20 Funny and Relatable Group Chat Memes

The group chat you have with your friends is usually where it all pops off. Between discussions about your latest fling and how your sports team is going to giving each other shit and sending group chat memes, it all goes down in the group chat. It’s the best way to stay in contact with your friends and their lives and provides plenty of good banter and memes. Yes, memes. Group chat memes are hilarious and relatable jokes that anyone in a message chain with friends can understand. They provide a great insight into what it’s like to be in a group chat with friends.

While the group chat memes below won’t connect with everyone, we’re sure you’ll find them funny nonetheless. So read on, have a laugh, and share these funny and relatable group chat memes with your friends.

20 Funny and Relatable Group Chat Memes

1. Trying To Make Plans

When the group chat is stacked, it can be hard to make plans where everyone is included. This meme references Allan from The Hangover trying to come up with a suitable day and time that suits everyone.

2. When the Group Chat Is Lit


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When you’re laughing along with the conversation and then try and contribute and get nothing back. It’s the worst feeling.

3. Fantasy Football Chat


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This meme perfectly sums up what it’s like being in a fantasy football group chat. While the aim is to take about football, as you can see from this private Facebook group, you never quite know what you’re going to get. Just don’t get caught cheating like Joc Pederson.

4. The Perfect Meme


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When a friend says something and you’ve got the perfect meme to come back with. Time to go through your meme collection and fire off your witty reply.

5. That One Friend Who Loves To Watch

This is very common in a group text. While everything one is cracking jokes and spilling tea, there’s always that one friend who sits back and says nothing.

6. Am I a Joke To You?

Nothing stings more than sending what you think is a funny meme and getting nothing back from the group. Better than sending something controversial and getting slapped by Tommy Pham I guess.

7. The Crack Den


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Group chat names can be funny for many different reasons. This one is a little concerning, but considering these students have water connected to their house, it might not be as big as a crack den as it seems.

8. Plans for Tonight


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Most people have that one friend who likes to go large when planning a night out. When money is no option and all the illicit substances are on the table. This meme is just for them.

9. Going To Bed Early

Sometimes you hit the hay early and miss all the drama that went down in the group chat.

10. Stuck in the Middle


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When there’s a conversation going on and you’re not involved but you’re forced to read the incoming messages. We know how you feel Jay-Z.

11. When Your Joke Bangs

Nothing better than dropping a joke and everyone loves it.

12. Harvard Memes


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You might not be aware, but about five years ago a group of ten students had their enrollment rescinded by Harvard due to the content they were sending in their group chat. To say these were offensive memes is an understatement. Many are quite sickening and it’s totally understandable why their enrollment was terminated.

The meme above is about the only one we can post without causing outrage. It’s just a guy who has a backpack full of nudie mags instead of study books. Trust us, you don’t want to see the other offensive messages these students were sending each other.

13. Waiting for Your Moment


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When you’ve got that reply ready to go for your mate who’s cracking jokes about you.

14. Turn Off Notifications



Group chats are great, but when the number of people gets into double digits it can often become too much.

15. 1st Day vs. 2nd Day

Everyone is up and about when the group chat first gets organized, but it doesn’t take long for everyone to drop off.

16. It’s Your Time


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Sometimes it’s hard to get a message in when everyone in the private group is up and about. This meme details that struggle in a funny way.

17. It’s Never Fun Getting Roasted

Getting roasted is a fact of life. Sometimes you have to sit back and take it when everyone piles on. Great use of the “Michael Jordan Crying” meme.

18. Snap!


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No explanation is needed for this one.

19. Trying To Catch Up


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When there are too many messages whizzing back and forth and it’s just too hard to keep up.

20. Let Me In


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When all you want is to be part of a group chat but nobody is inviting you.

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