3 Tips for a Cleaner Bathroom cum Safer Bathroom

3 Tips for a Cleaner Bathroom cum Safer Bathroom

Cleaner Bathroom: For most people, one of the worst areas of the home to have to clean is the bathroom. Some pretty questionable stuff goes down in that room of your home. Making it a less than ideal place to spend a few hours buffing tiles. Scrubbing toilets and shining faucet fixtures. However, to have a safe and sanitary home. You have to keep your bathroom clean and as germ-free as possible. Especially if you have little ones running around.

Because cleaning the bathroom is the chore of all chores. It’s a good idea to take some preemptive steps in order to minimize the time you have to spend there with the rubber gloves. To help decrease the time you spend cleaning your bathroom. And increase the amount of time you can spend enjoying a clean bathroom. Here are three tips to help you have a cleaner, safer bathroom.

Cleaner Bathroom

Keep The Humidity Down

One of the greatest reasons bathrooms can get so nasty if neglected. Because of the high amount of humidity in such a small space. This blast of humidity can make your bathroom a breeding ground for mold and mildew if it’s not taken care of in a timely manner.

BathroomTo combat against the humidity, Carolyn Forte of Good Housekeeping suggests a few simple steps to get that hot, moist air out quickly. Some of these quick fixes include using your exhaust fans whenever you’re using the hot water, opening a window to give the humidity an outlet other than your walls, and wiping down the water off of the shower walls and tub after using it. All of these tips will help to keep the humidity level down and your cleanliness level up.

Clean in the Right Order

A big rule of cleaning, in general, has to do with the order in which you clean a room. For bathrooms, Kathy McCleary of HGTV recommends always cleaning from the top down. This method ensures that you’ll never have to double-back. And re-clean a section of the room because you’ve made it messy by cleaning another section afterward.

When cleaning from the top down, literally clean the room from the ceiling down to the floor. This is especially crucial when it comes to dusting and vacuuming. If you vacuum before dusting or getting all the debris off your taller surfaces, you’ll just end up needing to vacuum for a second time. Save yourself some time and trouble and keep to a top-to-bottom schedule.

BathroomBe Prepared For Small Cleanups

To avoid having to take hours out of your day to do massive cleanups in your bathroom, Amanda Thomas of the Domestic CEO tells to always clean your bathroom as you use it by keeping the tools you need to clean the areas right at ground zero. Thomas states that if you keep a toilet brush in each bathroom, cleaning washcloths neatly placed on the counter, and flushable wipes on the back of each toilet, you’ll be ready to handle any mess in your bathroom quickly and effectively. By cleaning up the small messes as you go, you eliminate the need to ever entirely clean your bathroom.

If you’ve been looking for ways to keep a cleaner, safer bathroom in your home, use the tips mentioned above to begin seeing a positive change that will make both you and your family happier.

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