3 Top Ways Parents Can Take Care of Themselves

3 Top Ways Parents Can Take Care of Themselves

Parents Can Take Care: Self-care is essential for parents to master. Day after day, without a break, parenting duties never end. Being ready and on call 24/7 can cause burnout if parents do not take the time to tend to their own needs for rest, relaxation, and health.

Has it been so long since you gave yourself a thought that you do not know where to begin?

Read on for the 3 top ways parents can take better care of themselves so that they can be in the best shape to care for their children.

Parents Can Take Care
Parents Can Take Care
  1. Invest in your appearance.

Feeling good about how you look affects your confidence and can affect your daily mood. More and more mothers are choosing to have a “mommy makeover” to kickstart their post-pregnancy life.

According to Dr. Paul E. Chasan, a plastic surgeon in San Diego, “A mommy makeover is usually a packaged procedure set that includes a tummy tuck, breast surgery, and body contouring, to help bring back the pre-baby you. It can include a breast augmentation and or a breast lift that will help bring back that youthful fullness to your breasts.”

Worried about the expense? In a report released by the USDA, parents can expect to spend an approx. $245,340 on raising one child up to the age of 18. Naturally, investing in one’s children is a joy for most parents. But this spending can become unbalanced if it leads to feeling guilty when spending money on themselves.

Of course, there are less expensive options to improving your appearance. For example, toss out all the clothes that no longer fit, and learn how to finally wear colors that complement your skin tone.

  1. Protect your sleep hours.

What if you had a magic pill that could restore your mood, improve your skin, boost your immune system, and help you feel refreshed? Guess what? Sleep does all this and more.

Despite knowing these common facts about sleep, do you still sabotage yourself when it comes to your sleep hours?

As a parent, it can be doubly hard to clock in 7 to 8 hours of sleep a night. Reasons range from pet projects to Netflix to some other task that requires alone time.

But if you want to feel less zombie-like and more energized throughout your day, you need to prioritize and protect your sleep. Say no to time wasters at night that will leave you bleary-eyed the next day.

Once you start getting full nights of sleep and waking up feeling recharged, you will never want to go back to late-night TV binges. Make the hard choice of choosing to sleep over staying up late. Your children may not thank you for it, but your partner and your little ones will notice your chirpy mood.

Parents Can Take Care
Parents Can Take Care
  1. Eat foods that nourish and fuel.

Do you find yourself eating standing up? Or cutting corners when it comes to your personal nutrition? You may even be the type of parent who watches their children’s nutrition like a hawk. But you wolf down a Snickers bar for energy if you’ve missed breakfast?

This type of eating pattern will set you up for almost guaranteed weight gain or health problems in your future. Not to mention that your children will pick up on your dietary habits, despite your best efforts to get them to eat their greens.

Guiding your children’s nutrition habits starts with you. Take a nutrition class and learn the basics of what you need to eat in order to feel energetic throughout your day. The more you understand the food = energy connection, the more your eating patterns will change. As you make changes based on your newfound knowledge, what you serve to your children will change. What you shop for and make available for snacking on in the house will change as well.

Finally, true self-care goes beyond appearance and health. If you want your children to see an individual that inspires them to live up to their fullest potential, you need to show them what that looks like for you.

Keep your personal dreams or ambitions alive. Allow yourself time to do things that you enjoy, even if it means hiring a babysitter one evening per week. Go to a painting class if that has always been a personal desire. Or develop your hobby into a side business if that is what brings you joy. A happy parent is a parent your kids will feel comfortable and easy to connect with.

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