3 Ways to Get Better Skin Without Spending a Million Dollars

3 Ways to Get Better Skin Without Spending a Million Dollars

Skin creams and salves and kinds of butter and lotions and emulsions and, you know, that stuff, is expensive. And I’ve tried a lot of it over the years, my house hiding dozens of half-empty tubes of white herby goop. Why? You ask. For my skin, dummy. I was born with not-so-great skin.

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I’ve always been eczema prone, but I survived adolescent (and post-adolescent…let’s be honest) acne with little more than an acne mask and a prayer. Today, about to turn 29, I have the best skin I’ve enjoyed in my life. It’s not perfect, and I still have to take care of it. But I’ve discovered skin regimen techniques that work. And they’re not that difficult to do or keep up. These I will share with you now, with the hope you will derive similar benefit.

Acne and Eczema.

As I said before, these were my two big foes. These guys stuck around for most of my life, and I never seemed to be able to get rid of them. My acne therapy mask was a big help, forever living on my bath vanity, but it wasn’t until I incorporated some of these other techniques that my acne more or less disappeared. In many ways, I found these two afflictions to be somehow linked as if my skin needed some help, and once it got it, it could fight off everything bad on its own.


I discovered that exercise made a huge difference. I don’t know what exercise pulls off on the cellular level, but it definitely helped my skin cells, so I’ve kept it up. I’m not an impressive exerciser. In fact, I do all my workouts from the inside of my house, on my floor, with no weights or anything, just my body weight. I had to learn some simple body weight exercises and download a handy exercise app (as handy a companion as my acne mask). But little by little, I worked my way to healthier skin. It made a huge change in my life in other ways too, including how much energy I had generally and the overall vibe that I feel I put off at any given time. If you don’t exercise, you should Especially if you’ve got bad skin.


Drinking Water.

Drinking water… duh, right? Wrong! Most of you don’t drink enough water. I didn’t realize until this year that I was a dehydrated person most of the time. I think it has to do with the fact that I drink a fair amount of coffee, and won’t say “no” to a few drinks with the guys if the situation calls for it. By not drinking enough in general, and by failing to replenish my fluids over and above the amount by which I was making myself deficient through my coffee and boozing, I was making my skin a great disservice.


Acne Mask.

And here’s that old acne mask again, friend and companion since my youth. I still use it every night and find it keeps down breakouts and general unsightliness. I’ll use it forever if I need to. I find I can’t even sleep without it. Go get yourself an acne mask.


Using these techniques, I’m happy to say that my skin is happy. Acne mask holding together. It’s the right colour. It’s the right texture, brightness, and oiliness. All of these things used to seem unattainable, as I continually smeared my drama with expensive creams and solutions morning, noon, and night. But it turns out, today that I don’t need that stuff anymore. My skin’s on autopilot, as long as I keep up numbers 2 through 4.

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