3 Technology Trends Thriving In The Covid19 Pandemic

Technology Trends Thriving: Throughout this pandemic, we’ve faced a lot of wins but also experienced many losses. We know that the economy is taking a huge hit, as we try to battle an invisible disease that has taken over the globe over the last few months.

With an event as such, we have seen industries accelerating their growth and brand for the long term. Industries that have been fortunate enough to flourish during this challenging time feature healthcare equipment companies, sports/ home fitness companies and the technology sector especially.

Various technologies have played a vital role in keeping societies functional in abnormal times of quarantines and lockdowns. It raises the question of how well they have impacted our daily lives, from how we work, how we learn, how we retrieve goods, how we entertain ourselves and so on – the list is endless.

3 Technology Trends Thriving In The Covid19 Pandemic
3 Technology Trends Thriving In The Covid19 Pandemic

Technology Trends Thriving:

The pandemic, without a doubt has changed our lives significantly and we have had to learn to adjust without the familiar sense of normality. While an event to this scale leaves a mark on us who have lived through it, it also leaves a mark on the economy, and society as a whole.

For those who have had difficulty in keeping up to date with the ever growing changes, we’ve compiled a short list which takes a deeper look into the technology trends and how we see them having a long lasting impact and potentially changing our behaviour, from shopping online, to health and safety and more. You can keep up to date with everything Covid19 related by visiting the World Health Organization website.

1)Non-Touch Hygiene Facilities

The Coronavirus has affected people’s health in many ways and this has impacted primary healthcare access all around the world. There have been restrictive measures put in place to reduce the spread of infection, which evidently reduces the amount of covid19 cases, but some restrictions and covid19 strategies and plans haven’t been as effective, or well-received, as others.

Although we know this virus continues to take a toll on our mental health, protecting our physical health with new trending technologies is just as important.

Handwashing is one of the most effective ways to prevent the transmission of disease, so ensuring good and consistent wash and waste management practices are in place further helps prevent you catching the virus.

Although hand washing is absolutely imperative to help combat covid19, public washrooms can be accompanied with evolving hygiene technology solutions such as hands free soap dispensers, and HEPA filtered hand dryers which removes up to 99.9% of bacteria from the air.

Richard Farrell, the Managing Directorat Blow Motion, a leading hand dryer and washroom supplier has said:

“The importance of good hand hygiene has never been so crucial. Hand hygiene plays a pivotal rolein helping us beat this invisible enemy that has ripped through our world taking the lives of thousands of people before their time and battering our economy.You can further improve your ability to protect yourself from Coronavirus, and this simply should not stop after hand washing”

Automatic soap dispensers for example, the majority feature infrared sensors that are able to detect infrared energy that is given off by a person’s body heat. There are multiple technologies featured in automatic dispensers that have grown in recent years – infrared sensors, photo sensors and air induction technology.

Photo sensors are the most popular type of technology used in dispensers. This particular mechanism uses a light sensor, and a of focused light. This is so that when a user places their hands under the beam of light, it automatically activates the pump mechanism which will provide soap, hands-free.

Air induction technology is an intelligent mechanism whereby it essentially creates a vacuum that infuses micro bubbles into the soap through high intensity. Ultimately, this allows the user to control the soap ration and create a balanced foam texture.

The importance of automatic technology in washrooms is that a user does not need to touch the items in order to maintain high standards of hygiene, especially in a public place where hundreds of users have been before.

2)Everything Digital

It’s no surprise that the land of everything digital would survive this pandemic relatively well. From the evolution of digital payments, to 5G developments, multi cloud platforms, digital communications for video conferencing on Zoom and Google Hangouts – these are just a few platforms that have become stars in the making and they are thriving to say the least.

Let’s start by taking a look at digital payments. They were a growing trend before the quarantine and lockdown life, but they have proved to be exceptionally helpful during this time as they limit the need for physical touch. The rejection of cash has been one of the most significant impacts on Covid19 for consumers.

In the UK, contactless payments is already a popular trend and has been widely adopted. The contactless card payment limit has been raised to enable more payments, so to avoid transmitting the disease it’s resulted in a rather large surge of digital payments. Card terminals are also being rejected by consumers, as they hold the potential to be a transmitter of Covid19.

Multi cloud platforms have been and are expected to accelerate in the long term too. For many businesses across the world, their infrastructure and business goals have suddenly changed. Employees are working from home where they can, purchase behaviour has changed dramatically for customers, with local businesses being affected the most.

In order to survive an economic impact like this, and to better handle the fluctuations in traffic and changing behaviours, business organisations require flexible infrastructure. Slow connections are not sustainable, nor are they professional. You will also need to be able to access your res online, on multiple platforms and ensure they are backed up efficiently.

Zoom and Google Hangouts have become the go to tool for those working from home. They have become the most popular platforms to communicate with your co-workers, schedule internal meetings, and schedule external appointments with clients. Zoom’s customer base has grown significantly to 81,900 firms with more than 10 employees. This is an increase of 61% since this time last year, and it’s stock price has surged more than 100% which is an incredible achievement despite current circumstances.

3)Robot Deliveries& Online Shopping

Due to the outbreak of covid19, and countless lockdowns upon us, it has meant we’re unable to shop like we used to, and we’re limited on where we can go. As stated previously in this article, purchasing behaviour has transformed and therefore has benefited online / ecommerce businesses the most. Because of this, it’s meant that businesses have had to change their strategy altogether to in order for sales to survive.

While online shopping is useful and provides it’s many benefits, it needs to be supported by a robust, durable logistics system and this is being widely adopted by countries across the globe. Restaurants in China, for example, have launched contactless delivery services. This involves deliveries where goods are picked up and dropped off at a designated location, rather than a physical delivery into the hands of a person.

Robot deliveries have also seen a surge in popularity, but this is a growing trend as businesses who offer delivery need to produce and establish clear protocols in regard to the sanitisation and hygiene of delivered goods.

We are living in very uncertain and challenging times, but with the innovative and intelligent systems and solutions for businesses breaking through each day, it provides hope that we can come out of this stronger. We suspect in the long term, that this pandemic will change the way we work, it will develop infrastructures, improve manufacturing methods, and how we complete our day to day lives. So, it might be time for us to fully embrace change and a be part of the innovators during this time.

https://www.who.int/ – World Health Organization

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