4 Helpful Tips for First-Time Vanuatu Travelers

4 Helpful Tips for First-Time Vanuatu Travelers

Vanuatu Travelers: When holidays come and you’re thinking of where to spend your vacation, Vanuatu is one of the great destinations to go to. If you are looking for a tropical paradise, then this beautiful island nation is perfect for you and your loved ones. You will never go wrong with its stunning scenery, lush rainforest, scrumptious food, and tons of water activities being offered.

Vanuatu Travelers
Vanuatu Travelers

Vanuatu is found in the South Pacific Ocean and is near the eastern seaboard cities of Australia. It consists of approximately 83 fantastic islands and is one of the top destinations to visit by travelers. Apparently, Vanuatu is little-known archipelago by many. A lot of people are still not familiar with this place, however, it is home to bountiful beaches, hospitable locals, and breathtaking landscapes.

Thus, if it is your first time to travel to Vanuatu, here are some useful tips on how to make the most out of your vacation in this tropical island:

Learn some Bislama words and phrases

It is nice that you research for some Bislama words and phrases prior to your trip to Vanuatu. Since this archipelago is known for its amiable locals, it is a great idea to communicate with them using their native language. Though it’s just a simple greeting, it will truly mean a lot to them. As an example, you may say “halo” (hello) or “tankyutumas” (thank you very much) to them.

Embrace pure island life

Vanuatu holidays could be your greatest time to relax and unwind. Let the sound of the waves and the gush of the tropical wind give you peace of mind and regenerate your energy. Once you set foot on this island, you have to make sure to embrace the island time. Simply take all the time you need to loosen up because you deserve it once in a while.


Never haggle

Haggling is considered as a rude act in Vanuatu, so never do it once you’re here. When you buy souvenirs, food, or anything, make sure to give the exact amount and do not try to bargain the price anymore. You are in a different place, hence, you have to accept and respect their culture. If you cannot afford it, they might as well not purchase it.

Dress with modesty

Always keep in mind to dress with modesty when you are on a trip in Vanuatu. It is alright to wear bikinis and proper swimsuits while you’re here, but on the beach and poolside only. In fact, exposing your thighs is considered offensive in Vanuatu, so you have to abide to this rule.


On the whole, Vanuatu is a low-key destination ideal for everyone who’s looking for a peaceful, amazing, and unforgettable trip. It is also important that you research about the place you are going to. Educate yourself about their culture and always bear in mind to respect them. You are simply a visitor in a foreign land, so know your limits at all times.

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