15 Perfect Comb Over Haircuts for Men in 2022

Comb over hairstyles for men

The comb over has long been known as the favorite hairstyle of brokers and sellers. But since Hamm, Timberlake and Clooney started wearing it, the comb has been revived and reinvented for a modern aesthetic. It is a versatile and contemporary hairstyle that frames almost any face. From a neat slick back to a curly blow-dry, we’ve compiled the best comb over hairstyles to inspire your new look.

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1. Comb Over + Low Fade

The comb over can be a classic look, but by adding a fade into the mix, you can take the cut into contemporary territory. A low fade gives you a more conservative traditional option. By starting the taper at or below the ears, you allow for a more subtle transition in length on top. It’s a natural look for a bearded gentleman or someone looking for a style that’s both trendy and timeless.

Low fade comb

2. Comb Over + Mid Fade

Start the fade higher than the more conservative low fade, but still leave room to taper in length. The medium fade comb reads “I’m a risk taker, but I’ll still file my taxes on time.” The buzzed hair starts to fade above the ears, resulting in a style that, while bold, works with your length. The medium fade is suitable for straight, well-groomed hair.

Half fade comb

3. Comb Over + High Fade

Typically for the more free-spirited comb wearer, a high fade commands attention and celebrates the change in length. With less room to taper, the high fade quickly transitions from short sides to the longer top. The cut draws attention to your brow line while sending a message that you’re not afraid to take risks. The high fade is a safe bet for those with shorter hair, although some can rock it with longer locks.

High fade comb

4. Short comb

Born to be worn with a suit, the short comb is a version of this style. For those with hard-to-manage hair or those who simply want to represent a more polished aesthetic. The short comb is a safe option that suits most heads. The cut works best without facial hair at an awards show.

Short comb over

5. Long comb

For men who want to maintain both the length on the sides and the top, the long comb is for you. Forget the buzz of the sides; this cut is all about maintaining the length while styling your hair in a loose comb. You can blow dry it to add volume or control it with a strong hold pomade. Longer hair allows for versatility and means you’re not married to a comb.

long hair comb

6. Paint on the skin

If a high fade is for the free spirits, a low comb is for the rebels. The skin fades from the length upwards to your bald skin, yes, hence the name. It’s a super neat and edgy style that cites military cuts for its inspiration. Incorporate some length and keep the top tucked in for best results.

The skin fades

7. Modern Comb Over

The modern comb overtakes the part line of a simple piece of the style and puts it at the forefront. This modern take on the comb over oversees a hard feature line accentuating where your hair parts. The feature adds a sense of asymmetry while drawing the eyes along the hairline to see what else is going on up there.

modern comb

8. Comb Pompadour

Want to add some volume to an otherwise fairly flat equation? The pompadour is an interesting way to add another level to your comb. The possibilities of working with a modern pompadour are connected only with your natural hair type and your imagination. Use a bit of loose hold pomade and blow dry with lots of volume for a fuller, fuller look. Or opt for a stronger hold pomade for a neater pompadour.

Pompadour comb

9. Curly comb over

Curly-haired bros don’t need to feel like they have to miss all the combing to have fun. Curly hair lends itself surprisingly well to the comb-over style. Long, side-swept curls celebrate the gift of curly hair. Use your naturally unruly locks to your advantage by making them the center of attention. After all, don’t we say that “curls attract girls”?


10. Slick Back Comb Over

Another style popularized over the past decades and enjoying something of a renaissance. The slick back comb can incorporate a subtle, shorter length with graduated sides. For a statement style, leave the length at the top with a high fade on the sides. For amazing results, pair it with a beard or tattoos.

Slick Back Comb Plus

11. Beard and comb

If you like the idea of ​​a comb over, but prefer a slightly edgier look, you should consider going with the beard and comb combo. This partnership creates a very sleek and modern look that can suit almost any man. While the comb gives a polished and gentlemanly appearance, the beard adds a rugged and masculine touch. To rock the look at the office, simply opt for a short, neat beard.

beard and comb

12. Undercut Comb Over

Although a comb over is a classic style, it doesn’t have to be boring. By adding an undercut to your comb over hairstyle, you can make your look much more exciting and fashionable. As such, an undercut comb is ideal for those who appreciate a bold and fashionable appearance. The look, which features a stark contrast between its long top and cropped sides, also appears sophisticated thanks to its smart styling.

Undercut comb

13. Paint with line

A lined comb gives an exciting and modern twist to this traditional hairstyle. The cut, which features a shaved line along the side part of the hair, looks smart from a distance and very sharp up close. Also known as a hard part comb over, this style adds definition to your look and tends to show best when paired with short faded sides and lots of volume at the top. To get the look, just be sure to visit an experienced barber.

comb with a line

14. Thorny comb

Not all comb-over hairstyles have to be smooth and sleek. For a more youthful take on this classic hairstyle, you can try a spiked comb. The added texture of this look will make your style look contemporary and fashionable. To create the look, wash and towel dry your hair before using a comb to define your side part. Next, blow-dry your roots upwards to boost volume while maintaining your part. Then, use your hands and your styling product to poke your locks up. Finally, gently pull or comb your spiky locks away from your part for a windswept comb-over style.

Thorny comb


What is a comb over haircut?

A comb over haircut is one that simply brushes the hair from one side of your head to the other. It’s less about covering up a bald dome and more about rocking a suave side part with lots of attitude.

How do you ask for a comb over haircut?

Ask your stylist to part your hair to your preferred side with at least a few inches on top. Then you can choose how you want to cut the back and sides. Try a layered, beveled or short scissor cut. If you can, take reference photos with you so your stylist knows exactly what you have in mind. Pinterest is the perfect way to create a board of styles you love, and you can quickly scroll through before the clippers hit your head.

How to Comb Over?

1. Dry your hair with a towel after washing.
2. Dry your hair if you want to add volume.
3. Work a small amount of pomade through your hair from the roots, starting at the back of the head.
4. Use a comb to create a side part from the back of your head to your forehead.
5. Comb and style the rest of your hair away from the part

Can a comb look good?

A comb over can look very sophisticated and masculine, as it is an elegant style that suits different hair lengths and textures. You can also mix up the style of the back and sides of your combover, ranging from a cut or fade to a hard part or a full shave.

Are combs fashionable?

Combs are very fashionable and have recently been popularized by Hollywood stars such as John Hamm, George Clooney and Justin Timberlake.


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