38 Best Minimalist Wallets for Men in 2022

Best Minimalist Wallets for Men


If you’re a gent with simple yet sophisticated taste, shopping for a suitable wallet can be somewhat difficult. After all, designs that are fashionable, functional, and minimal aren’t always easy to find. Whether you’re after a bulk-banishing bifold wallet or an elegant cardholder for your essential items, we’ve got you covered. Here are the best minimalist wallets that will keep your polished look intact.


1. Rains Folded Wallet

Rains Folded Wallet is a minimal take on the daily staple. The clean design features five card slots and a snap-fastened coin pocket. The wallet is cut in Rains’ signature waterproof PU fabric, engineered for carrying strength, durability, and a smooth feel. It comes with a 2-year product warranty and 30 days money-back guarantee!


Rains Folded Wallet

2. Buffway Slim Minimalist Front Pocket Leather Wallet

Finding a wallet that is small enough to carry in your back pocket is hard, and soon enough many find themselves resembling George Costanza’s wallet. This sleek design is minimalist in design and slim in size, so you can place it in your pocket or travel bag, all while holding the essential items you need every day. There are eight slots available to use, and the RFID blocking technology prevents electronic signals, keeping your cards and ID safe.



Buffway Slim Minimalist Front Pocket Leather Wallet


3. Hayvenhurst Slim Minimalist Metal Wallet

Created with high-quality materials – military-grade metal, RFID blocking technology, and an integrated money clip, this is the wallet of the future. It’s light and secure, so you can carry it around every day with confidence. You can carry up to 12 cards in this accessory, without having to stretch them out – simply push your finger to access one or all of them at once.



Hayvenhurst Slim Minimalist Metal Wallet


4. Muradin Men’s Wallet Tactical Bifold Wallet

Looking for a tactical wallet that is built to last? This men’s wallet is a perfect choice. With a frame constructed from aluminum and faux leather outer, you don’t have to compromise on style for a sturdy cardholder. You can fill it with up to 12 cards, and add up to five notes inside. Rather than sliding the cards out one by one, the technology behind this design allows you to push them out in a sleek way.



Men's Wallet Tactical Bifold Wallet


5. Tactical Minimalist Wallet for Men

For the guy who wants to combine style with security, then look no further than this tactical wallet, This bi-fold design stops it from expanding too much, so you can always have a sleek fit, no matter what. Fit up to eight cards, and ensure that you’re keeping them safe, thanks to its RFID blocking technology. You can even add a chain or rope to the ring clasp, so you can attach it to your belt for extra portability.



Tactical Minimalist Wallet For Men


6. Harber London – RFID Card Holder

Looking for a wallet that provides protection from thieves, and looks good? This full-grain leather cardholder is available in several colors, with a two-tone design and a slim handmade Spanish construction that sits easily in a pocket or jacket. What’s more, this will age beautifully and can fit up to eight cards comfortably.



Rfid Card Holder


7. Biigell Slim Aluminum Metal Wallet For Men

Do you want a wallet that looks like it’s straight from the future? This slim aluminum design is the ultimate in security, constructed from high-quality metal without feeling too heavy. You can store up to 15 cards in this wallet, and place the ID card at the front, which is easy to show off at any time. It’s also an excellent choice if you need to swipe into your workplace every day, but don’t want to take the card out each time you enter the building.



Slim Aluminum Metal Wallet For Men


8. R.M.Williams Urban Slim Zip Wallet

Be ready for anything and live your best life with the slim zip wallet from R.M Williams. This urban design is small and sleek, with a wrap-around zip that keeps everything safe and secure. This wallet is constructed from bovine leather, which is durable and stylish – the debossed logo and silver-tone hardware add an element of sophistication that sets it apart from the others.



R.m.williams Urban Slim Zip Wallet


9. FIDELO Minimalist Wallet for Men

With a three-piece snap closure, leather construction, and minimal design, this is a game-changer for wallets. You can store cash, cards, IDs, and receipts all with a push of a finger. It’s super slim so you can store it in your pocket or bag, plus the RFID blocking technology will secure your cards and ID easily – but won’t cover any hotel or access cards. The three pieces included in this design are a removable leather case, and an accented money clip to hold even more stuff every day.



Fidelo Minimalist Wallet For Men Slim Credit Card Holder Rfid Mens Wallets With Leather Case


10. VULKIT Card Holder Pop Up Men’s Wallet

If you’re on the lookout for a wallet that holds more than ten cards, then look no further. This cardholder houses up to five cards in the card case, six cards, and notes in the four side slots. You can say goodbye to pulling out every card at once to access the ones you want – the button on the side pops all of them up at once for easier access, which also keeps it slim and sleek for easy wear.



Vulkit Card Holder Pop Up Men's Wallet


11. ROCO RFID Blocking Money Clip

The RFID Blocking Money Clip from ROCO is minimalist and modern. It promises to carry your cards in style while protecting your information and identity.



ROCO RFID Blocking Money Clip


12. Bellroy Micro Sleeve

The name of this slender card holder says it all. The Micro Sleeve from Bellroy is incredibly slim and perfect for the minimalist gent who prefers only to carry the bare essentials.


Bellroy Micro Sleeve


13. Travelambo RFID Blocking Minimalist Wallet

The minimalistic design of this wallet from Travelambo combined with the subtle texture of its crosshatch leather makes it simple yet sophisticated.



Travelambo RFID Blocking Front Pocket Wallet in Crosshatch Leather


14. Radix One Slim Wallet

Thanks to its durable polycarbonate parts, the Radix One Slim Wallet is ultralight and significantly thinner than most existing wallets. The impressive and stylish design can comfortably hold four to ten cards as well as cash.



Radix One Slim Wallet


15. Bosca Old Leather Minimalist Wallet

Exquisite leather, three credit card spaces, a top-loading slot, and a front magnetic money clip make the Bosca Old Leather Deluxe Wallet worthy of your hard-earned dollars.



Bosca Old Leather Deluxe Front Pocket Wallet


16. Huskk Slim Card Sleeve Bifold Wallet

Elegance, comfort, and convenience are what the Slim Card Sleeve Bifold Wallet boasts. Created by Huskk, the genuine leather wallet packs RFID blocking, two multi-functional pockets, and one cash strap all into its slender frame.


Huskk Slim Card Sleeve Bifold Wallets

17. HuMn Minimalist Wallet

Slim, simple, and perfect for travel, the HuMn Men’s Wallet will hold your cash and cards secure between its RFID shielding, aircraft-grade, aluminum metal plates. The unique color and shape also make it everything your old wallet is not.



HuMn Men's Wallet


18. Timberland Minimalist Wallet

Timberland is a brand that has been tried and trusted, and they pride themselves on creating pieces that are excellent quality, but also for people on the go. For this reason, their accessories are practical and often hardy. Take the Men’s Minimalist Front Pocket Slim Money Clip Wallet as an example. The wallet is crafted using Italian leather, the design is durable, but also soft to the touch. You can store up to four cards, as well as an ID, and you can make use of the stylish money clip.



Timberland Minimalist Wallet


19. Bellroy Card Sleeve Slim Wallet

When a traditional wallet feels too bulky, try lightening your load with a simple yet stylish card sleeve. This one from Bellroy is the perfect example of function combined with fashion.



Bellroy Card Sleeve


20. Mr Wallet Card Clip Slim Wallet

The Mr Wallet Card Clip Wallet is made from genuine top-grain leather and features five card slots and a magnetic cash clip. On top of that, it’s also RFID secure.



Mr. Wallet Card Clip Wallet


21. Boconi Grant Passport Minimalist Wallet

In need of a minimal wallet that can house your passport during travel? The Boconi Grant Passport Case is just what you need to hit the sky in style.



Boconi Grant Passport Case


22. SERMAN BRANDS RFID Blocking Leather Wallet

Slim, stylish, and practical, the SERMAN BRANDS RFID Blocking Genuine Leather Wallet can hold up to ten cards and cash with no bulk.



Serman Brands Rfid Blocking Genuine Leather Wallet


23. Hammer Anvil RFID Blocking Minimalist Wallet

Made from genuine leather, the Hammer Anvil RFID Blocking Minimalist Slim Card Case Wallet is a favorite amongst gents. Ideal for businessmen, this wallet appears sleek while offering space to carry both cards and cash.



Hammer Anvil RFID Blocking Minimalist Slim Card Case Wallet


24. Travelambo RFID Blocking Slim Wallet

Thanks to its compact design, the RFID Blocking Front Pocket Wallet from Travelambo can slip into your back pocket with ease. No matter if you’re wearing suit pants or skinny jeans, this ultra-slim professional wallet will easily fit without creating an unflattering chunky appearance.



Travelambo RFID Blocking Front Pocket Wallet

25. Huskk Card Sleeve Minimalist Wallet

This Slim Card Sleeve Wallet from Huskk proves that minimalist design can be exciting. Thanks to its superior craftsmanship and modern shape, this wallet is undoubtedly a contemporary classic.



Men Wallet Rfid Minimalist Slim Front Pocket Card Travel Holder Clip


26. House of Jack Co. ID Bifold Slim Wallet

Featuring a brown leather construction completed with an antique silver metal money clip, this Bifold Front Pocket Wallet from House of Jack is masculine minimalism at its best.



House of Jack Co. ID Bifold Front Pocket Wallet


27. Le’aokuu RFID Leather Minimalist Wallet 

The Le’aokuu RFID Leather Minimalist Slim Wallet is a fantastic design because it looks sturdy and rugged. It is made using leather, and because of this, it will wear and get scratches, but that is part of the overall appeal. Other highlights to consider is the ample space, including six card slots, a section for cash, and an ID slot. Like many modern wallets, the Le’aokuu also makes use of advanced RFID secure technology to protect your cards.






28. Herschel Charlie RFID Minimalist Wallet

If a leather wallet is not your style, you will be excited by Herschel’s polyester Charlie design. What makes this piece stand out is the interesting prints and colors, and there is a large selection to choose from, depending on your preference. This accessory makes use of a signature striped fabric, but it doesn’t just look good; it also comes with an RFID blocking layer, which gives added security to your cards. There are several card slots and plenty of space to store everything you need.




Herschel Men's Charlie Rfid


29. Bifold with RFID Slim Wallet

If you’re looking to upgrade your old bifold, you may be drawn to this design from Cozierr. The wallet is crafted using genuine leather and has a simple yet sleek design. Despite the slim appearance, the bifold can carry up to eight cards. There is also space to store your ID card. A significant highlight of the product is the RFID technology, which gives you added security. What this means is that your contactless cards will not be scanned without your approval.




Bifold Wallet


30. Njjex RFID Blocking Slim Bifold Wallet

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to find a great wallet, as the Njjex RFID Blocking Slim Bifold proves. Despite the low price tag, this accessory is great for those who love minimalism and is genuine leather. Made from cowhide with a coating finish, you can use this bifold daily, keeping your cash close at hand, as well as offering three card pockets and an ID photo slot.




Njjex Rfid Blocking


31. AlpineSwiss Slim Leather Money Clip

Do you want something classic and sleek? Look no further than AlpineSwiss Men’s Leather Money Clip. The design is slim, so you don’t have to worry about carrying around something bulky, and the magnetic money clip is convenient for storing cash safely and stylishly. The wallet is crafted from leather and comes in a selection of colors. There is also space for three cards and an ID window.



Alpineswiss Slim Leather Money Clip

32. Serman Brands RFID Blocking Slim Wallet

The Serman Brands logo sits proudly on their bifold, and you’ll probably be pleased to call this wallet yours, too. Designed with full-grain, handcrafted leather, the product is excellent for both cash and cards, including quick draw and interior pocket slots. The company is also serious about security, which is why they use RFID technology to help block signals and prevent unauthorized scans. Choose from a selection of classic colors to suit your style preference.



Serman Brands Rfid Blocking Slim Wallet

33. AcessDenied Slim Minimalist Wallet

AccessDenied is a great brand, so much so that it comes with a lifetime warranty! This particular wallet is a slim design, crafted from full-grain leather, resulting in a product that is long-lasting but also stylish. The minimalist piece may be compact, but you still have room for four credit card slots, an ID window, and a cash compartment. Although it’s the perfect item for all your daily needs, it would also make an excellent gift for a loved one as it comes in a gift box.



Acessdenied Slim Minimalist Wallet


34. Mignova Carbon Fiber Minimalist Wallet

If traditional wallets are not for you, you’ll love the Mignova Carbon Fiber Wallet. What makes this design special is that it’s crafted using stainless steel and carbon fiber, and is super easy to use, plus a lot slimmer than your traditional wallet. Great for daily use, this sleek accessory can hold up to 12 cards. The cards can easily be removed thanks to the webbing that has been incorporated on three sides.



Mignova Carbon Fiber Minimalist Wallet

35. AccessDenied Slim Bifold Wallet

When you’re on the go, you don’t want a bulky wallet shoved into your pocket, and AccessDenied’s Slim Bifold is perfect for casual wear, or your business attire. It’s a simple design, which is expertly made from genuine leather and will be able to hold everything you need as you go about your daily activities. The high-quality will also ensure that the product lasts a long time, and it’s the sort of design that is timeless. Plus, if the wallet is not to your liking, feel free to send it back because this company is serious about customer satisfaction.




Accessdenied Slim Bifold Wallet

36. Platinum Hanger Money Clip Wallet

When picking out the best minimalist wallet from Platinum Hanger, there is plenty of choice in terms of color, but we especially like the orange money clip cardholder. It’s a sleek little accessory that has space for three card slots, a section for cash, and an extra space that can hold your driver’s license or ID card. The piece is durable, stylish, and it’s easy to get your essentials in and out of the holder.



Platinum Hanger Money Clip Wallet

37. AccessDenied Genuine Leather Slim Wallet

There are many wallet designs on the market, but you can’t go wrong with this one. Do you want something to store your money in that is classic, good quality, and durable? Of course, which is why AccessDenied’s credit card holder is for you. The wallet is pretty standard, with space for cards, cash, and an ID, but it also comes with RFID blocking technology so you can feel more secure.




Access Denied Genuine Leather Credit Card Holder


38. ID STRONGHOLD RFID Front Pocket Slim Wallet

Identity Stronghold prides itself on being a brand that is recognized and respected when it comes to RFID protection. Every slot if shielded, whether it’s holding your credit and debit cards, hotel room key, or driver’s license. There are three card slots, which can fit up to 20 cards, as well as cash. What men love about this design is that it’s so easy to carry around, plus, the wallet is genuine leather.




Id Stronghold Rfid Front Pocket Slim Wallet


39. Harber London – Passport Wallet

Sometimes the most simple designs are the most impressive – this Harber London passport wallet does it all. Handcrafted in Spain from full grain leather, it’s slim enough to fit in your pocket or travel bag, but has plenty of room to store up to nine cards and important documents, such as a standard passport. While there are three colors to choose from, each ensign features a two-tone design, so you can stand out from everyone else.


Harber London Passport Wallet



What are the best minimalist wallets?

The ideal minimalist wallet is super slim, secure, and sophisticated. These wallets hold the essentials – a credit or debit card, ID, and some cash – in a fuss-free, high-quality case. For everyday use, a Bellroy Card Sleeve is a great choice, while the HuMn Minimalist Wallet with its RFID-blocking capability is recommended for travel. For a more formal, upmarket minimalist wallet, try the Bosca. 

What is the thinnest wallet?

DUN wallets are known as the ‘world’s smallest bifold’ wallet, measuring less than a quarter of an inch thick. However, many card sleeves maybe even thinner. 


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