25 Natural Foods for Clear Skin

25 Natural Foods for Clear Skin


If you are in your 20s or somewhere between 20s and 30s, the one thing surely bothers you that is, your pimple or sometime acne. The best thing you can do is to run to beauty shops and pick up a chemical-filled creams and gels to get rid of them. But do you know without spending too much money and too much time you can still get a clear pimple-free skin at any time. There are natural and organic foods for clear skin that you can have daily to get rid of your irritating skin problems. I am here with some food tips that you can try to pamper your skin on daily basis.

foods for clear skinFoods for Clear Skin

There is nothing healthier than having natural food. Doctors say your skin is the reflexion of your inner systme and it is definitely a universal truth. Having healthy and natural food everyday can reduce your skin problem up to 98%. Did you know that? If your answer is no, then let me help you here with some tips.

25 Natural Foods for Clear Skin

There are more than 25 Natural Foods for clear skin that can be consumed daily to get rid of skin problems. As mentioned when you have a healthy system you will have clear skin. Here I am mentioning top 10 foods for clear skin.

  1. Water

Be hydrated all the time. Have plenty of water (at least 8-10 litres) throughout the day to have clear skin.

  1. Vegetables

Fresh vegetables, especially the red and yellow ones are apt for clear skin. Basically yellow coloured veggies let your liver work freely, hence it reflects on your skin.

  1. Nuts

Almonds are the best of all for clear skin. If you’re worried about weight then let me tell you Almonds are healthier than any other nuts.

  1. Lettuce

Add lettuce to your daily salads. Make sure not to consume it in high volume but having one or two pieces will definitely make a big difference.  

  1. Red grapes

As said, red coloured fruits or veggies are best for skin. Juicy fruits like grapes or watermelon will add an extra brownie point here.

  1. Oat Milk

Another food listed under top 25 natural foods for clear skin. Have it with cornflakes or drink a cup of milk everyday in breakfast.

  1. Garlic

It’s a common element that can be added to your regular diet. Also it helps you to fight your cough and cold.

  1. Brown Rice

Instead of white rice, pick brown rice for your regular meal. Along with glowing skin, lose some weight as well.

  1. Green Tea

One of the most useful foods, green tea can be taken twice a day. Start your day with it and get a healthy system and healthier skin.

  1. Cottage Cheese

If you think having cheese makes you fat, then let me tell you you’re partially wrong. Cottage cheese is one of the best foods for clear skin.

25 Organic Foods for Clear Skin

Apart from natural food, organic foods are important as well for your skin. Here are top 5 out of 25 organic foods for clear skin.

  1. Vitamin A

Add tomatoes, carrots and spinach to your regular diet for vitamin A.

  1. Pro-biotic

Fermented veggies like Sauerkraut can add pro-biotic in your system which leads to Flawless Skin.

  1. Omega-3

Salmon or flax oil provide omega-3 in our body. Have oily fishes like salmon to get spotless clear skin.

  1. Zinc

Chickpeas are the best for Zinc consumption. It also helps to boost up vitamin A in our body. Having it regularly can give you a better complexion. 

  1. Whole Grain

High-fibre grains instead of carbs can make a big difference to your skin.

Foods for clear skin – quick guide

Foods What to have
Red & Yellow veggies Tomatoes, Pepper, Pumpkin
Nuts Almond
Fruits Red Grapes, watermelon
Omega-3 Salmon

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