30 Stylish Bun Hairstyles to Try in 2022- The Trend Spotter

Bun Hairstyles


No matter your hair length or type, a stylish bun will always ensure you a chic and sleek look. With a variety of options available to suit any occasion, this easy-to-achieve hairdo is the perfect ‘do to take you from day to night in style. To help you find the best style for you, we’ve compiled this selection of the most stylish bun hairstyles that you will want to copy.

1. High Bun

The high bun is a classic and chic way to keep your hair out of your face—and look elegant doing it. For an extra sleek and long-lasting style, first, work a little mouse into the roots of your hair. Then, comb your locks back away from your face and brush them into a ponytail, securing the style with a hair tie. Next, twirl the ponytail until it settles around the hairband then secure it with bobby pins. For extra hold, spritz your finished style with hairspray.


High Bun


2. Half Up Half Down

Easy to style and incredibly chic, a half up half down hairstyle works well on all hair types. It’s a particularly great option if your hair isn’t long enough for a full ponytail. Depending on how you choose to style your hair, you can alter the half bun to suit the occasion. Plus, it takes almost no time to create it!


Half Up Half Down Bun


3. Top Knot Bun

The top knot is a chic and sophisticated hairstyle suitable for every hair type. It’s an easy way to keep the hair out of your face in style. All you need to create the top knot is a texturizing spray, hair ties, bobby pins, and hairspray. It’s a particularly great option for messy second or third-day hair!


Top Knot


4. Low Bun

Low buns are the ultimate choice for girls after a hairstyle that’s versatile. The chic and sleek ‘do has the power to take you from the gym to a cocktail party in style. A low bun is simple enough to create at home but is just as stunning as a look that’s fresh from the salon. If you want to take your hairstyle up a notch, try a braided low bun.


Low Bun


5. Knot Bun

To create this look, comb the hair back into a low ponytail and add extensions if needed. Divide the hair in half and tightly twist each section. Bring the left section up and over and switch it to your right hand. Then bring the original section from your right hand under and switch it to the left hand. Repeat until you can’t make another full rotation. Secure with bobby pins.


Knot Bun


6. Pigtail Buns

Pigtails aren’t just for young school girls. Give them a modern and stylish twist with pigtail buns. This style is playful and pretty, you could wear it for a casual day out with friends or something more active. Whether you’ve got wavy, curly, or straight hair, you can definitely pull off this ‘do.


Pigtail Buns


7. Curly Messy Bun

If you don’t have time to style your curls, a quick and easy way to tame them is with a messy bun. This simple hairstyle can even be a suitable option for semi-formal occasions, particularly when paired with hair accessories. To create this striking style, start by flipping all of your hair forward. Next, put your hair up into a ponytail then wrap your hair around the base of it and secure it with a hair tie.


Messy Curly Bun


8. Space Buns

With ’90s trends still in full effect, it’s easy to see why the space buns hairstyles are so popular. The ‘do is easy-to-style and crazy cute. All you need to recreate this iconic hairdo is a hairbrush, hair ties, bobby pins, and hairspray.


Space Buns


9. Two Buns Hairstyle

You can wear your hair in the same style for so long before you start feeling like you’re in a rut. Even if you were once obsessed over your braids, you may find yourself looking for fresher styles. What’s a girl to do then? You don’t need to abandon the braided hairstyle completely. You could split your hair in two and try a trendy double braided bun look instead.


Two Buns


10. Cornrows Braided into a Bun

Now here’s a style perfect for all the cool, trendy girls out there. A cornrow braided bun is a great option for those who like to keep comfortable in style. And being such a long-lasting ‘do, you won’t have to worry about touching up your style throughout the day!


Cornrows Braided Into A Bun


11. Messy Bun for Medium Hair

If you’re ready to ditch the elegant updo for something a little more cool and carefree, then the messy bun is the way to go. The key to making this style work is to keep it simple. Once you find a messy bun routine that works for you, it is sure to be your go-to look for most days. For an even messier and looser style, leave a few sections of your hair hanging loose.


Messy Bun


12. Braided Bun

Buns and braids are two hairstyles that, on their own, will probably never go out of style. Both are classic, easy to create and are perfect for the days your hair is messy or dirty, but you still need to look put together. So really, combining the two is a no-brainer. Some braided bun styles can look intimidating and complicated, but they’re not as bad as you think. Two braids tied together can create a really pretty low bun style that looks great for classy occasions.


Braided Bun


13. French Braid Bun

For a chic hairstyle that’s perfect for the weekend, why not try a French braid bun. The key to nailing this look is with sleek and shiny hair. Use a serum on the mids to ends of your locks for a healthy-looking style.


French Braid Bun


14. Bun with Bangs

If you’ve opted for a set of bangs as your hairstyle of choice, complement your look with a bun. By pulling your hair up off the shoulders, it will allow those gorgeous bangs to frame your face. Not only is this look easy to create, but the glamour of it makes it a great option for any occasion. You can dress it down for a more casual daytime look, or dress it up for an evening event.


Bun With Fringe


15. Messy Bun with Braid

Are you a fan of buns, braids and messy hair? Then we’ve got the style for you! The messy bun has been popular for a while now, and it’s about time that it got an upgrade. You cannot beat an ethereal messy bun with a braid during the summer months. Beautiful and stylish, this look oozes elegance.


Bun With Braid


16. Buns for Short Hair

It can be tricky to find new ways to style short hair. But not to worry, as long as you have hair ties, dry shampoo, and bobby pins, there are a variety of ways to wear your hair. On the days when you don’t want to bring out your flat iron or straightener, a bun hairstyle is a great option.


Buns For Short Hair


17. Cute Bun

For the girl who wants to make a lasting impression but doesn’t have a lot of time on her hands, the bun is the ultimate hairstyle. When it comes to making your ‘do look cute, we recommend leaving a few strands of hair hanging loose.


Cute Bun


18. Messy Bun for Long Hair

A messy bun works well with longer strands, it’s sophisticated yet casual and easy to create. The look is so adaptable that you can change it up for various occasions. Why not make it a little more romantic and elegant by curling the loose hair by the sides of your face? There are many ways to mix things up, with a side, low or high bun!


Messy Bun Long Hair


19. Side Bun

The side bun is a great style for the unwashed second or third-day hair. Start by spraying the dry shampoo, next tie the hair to the side loosely. Then, split your ponytail into two sections and twist them together until you reach the bottom. Take the twisted ponytail and wrap it into a bun. Fasten the bun with bobby pins, pull a few hairs out to create a messy bun, and secure with hairspray.


Side Bun


20. Black Girl Bun

Styling your hair can be difficult since it’s quite thick and frizzy. Luckily we have just the style for you! A bun is a cute way to tame your mane. Start with freshly washed hair. The key to making this ‘do work is to hydrate your hair with coconut oil or other products. Next, using a wide-tooth comb, remove any knots and tangles. Then, gather all your hair into a ponytail and tie it up into a bun.


Black Girl Bun


11. Box Braid Buns

Box braids are one of the most popular braided hairstyles for women because of their versatility. They can be created at various lengths and thicknesses but their defining feature is their box-like appearance. This is created by sectioning the hair into squares and then creating individual plaits. You can also style box braids up, and a box braid bun is a chic and effortlessly cool look for all occasions.


Box Braid Buns


22. Passion Twist Buns

Passion twists are a protective hairstyle that is created with Freetress Water Wave hair. This gives it a gorgeous wavy texture and fullness. Passion twists are great for the summer months because you can get them wet. They can also be worn in various thicknesses and lengths and styled to suit your preference. For more formal occasions or in warmer climates, a great option is a bun. You can style it high or low or wear it as a top knot to show off your hair texture.


Passion Twist Buns


23. Wedding Bun

Wedding hairstyles can be simple or complicated, depending on your preference. The bun is one of the most classic updos and is ideal for any wedding celebration. You can opt for an unstructured and deliberately messy bun for a boho-chic vibe, or create something neat and polished for a formal event. You can also add hair accessories to make the hairstyle more suited to your preference, with popular options including vines or pearl details.


Wedding Bun


24. Classic Chignon Bun

The classic chignon bun is a hairstyle that is ideal for women of all ages. It is created by pinning the hair into a knot and securing it at the nape of the neck. Because the style is worn lower, it is an ideal choice for those with shorter hair who may not be able to try some of the other bun hairstyles. The chignon is a gorgeous approach to the bun hairstyle and is timeless and sophisticated.


Classic Chignon Bun


25. Fishtail Bun

The fishtail braid is an intricate braid that gets its name because it resembles a fish skeleton. It is a stunning way to wear the hair and usually starts at the crown of the head. For a unique take on the braid, you can work the bottom half into a bun. This will create a texturally interesting look. You can leave a few strands loose to fall around the face and soften it.


Fishtail Bun


26. Bun with Accessories

The right accessories can transform your hairstyle, making even the most simple styles look detailed. There are multiple accessories to choose from, including floral details like baby’s breath and flowers, or beaded clips and bows. You can also experiment with the placement, adding the accessory to the center of the braid, or focusing it on the side of your hair. This is a great option for formal occasions and can also let your personality show.


Bun With Accessories


27. Retro Bun

For a vintage look that will make you feel glamorous and sophisticated, try a retro bun. This can be the classic shape and style with accessories like a head scarf or an interesting hair tie. Choosing bright colors or interesting patterns is also a fun way to add a pop of color to your outfit. The hairstyle often works best when you leave some hair around the side of the face which can frame it and draw attention to your features.


Retro Bun


28. Prom Hairstyle Bun

Prom is one of the most important parts of your schooling career, and you want to celebrate it in style. There are many prom hairstyles to choose from, but one of the most versatile and easy to achieve on all hair textures is the bun. Choose a deliberately unstructured bun for a more relaxed appearance and add ribbons or jeweled accessories to give it a cute and feminine finish.


Bun Hairstyle For Prom


29. Dreadlock Bun

Dreadlocks take time and patience to grow out but they can be an incredibly eye-catching look. The hair is twisted into tight braids that have a rope-like appearance. They can be worn at varying lengths and thicknesses, but you will need a medium to long dreadlocks to be able to pull off a bun. A bun is also a practical option for keeping the hair out of your face and off your neck.


Dreadlock Bun Hairstyle1


30. Waterfall Braided Bun

The waterfall braid has a feminine and romantic appearance. It is defined by the hair being braided into a half French braid, with the rest of the hair cascading down, like a waterfall. You can also adapt this braid to suit your preference by styling it up in a bun. The combination of the side braid and the centered bun will create an interesting contrast.


Waterfall Braided Hairstyle


Hair Bun FAQs

What are the different types of buns?

There are many different kinds of buns to try, and they work with any type of hair. Opt for half up half down, a high bun, a top knot, low bun, knot bun, pigtail buns, space buns, double duns, cornrow buns, messy buns, braided bun, French braided buns, or a side bun.

How do you put your hair in a bun with a scrunchie?

The best way to use a scrunchie as an accessory with your bun is to do your style, as usual, securing with hairpins or elastic. Then, simply slip the scrunchie around the base. Alternatively, you can use a scrunchie for the base ponytail, leaving it relatively loose. Next, twist your hair, looping it through and around the scrunchie, repeating until you run out of hair. This will create a cute, looped effect on your bun.

Can you do hair in a bun?

As long as your hair is long enough to put in a ponytail, you can wear it in a bun. The volume and height of the bun will depend on how long your hair is. The longer your hair, the higher and bigger you can go. However, there’s nothing wrong with rocking a beautiful low bun, or even a half-up bun if your hair is shorter.

How do I style my hair in a bun?

There are many ways to create a bun. Most techniques start with a simple ponytail. From there, you can twist or braid the hair and wrap around the elastic before securing it. Alternatively, you can use a bun donut or sock to create an elegant, structured shape. Finally, for a super simple, messy bun, scoop your hair into a ponytail, passing the hair through the elastic once. Then on subsequent passes, only pull the hair halfway through before starting the next loop.


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