35 Popular Feed-in Braids Hairstyles for 2022

Feed In Braids


If you are looking for a protective style that is quick, easy, and ultra-stylish, look no further than feed-in braids. Feed-in braids are braided extensions that are added to the hair to create a seamless and natural appearance. They have no knots, making them more gentle on the scalp, and this process also makes the braids quicker to install. The hair extensions you use can be of varying lengths, thicknesses, and types and can be styled to suit your preference, whether this is an intricate design or something simple and practical that is perfect for every day. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about feed-in braids and get inspired by these fantastic looks that are trending in 2022.


What are Feed-In Braids?

Many braided hairstyles use knots during the installation process, but the appeal of feed-in braids is that they are knotless and created by gradually feeding in the hair extensions with your natural hair. The seamless blend creates a natural and less bulky look than other styles but will also result in less tension on the scalp. There are many ways to experiment with feed-in braids, letting you find a look that reflects your style. They can be created long or short, thick or thin, and look great with various accessories, including different beads, cuffs, and other jewels. Feed-in braids may not be as long-lasting as other techniques and generally last around two weeks, but they are more gentle on the scalp and cause less tension.


What Are Feed In Braids


How to do a Feed-In Braid?

Feed-in braids are versatile and stylish, but their biggest appeal is how quick they are to install. Any good stylist can help you achieve the look of your dreams, or you can try it out yourself by watching the YouTube video below for a step-by-step guide on how to seamlessly blend hair extensions with your natural hair for the best results. The instructions are very clear, and there are also tips for the most effective results, like working on hair that has been stretched or blow-dried smooth. You will also find everything you will need to achieve the look.



Feed-in Braid Styles

1. 2 Feed In Braids

Feed-in braids are a fantastic option if you are looking for a scalp-friendly hairstyle as they cause less friction on the scalp because they are knotless. They are also incredibly versatile and can be styled in multiple ways, depending on your preference; this includes trying a look with two braids. There are several ways to achieve this, including creating a thick braid on either side of the hair or experimenting with two braids on one side and a hair design. The versatility is your opportunity to get creative, finding a look that best reflects your preference.


2 Feed In Braids


2. 2 Feed-In Braids with Designs

Feed-in braids can be styled to look simple or involve an intricate design; the more complicated the braids, the more expensive they will be. Hair designs on the scalp make for a statement and eye-catching finish that is ideal for the woman who wants to express herself and let some of her personality show. There are various styles to choose from, including opting for two big braids and a unique pattern on the hairline. Feed-in braids use hair extensions and add them to the hair without knots, giving you a natural finish and hair that is less likely to cause tension on the scalp.


2 Feed In Braids With Designs


3. Feed-In Braids to the Back

Styling your hair so that the braids are focused away from the hairline and to the back is incredibly stylish. This is a great way to open up the face and highlight your features. There are several ways to achieve this look, including incorporating an interesting and eye-catching pattern on the scalp. You can make them as long or as short as you wish, but longer braids tend to make more of a statement. The feed-in technique is practical and stylish, making the installation process faster and giving you natural-looking braids.


Feed In Braids To The Back


4. Goddess Feed-In Braids

Feed-in braids are created when a stylist feeds in hair extensions without using knots. They are incorporated to give you a seamless and natural finish and can be made in various lengths and thicknesses and styled as you wish. This includes Goddess braids, which are a thicker version of cornrows and are created using the underhand braiding technique. Goddess braids have a gorgeous, feminine appearance, and they are incredibly versatile, letting you style them as you wish. They look great up or down, long or short, and lend themselves well to the use of accessories, including cuffs and beads, which give your hair a personal touch.


Goddess Feed In Braids (1)


5. 4 Feed-In Braids

The best thing about feed-in braids is their versatility, and you can use a wide range of hair thicknesses, textures, and lengths. This allows you to create the braided look of your dreams with little effort and is an excellent option for someone who wants a protective style that is gentle on the scalp. For an eye-catching look, you can try four feed-in braids, which feature four separate sections that the hair is parted into. There is a wide range of styles, including experimenting with different patterns on the scalp, so find a look that best reflects your preference.


4 Feed In Braids


6. 6 Feed-In Braids

Six feed-in braids are great for achieving a more intricate braided style and are created by sectioning the hair into six separate braided sections. Using hair extensions and the feed-in braided technique will ensure that you have enough length and thickness to create your desired look. The braiding process will also be much faster to install, taking only a few hours to complete. Work with your hairstylist to find the look that best suits you, but be as creative as you wish, including experimenting with interesting patterns on the scalp or trying new coloring methods like ombre.


Six Feed In Braids


7. Layered Feed-In Braids

Feed-in braids are appealing because the installation process is quick. They are also a fantastic protective style that gives you versatility in how you style your hair. Layered braids refer to the style which replicates layered haircuts, giving you hair that appears at different levels, which adds to the depth and dimension of your hairstyle. They can be worn at varying lengths but are often most flattering when styled to frame the face. This highlights your features and gives you a youthful finish. Use the feed-in technique to add hair extensions in a seamless and natural-looking way.


Layered Feed In Braids


8. Ponytail Feed-In Braids

If you have naturally very short hair, using hair extensions and the feed-in technique will allow you to try out a style that you could not without the hair extensions, including a ponytail. Ponytails are one of the simplest updos but are very effective. Keeping the hair away from your neck and face is cool and practical; especially during the summer months or when working out. A ponytail can also be styled to look polished and professional. You can also give your look a personal touch with the hair elastics you choose. Clear bands are great for a simple and effective look, or you can channel the 90s with a bright scrunchie; the choice is yours!


Ponytail Feed In Braids


9. Small Feed-In Braids

Small braids are a fantastic protective style that looks good when worn long or short. They can make a statement but are also perfect for everyday use and can be lightweight, and are great for those with thin or short hair. They will also cause less damage to your roots. Feed-in braid is a process that uses hair extensions, adding them into your hair without using knots to create a natural finish. The technique will cause less tension on the scalp and last for around two weeks.


Small Feed In Braids


10. Straight Back Feed-In Braids

Straight-back feed-in braids are great for those who want a look that keeps the hair away from the face. This can be incredibly stylish as it can open up your face and highlight your features; it is particularly flattering on those with a strong jawline and cheekbones. Keeping the braided style in the back of the head also draws attention to the scalp. It allows you to experiment with different patterns, from intricate details to something simple and versatile. The style can be adapted to suit your preference, including trying out various lengths, but longer braids can often make more of an impact. This look will last around two weeks, depending on how well you care for your hair.


Straight Back Feed In Braids


11. Feed-In Braids with Curly Ends

A braided style with curly ends is ideal for a gorgeous look that is ultra-feminine and lets you show off your curly hair texture. The contrast between the braided top and the bottom makes your hairstyle texturally interesting, but the curls also add a softness to your appearance. You can style them long or short, but hair that falls around the face can create a face-framing effect which is incredibly flattering. Using feed-in braids gives you the option of adding hair extensions of your chosen texture, thickness, and length. It adds them to the hair in a seamless way, without using knots, to create a natural appearance. It is important to note that leaving your braids curly at the end can be higher maintenance, and you will need to care for them accordingly.


Feed In Braids With Curly Ends


12. Feed-In Box Braids

Box braids are one of the most iconic and versatile braided styles. They are created by sectioning the hair into squares and working it into individual plaits, which gives it a box-like appearance, hence the name. Box braids can be made long or short, thick or thin, and look great. They are also one of the most low-maintenance braided styles and can last for around eight weeks. However, if your hair is thinner, you may wish to keep them in for a shorter period. Feed-in braids are ideal for reducing tension on the scalp and making the installation process faster.


Feed In Box Braids


13. Feed-In Braids for Kids

Feed-in braids are ideal for kids because they do not want to sit as long. This process is much faster, which is very appealing when creating a braided hairstyle for kids. Feed-in braids can give the hair volume and length and can be made in different styles to suit your child’s preference, including a braided top bun or cornrows with beads. With braided looks for children, the idea is to make them as practical and comfortable as possible, and because the feed-in technique does not use knots, it is gentler on the scalp. They will also cause less tension.


Feed In Braids For Kids


14. Side 2 Feed-In Braids

Creating a braided look that features braids on the side can be incredibly stylish and feminine. There are also multiple ways to try out this style; from large, statement braids and keeping the rest of the hair simple to something more daring, like pairing your braids with an undercut, giving you an edgy and cool appearance that also creates a contrast. Work with your stylist to create a look that best reflects your personality, but most things are possible with feed-in braids, as hair extensions can add volume and length to your hair. They also come in a wide range of different textures and colors so that you can experiment with the finish.


Side 2 Feed In Braids


15. 2 Layer Feed-In Braids

Feed-in braids appeal to anyone who wants to reduce tension on their scalp. They are created by gradually feeding hair extensions into the hair, seamlessly blending them without using knots. The result is hair that looks natural and has less bulk. They can also be created in various styles, letting you experiment with different textures or hairstyles. A layered braided effect creates hair at different lengths to give your hair more depth and dimension. Two-layer braids are done by braiding the hair in a way that is in two directions. This is ideal for creating a visually striking look.


2 Layer Feed In Braids


16. Half Up Half Down Feed-In Braids

The half up half down hairstyle is one of the prettiest and most versatile styles and looks great when created with braids. The look’s appeal is that you get the best of both worlds; you can show off your braids while also pulling the hair away from your face, highlighting your features. The style can look neat and polished or can be twisted up in a loose bun on top for a more relaxed and romantic finish. Using the feed-in technique will let you install your braids much quicker and can be the length of your choosing. You can also leave a few strands loose around the face to frame it.


Half Up Half Down Feed In Braids


17. 5 Feed-In Braids

The process of feed-in braids is created by adding hair extensions to the hair in a beautiful, seamless way. Feeding in the hair is done without using knots and can make achieving your desired braided style a much faster and more enjoyable process; you will not have to sit in the styling chair for an entire day. This also gives you more opportunity to experiment with different finishes and looks that you could not try with your natural hair. This could include a look that uses five braids, sectioning the hair into five separate parts. There are many ways to complete this look, including the angles at which you place the braids. You can also choose where to place the parting at the hairline or which pattern on the scalp you prefer.


5 Feed In Braids


18. 8 Feed-In Braids

Eight feed-in braids are ideal for a woman who wants an intricate braided style consisting of eight separate sections. This look can make a statement and can be constructed in several ways, including complicated styles requiring more hair and length. The great thing about feed-in braids is that the process is faster and easier, but they also offer a lot of versatility. You can choose hair extensions of various colors, lengths, and textures, making it easy to create your desired look.


Eight Feed In Braids


19. Feed-In Stitch Braids

Feed-in braids use hair extensions that are installed to create a seamless and natural finish. They are not as long-lasting as other techniques, usually lasting for around two weeks, but the appeal is that they are more gentle on the scalp and much faster to install. Stitch braids are achieved using the stitch-in braided technique and sections the hair into horizontal lines. The stitch feed in braid uses a slightly different technique from the classic feed-in option. Your desired style can be worn down or up and created in varying thicknesses and lengths.


Feed In Stitch Braids


20. Jumbo Feed-In Braids

Jumbo braids make a statement. The oversized look is fantastic for achieving a hairstyle that demands attention and makes it easy to show off your braided pattern. Your jumbo braids can be created in the style of your choosing, including box braids or passion twists. They are a fantastic option for those with naturally thick hair and look great with accessories like rings, beads, and jewels. Using the feed-in technique lets you add the hair extension of your choice to your hair with little effort. It is faster to install and super-stylish. These jumbo braids will also not be uncomfortable as they are created using a knotless method which tends to cause less tension on the scalp.


Jumbo Feed In Braids


21. Bohemian Feed-In Braids

Consider feed-in braids for a braided hairstyle that is quick and easy to install and looks great. This look is created using hair extensions, which are seamlessly fed into the natural hair, removing bulk and making a natural appearance. There are many ways to try out this look, letting you experiment with the finish. An ultra-stylish option includes a bohemian braided hairstyle. This hairstyle is less structured and appeals to those who want to create a romantic and laid-back appearance. It is also a look that lends itself well to accessorizing, including using shells or wooden beads.


Bohemian Feed In Braids


22. Creative Feed-In Braids

Feed-in braids differ in price, depending on the intricacy of your look, but are often quite affordable. They are also incredibly versatile, and you can use hair extensions of various textures, lengths, colors, and thicknesses. This allows you to experiment with your hairstyle, and you can be as creative as you wish. This can be achieved with intricate patterns on the scalp, styling the hair in unique and contrasting looks like braids and an undercut, or with accessories or color. You can add beads, cuffs, and hair rings to let your hair reflect your style, or you could opt for different partings or bold and bright colors; the choice is yours!


Creative Feed In Braids


23. Cute Feed-In Braids

Feed-in braids are appealing for many reasons, including their versatility. There are many options for how you style your hair, letting you choose edgy and cool looks or super cute and girly. This includes trying out bright hair colors and stylish accessories, allowing you to add a personal touch to your braided hair and express yourself. The feed-in braiding technique uses hair extensions that give you volume and length that you could perhaps not achieve with your natural hair. This is a fantastic way to experiment with different styles, including a half-up, half-down hairstyle, or a high ponytail.


Cute Feed In Braids


24. Feed-In Braids Into a Low Bun

The appeal of braided hairstyles is that they are incredibly versatile and can be styled in various ways. Braids are a protective style, helping to prevent friction and breakage, which can aid natural hair growth. Some braids are very tight and can cause tension on the scalp, whereas feed-in braids offer a better solution. They are created using hair extensions that are fed into the hair, seamlessly combining with your natural hair to create a gorgeous finish. You can style the hair in several ways, including with a simple updo like a low bun. The low bun is more comfortable than a higher bun, which is often tighter. It is also quick and easy to do and great for a formal occasion or every day.


Feed In Braided Low Bun


25. Feed-In Cornrow Braids

Cornrows are one of the most popular braided hairstyles and are created using the underhand braiding technique to create raised plaits on the scalp. They are incredibly adaptable and can be made large or small and styled in several ways. Feed-in braids are ideal for reducing tension on the scalp and want a quick and easy installation process. They are created by using hair extensions and feeding them into the hair seamlessly to create a hairstyle that has less bulk and looks more natural.


Feed In Cornrow Braids


26. Blonde Feed-In Braids

Is the saying blondes have more fun true? You can determine this statement for yourself by opting for blonde feed in braids. The appeal of feed-in braids is that they use hair extensions, which can be of varying thicknesses, textures, lengths, and colors. This is a wonderful way to experiment with hair color without damaging your natural hair. Blonde hair is striking and looks gorgeous on those with deeper skin tones. It is also a wonderful way to highlight your braided pattern and style. Try out long box braids or jumbo passion twists; there are many styles, so the choice is yours!


Blonde Feed In Brids


27. Feed-In Braids With Heart

If you are looking for a hairstyle that lets you have some fun, this could be it. Creating your braids in a heart shape is an excellent way to express yourself and could be a reminder of the importance of self-love or show those who you care about just how much they mean to you. Feed-in braids use hair extensions, which give you a lot of versatility with your look. You can experiment with various thicknesses and colors to create the perfect finish.


Heart Feed In Braids


28. Criss Cross Feed-In Braids

Criss-cross braids are knotless braids that have a criss-cross pattern. They can be created in several ways, depending on your preference. They are not one of the longest-lasting styles and will only last around a week, but they are appealing because they are visually striking and can make a statement, drawing attention to the scalp. You can pair them with multiple styles, including wearing your hair long or short and up or down. Let your creativity be your guideline, and have fun!


Criss Cross Feed In Braids


29. Side Part Two Feed-In Braids

A side part is one of the most flattering partings and tends to compliment most face shapes. It can be an excellent way to soften the face and is easy to pull off, and is ideal for women of all ages. The side part can also be combined with the style of your choosing. Incorporating two feed-in braids, which will help you achieve a stylish finish. Your hair can be adapted to suit your preference, including different lengths, thicknesses, and braided styles, letting you experiment with the finish. Feed-in braids are appealing because they are versatile and quick to install. Plus, they will reduce tension on the scalp, making them ideal for someone who wants a more comfortable braided style.


Side 2 Feed In Braids


30. Lemonade Feed-In Braids

If you are a fan of Beyonce, you are probably already familiar with Lemonade braids, named after the look she wore on the cover of her album, Lemonade. The style uses close cornrows that go from left to right but is incredibly versatile and can be created long or short, thick or thin, or in the colors of your choosing. For a statement look, you can try out a bold and bright shade that will demand attention. Or try a lighter color like blonde will highlight the braids. You can also experiment with your finish, letting it reflect your style. This can be done with accessories, including rings or beads.


Lemonade Feed In Braids


31. Feed-In Braid Bun

The bun hairstyle is one of the most simple and easy-to-achieve updos. It takes little skill to pull your braids into a bun. It is also an incredibly practical look, ideal for warmer climates and to keep the hair away from the face and off the neck. The bun can be great for everyday or styled to look neat and professional, making it the perfect choice for more formal events. You can also try space buns, a look that features two top buns, for a 90s approach that is cute and girly. Braiding your hair is a protective style designed to reduce friction and breakage.


Feed In Braid Bun


32. Long Feed-In Braids

Feed-in braids are much better for the scalp because they are created without knots and are less tight. This is also ideal if you want longer or larger braids, which can often be heavier and cause more tension on the scalp, as the feed-in braids help counteract this. Long braids are great for making a statement and can have a very feminine and stylish finish. You can choose from a wide range of textures, thicknesses, and colors when choosing extensions without causing damage to your natural hair. Long braids also give you versatility with how you wear them, including letting you try out multiple updos.


Long Feed In Braids


33. Middle Part Feed-In Braids

The great thing about braided hairstyles is their versatility, and they can be finished to reflect your preference best. This includes the partings or patterns on your scalp you choose. For those who want a high-impact look, try middle parting. This is one of the most trendy ways to wear hair and draws attention to the face. The sharpness of the look can complement braided styles that are sleek and straight or give contrast to curly braids. The downside to the middle part is that it is not forgiving on those with asymmetrical features and suits only a few face shapes.


Middle Part Feed In Braids


34. Feed-In French Braids

French braids are a timeless and classic style that looks good on women of all ages. It is a braided look that is incredibly versatile and can be worn every day or styled for more special occasions and accessories like flowers and crowns. If you have short or fine hair and want to create a French braid, feeding in hair extensions can help you achieve this, giving your hair more volume and length. The style will not last as long as other protective styles, but it is not overly complicated to create either.


Feed In French Braids


35. Ponytail Goddess Feed-In Braids

Feed-in braids are not long-lasting, but they are an excellent choice for someone who wants to try a protective hairstyle. This is because it is created without knots. Instead, add the hair extensions to the hair for a natural and gorgeous finish. They can also be used for a range of different looks, including Goddess braids styled into a ponytail. A ponytail is a simple and chic hairstyle and can be worn high for a sleek and polished finish. Or messy and low for a more romantic and relaxed feel.


Ponytail Goddess Feed In Braids


Feed-in Braids FAQs

Do feed-in braids grow your hair?

Feed-in braids are a protective hairstyle that can aid natural hair growth by preventing friction and breakage. However, they do not make your hair grow.

How long do feed-in braids last?

Feed-in braids do not last as long as other braided techniques and generally last two weeks. This can differ slightly depending on how well you care for them and the intricacy of your style.

What is the purpose of feed-in braids?

The purpose of feed-in braids is that they are created by using hair extensions and a technique that does not use knots. The extensions are seamlessly fed into the natural hair, making a natural appearance and removing bulk. The method is also gentler on the scalp and should result in less tension. Feed-in braids are also appealing because they are much quicker to install; you will not have to spend the entire day in the salon. They last around two weeks, so you do not have to commit to your style for the long term.

What’s the difference between feed in and stitch braids?

Feed-in braids and stitch braids are very similar and share many similarities, the only difference being the slight change in the technique. There is also a difference in how long they last, and in general, feed-in braids do not last as long, only for around two weeks.


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