocking the front, back and short sides means he always looks clean and professional and doesn’t have to spend time styling his locks. Due to its universally flattering proportions and low maintenance, this cut is a consistent favorite for men.

Eden Hazard Short Front Back And Sides

7. Hector Bellerin

The bro flow is a cool, relaxed hairstyle with a carefree attitude. The style is all about working with the natural texture of your hair, growing it out without trying to tame it. Classic bro flow means keeping your locks mid-length or longer. Arsenal’s Hector Bellerin is a fan of the look. The Spanish footballer lets his wavy hair do its own thing.

Hector Bellerin Bro Flow

8. Kylian Mbappe

One of the most valuable players in the France team, Kylian Mbappé is rocking the popular fashionable cut. The cut gets its name from the electric clippers that are used to create its super short finish. While trendy cuts can be the same length all over, a subtle and stylish option is to pair it with a high fade like Mbappé. To ensure that your trendy cut stays looking good, you will need to trim it often and visit the barber for regular queues to keep your hair neat.

France V Croatia 2018 Fifa World Cup Russia Final

9.Lionel Messi

Those looking for a bold new hairstyle should look to Barcelona star Messi for inspiration. The Argentine striker takes his classic medium fade to the next level by adding white blonde highlights. The lighter highlights create a cool contrast to her naturally dark hair and give her look extra dimension and movement. To get the most out of your locks – or any color accent you add to your hair – make sure your locks are long enough; otherwise, you risk the dreaded “frosted tip” look of the 90s.

Lionel Messi Mid Fade with Blonde Highlights

10. Mario Balotelli

For those who want a haircut with an attitude that puts all eyes on you, the mohawk is the only choice. Italian soccer star Mario Balotelli is a prime example of how to rock the style. Her natural afro-textured hair has built-in volume, thickness, and shape, which is a perfect match for the center straight of a mohawk. If you have straight hair, extra hold styling products and heat tools may be needed to achieve the same effect.

Mario Balotelli Mohawk

11. Miguel Almiron

Another football star who loves the fade with the slick back is Newcastle United’s Miguel Almiron. The difference between Almiron and Cristiano Ronaldo on the cut is the type of fade and the direction of the crown hair. Instead of a medium fade, Paraguay-born Almiron opts for a high fade. Meanwhile, he slicks his hair back instead of to the side, creating a subtle mini tuft that adds height and length to his round face shape.

Miguel Almirón fades with smooth back

12. Neymar

Brazilian footballer Neymar has tried many different popular hairstyles. However, one of the Paris St Germain striker’s best styles is the crossfade. Simple and easy to create, the crossfade still retains some of the flair that Neymar displays in his other cuts. It also works well with her naturally curly Afro-textured hair.

Neymar Dyed Drop Fade

13. Paul Pogba

Manchester United’s Paul Pogba is known for his crazy haircuts, but the football star also looks great with a more conservative style. His taper fade with a super short afro makes the midfielder ready for action. This creates an effect similar to the crew cut on straight hair. It’s also flattering on her rectangular face shape.

Paul Pogba Afro Shorts

14. Philippe Coutinho

Banana is one of the most classic hairstyles for men. Bayern Munich’s Brazilian player Philippe Coutinho shakes it up with a modern interpretation. Her style combines banana with choppy bits, which makes her hair thicker. Meanwhile, a subtle taper fade on the sides gives the hairstyle a trendy feel with a youthful edge. To recreate the look, style your quiff with pomade and then use clay on the pieces at the top of your head.

Philippe Coutinho Quiff

15. Thorgan’s Danger

Borussia Dortmund’s Thorgan Hazard is the perfect role model for the crew cut. A graduated cut, the style involves leaving hair an inch or more longer on top than on the sides, which taper. It first gained popularity among college rowing teams, hence its name. So naturally, this cut has an athletic and disciplined feel to it. For that reason – and also because it’s short, neat and easy to maintain – it’s the perfect style for a football player.

Thorgan Hazard Crew Cut


Which footballer has the best haircut?

The best football haircuts belong to stylish stars Antoine Griezmann, Cristiano Ronaldo, Carlos Vela, Zlatan Ibrahimović and David Beckham.

How do footballers cut their hair?

Football players are some of the biggest celebrities in the world and as such are top style icons who aren’t afraid to experiment with hairstyles. The way some players cut their hair influences thousands of children and men around the world when they next visit the hairdresser. Some of the most popular styles in the game are fades, mohawks, bro flows, quiffs, side parts, and colored hair.

What is the Messi hairstyle?

Lionel Messi’s mullet-y bro flow is long gone – these days he’s rocking a classic mid-fade. He changes his style between a sexy slick back, banana, and side part, sometimes mixing in blonde highlights.


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