3 Ways to Pest-Proof Your Home

3 Ways to Pest-Proof Your Home

For many families, having guests in the house is a time of fun and friendship. But if those guests are unwanted pests like mice, rats, insects or the like, it can make your home seem more like a nightmare than a dream. And while taking care of pests that come into your home is a necessity, it’s even better if you’re able to keep the pests out to begin with. To help with this, here are three precautions you can take to create a pest-proof home for yourself and your family.


Start Outside the Home

In order to have the best chance of keeping pests away from your home and family, you have to create a line of defense that starts outside of your house. Jen A. Miller, a contributor to BobVila.com, recommends for homeowners to start with prevention measures in their yard to create an added layer of protection from pests even making it to your door. Some of the precautions Miller suggests homeowners take include keeping your yard free of clutter and debris that could house pests as well as strategically placing decoys—like ceramic owls or holographic strips—around your property to scare away potential pests.

Seal Off Small Entry Ways

Moving toward your home, there are plenty of things you can do to prevent pests from entering your house even if they make it to the building. While it’s still a good idea to keep clutter away from the building to give pests nothing to hide in or climb on, Joseph D’Agnese, a contributor to ThisOldHouse.com, also tells homeowners to seal off any small entry ways or holes around the home that could facilitate pests entering your space. Some of the most common areas around your house that will be vulnerable to intruding pests are the basement, garage or the roof areas. Also be on the lookout for cracks big enough for a pest to fit in, which can be smaller than you might think.

Use Natural Elements as Prevention

Inside the home, there are preventative measures you can use as a last line of defense in keeping pests at bay. While outside of your walls you may be comfortable using chemicals and poisons on pests, many people are much more wary of using those same things in the home for health and safety reasons. However, there are still solutions to keeping away insects and rodents.

According to Anastasia Pantsios, a contributor to EcoWatch.com, many natural herbs and scents can be very effective at turning away pests. Some of the most common and useful scents to try include lemon, mint, lavender, cinnamon, clove and more. Some scents work better on certain pests than others, so make sure the option you choose will be useful to any specific pests you’re wanting to avoid or get rid of.

A clean, safe and healthy home is a happy home. If you’re concerned about keeping pests away from your home and family, consider using the tips mentioned above to start pest-proofing your property today.

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