3 Real Estate Postcard Design Best Practices

3 Real Estate Postcard Design Best Practices: Real estate can be a highly competitive industry. If you’re a realtor, you may understand that marketing your services fairly heavily should be among your top priorities.

Luckily, marketing yourself as a realtor doesn’t necessarily need to be that complex or expensive. Some of the simplest and most affordable real estate marketing tactics can nevertheless yield ideal results.

For example, many real estate agents continue to mail postcards to potential clients in their service area. Why? Because it works.

3 Real Estate Postcard Design Best Practices
3 Real Estate Postcard Design Best Practices

That said, it’s important to understand that not all real estate postcards are equally effective. You need to make certain essential choices when designing your postcards to ensure a maximum return on investment.

The following tips will help. Just be aware, you don’t need to completely generate new designs from scratch every time you’re designing a new postcard. Using real estate postcard templates can help you generate quality designs relatively quickly and easily.

Choose a Color Scheme

Naturally, your real estate postcards should feature strong colors that attract the attention of potential clients. However, it’s worth noting that theoretically attractive colors can nevertheless look less-than-impressive if they clash with the other colors surrounding them.

Choose a color scheme for your postcards. Before doing so, consider researching color theory, which addresses the impact that different colors and color schemes can potentially have on someone. You want to choose a color scheme that catches the eye for the right reasons.

Keep it Simple

You have to strike a delicate balance when designing a real estate postcard. On the one hand, you want to ensure your postcards feature certain essential elements. They need to include an attractive picture of a property, your name, your contact information, a call to action, and whatever additional information you’re trying to share with potential customers, such as information about a property you recently sold.

That said, a postcard is going to be somewhat small. You don’t want to overwhelm your leads by including too many visual elements or too much text. Doing so can render what should have been a strong postcard unattractive.

It can be difficult to objectively judge whether a postcard you’ve designed is too cluttered or whether it’s too sparse. Experiment with different designs, and ask people who you trust to give honest opinions whether they believe a design needs to be adjusted.

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Use Daytime Photos

Many people genuinely prefer cloudy days over sunny days. However, those people are unique. The average person prefers days that are sunny and bright.

Keep this in mind when inserting photos of your properties into postcards. You already know your photos should be high-quality and professional-looking. Ideally, they should also be taken when the sun is shining brightly. This will improve their chances of impressing those who receive your postcards.

Once more, you don’t need to overwhelm yourself by assuming you must design a postcard without any additional assistance or res. Try using real estate postcard templates when first designing yours. You’ll likely find that doing so is an easy way to simplify what can otherwise be a somewhat intimidating process.

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