17 Types of Ear Piercings

Ear piercing is a trend that dates back several centuries. Nowadays, everyone loves to get a piercing, from world-famous celebrities to regular people looking for a change. The ear is a small body part but can carry a lot of weight. Indeed, there are several different types of ear piercings. They break down into three basic categories.

First, there’s the common lobe piercing, including transverse and standard lobe piercing. Lobe piercings are commonly the least painful of the three. In addition, using a needle hurts less than a piercing gun.

When it comes to pain, a cartilage piercing will make you jump out of your seat. However, fashion icons never let a little pain stand in their way. The pain varies depending on a person’s threshold and the location of the piercing. Outer ear piercings include the forward helix piercing, snug piercing, industrial piercing, auricle piercing, and tragus piercing.

Lastly, the third type of piercing is the inner ear piercing, including the daith piercing, outer conch piercing, helix piercing, rook piercing, orbital piercing, and anti-tragus piercing. It doesn’t matter which types of piercings a person chooses. They’re all trendsetting and unique. It’s wise to check out an ear-piercing chart before getting a piercing.

1. Standard Lobe Piercing

Standard Lobe Piercing

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The standard lobe piercings are the piercings that started it all. Indeed, the classic piercings are usually a person’s first one. Certainly, a person never forgets their first. The standard lobe piercing is an essential and simple method. It’s in the bottom part of the ear lobe. It’s not entirely painless, but it’s not on the pain level of the others. The pain often lasts up to six weeks, but the style goes on forever. It’s a simple yet elegant piercing. It goes perfectly with studs or hoops for all occasions.

2. Transverse Lobe Piercing

Transverse Lobe Piercing


Ear piercings have become more creative over the years. There was a time when two earrings were a big deal. Now, it’s common for a person to have multiple earnings. The transverse lobe piercing is a new twist on the classic lobe piercing. In this case, the earring goes horizontally through the skin of the ear of the bottom lobe. It might seem incredibly painful, but it’s the polar opposite. There’s almost no pain involved in this unique piercing. It’s a creative style that’s memorable and distinctive.

3. Forward Helix Piercing



The most influential trendsetters in history have the elegant looking forward helix piercing. It’s in one of the ear’s most unique and painful spots. Regardless, it’s an excellent location for earrings. The forward helix piercing is at the top of the outer rim of the lower ear cartilage. Therefore, it causes great pain and might be the worse spot for an ear piercing. To be clear, it’s the worst spot for pain. In terms of fashion, it’s in the best spot.

4. Snug Piercing

Snug Piercing

Nick Piercing/YouTube

The snug piercing is in a unique location on the ear. It’s a small spot, but the right earring can shine brightly. The snug piercing is on the inner part of the cartilage near the ear canal. It’ll take some tiny jewelry to fill up the spot. The snug piercing is small but leaves a lasting impact. It complements the nearby piercings, including the rook and daith piercings. However, it’s an excellent earring for those rocking multiple piercings.

5. Industrial Piercing


Wikimedia Commons

Industrial piercings are usually two or more piercings through the upper part of the cartilage. It’s a distinctive piercing that stands out among the rest. It’s common to wear barbell earrings that connect the forward helix with the helix. It’s a popular style and works well with multiple earrings. There might be a bit of pain, but the style is worth it. Celebrities usually rock the style when attending major awards shows or walking the red carpet.

6. Auricle Piercing

Auricle Piercing

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The auricle piercing is a painful process with a longer recovery time. The piercing is on the outer ear cartilage, a sensitive part of the ear. It’s uncommon to see many people rocking the auricle piercing style. Regardless, the earrings are a striking and unique look. It’s also the type of piercing that works with multiple earrings. In other words, the severe pain is worth the exceptional style.

7. Tragus Piercing


Wikimedia Commons

The tragus piercing is one of the most painful types of ear piercings. Of course, the pain is worth the stellar earrings in the most distinctive spot. It’s the inner portion of the cartilage above the ear lobe and in front of the ear canal. It might be painful, but it looks great. It’s the type of earring that goes with any look, whether fancy or casual. It’s one of the most popular types of piercings partly due to its unique location.

8. Simple Ear Piercing



There’s no wrong way to get an ear piercing. The concept has been around for thousands of generations. It comes in many forms and different styles. One of the most popular versions is the simple ear piercing. The piercing can be on any part of the ear, but the key is to keep it minimal. A simple ear piercing doesn’t focus on any one part of the ear. It also works best with fewer earrings. For instance, one pierced ear is the perfect simple piercing. It’s a more elegant approach using plain gold and silver.

9. Unique Ear Piercing

Unique Ear Piercing

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In the last few decades, ear-piercing has exploded in popularity. It’s not uncommon for one innocent ear lobe piercing to lead to the whole earring experience. Unique ear piercings are the opposite of the simple approach. The style works best with multiple earrings and colors. The key to a unique ear piercing is experimenting with different jewelry and styles.

10. Double Ear Piercing

Double Ear Piercing

Emily Ferrier/YouTube

One of the most common forms of piercings is the famous double ear piercing. The double piercing is two holes next to each other on the cartilage or the lobe. It’s a simple concept that started gaining traction in the 80s. The double piercing is a popular style that goes perfectly with two studs or hoops. It’s not as complex as the other piercings. The piercing can go on any part of the ear, including the helix, tragus, and outer conch. It’s perfect for someone looking to get more piercings.

11. Full Ear Piercing

Full Ear Piercing

LuLu’s Body Piercing/YouTube

There are several different options for ear piercings. It all depends on what a person wants. They could choose a standard lobe piercing, a helix piercing, or a rook piercing. Another option is to combine each of these great piercings. Most people start at the lobe but soon are rocking multiple earrings in one ear. It’s actually quite common to get the full earring experience. Full ear piercings are becoming more popular than double piercings. It’s an in-demand trend with celebrities who love combining the various styles.

12. Helix Piercing

Helix Piercing

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The helix piercing is one of the most popular types of piercings. It has an eye-catching and distinctive look that sticks out in a crowd. The helix piercing is on the upper part of the cartilage. Despite being on the sensitive part of the ear, it’s not as painful since they use a small needle. It’s also a style that’s perfect for double piercings. It’s a hugely popular fashion that works independently or as part of multiple piercings.

13. Outer Conch Piercing


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The best piercings are the ones that are unique and stand out. That’s one of the reasons the outer conch piercing is a good choice. It’s not in a common spot but is the perfect location for fashion icons looking to break the internet. The conch piercing is between the canal and the outer part of the ear. It has various styles, including inner studs and cuffs.

14. Piercing Tour

Piercing Tour


The best ear piercings come with a bit of pain. The daith piercing is in a sensitive spot that requires some recovery time. Piercings around the helix are always tough to get through. Regardless, it’s the perfect area for stunning earrings. The daith piercing is part of the cartilage by the tragus and at the end of the helix. It’s an impressive spot for a piercing, and anyone that endures the pain earns their earrings. Apparently, the location of the piercing also helps reduces intense headaches.

15. Rook Piercing


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For years, trendsetters have been finding new places to put earrings. They even started expanding to body piercings and nose piercings. Of course, they eventually returned to the ear and found a tiny new spot. The rook piercing is on a small space on the inner section of the ear cartilage. It’s on the other side of the snug piercing. It’s the perfect type of piercing for people wanting something different. It also works with several different earrings, including studs and barbells.

16. Orbital Piercing

Orbital Piercing

Tommy T’s Body Piercing Huntington Beach/YouTube

Sometimes it’s tough to stop after one piercing. It’s a cool look that works on many different levels. No matter how many earrings a person has, they’re always looking for new ear piercings. The orbital piercing is excellent for anyone looking to take it to the next level. The orbital piercing is two holes in the same spot. Many people wear two identical earrings next to each other, but there’s another choice. The idea is to use the two holes to loop an earring through them. It’s a popular style that’s popping up with celebrities more often.

17. Anti-Tragus Piercing

Anti-Tragus Piercing

Kennedy Wilson/YouTube

The anti-tragus piercing is one of the most painful spots for an earring. It’ll hurt, but it’s more than worth it. Anyone with a unique fashion sense would love this piercing. The anti-tragus piercing is on the small piece of cartilage next to the ear lobe and opposite the tragus. It’s a small spot for a tiny earring, but it works perfectly. It’s a steller ear piercing that works best with multiple earrings.

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