4 Home remedies to lose belly fat by Tips Clear

4 Home remedies to lose belly fat by Tips Clear

4 Home Remedies: One of the most embarrassing moment is when you wear your new dress. And your stomach bulges out of it. It hangs like a kangaroo pouch that looks too weird. You wish to remove this extra fat, but it’s not possible in a day or so. As rightly said “ Rome was not built in a day” so is your belly fat. It takes years and months to expand to lose your belly fat. So give a few months to remove the stomach fat using ” Home remedies to lose belly fat” it.

N4 Home remedies for belly fat
4 Home remedies for belly fat

First of all start with the causes that usually increase the fats around the belly.

1.      Eating more calories

2.      Lack of exercise in daily life.

3.      Eating more carbohydrates

4.      Munching junk food

5.      Consumption of healthy food, especially at night.

 Keep an eye

Watch an eye on these fats accumulating factors and then try the following recipe right. You’re your kitchen and enjoy slim belly and sexy figure. Keep patience while trying these remedies as these are result oriented options provided given some time.

Hot water- Whenever you feel thirsty, drink hot water. It works wonders on the belly. For better results, drink around one-liter empty stomach. Hot water will flush out toxins from the body as well.

Honey- Honey is always known as a beauty enhancing the product for ages. Start your day with a hot glass of water, add a spoon of honey with one lemon juice. Drink it empty stomach to see positive results.

Tomatoes- in an attempt to reduce tires from your belly, eat vegetables.

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Curry leaves-Because of many health benefits, curry leaves are advised by many doctors. But you may not be aware that this curry leaves also helps belly shed extra fats by detoxifying your body.

Natural Foods for best results

Mint-Try mint water for useful results. Take a glass of water, add pepper and a spoonful of honey with some crushed mint leaves. Soak it for a few minutes and drink it after straining. This water contains all goodness of treating extra fat, especially in the abdomen area. Honey and pepper used to combinedly dissolve fats whereas mint soothes the belly area.

Ginger- Boil water with some ginger and after removing it from gas mix honey and pepper in it. Drinking this water slowly will not only increase the metabolic rates. But the contents honey and ginger will dissolve fats to make you look slimmer and attractive.


Many of you may not be aware of this wondrous ingredient cinnamon. It is a great fat burner. Use the ½ tablespoon of cinnamon in a glass of water and boil it. Then mix honey and drink this water. For better and fruitful results, drink this early morning or at night before going to bed.


Lemon is the most useful product while targeting beauty and health. It’s not only the lemon juice that plays a vital role. But even the lemon peel can also be used to bleach the brown skin area. Take a glass of hot water that is comfortable to drink. Add lemon juice and honey to it. Sip on this water and see the magic of it. This water not only treats digestive problems but also assists in reducing overall fat from the body. Get back into shape by drinking this wondrous water empty stomach every day.

Always use Home Remedies

Apple cider vinegar- Many of you love to drink water while eating. Instead of water use apple cider vinegar, it will fill your stomach and helps in controlling your food intake.

Cardamom-The spice you use in your tea is a great metabolism booster. It helps in detoxifying and enhances weight reduction.

Garlic- While targeting belly reduction, start your day with chewing 3-4 garlic followed by lemon water. Garlic is one of the best methods for swift belly reduction.

Almonds- This nutritious dry fruit is a great energy booster. Consumption of almonds in the morning breakfast keeps your stomach full for a few hours. Thus, helping in keeping your food intake under control.

Cucumber- The expansion of the belly is well supported with calorie intake. In this case, cucumber helps a lot. It consists of 86% of water. Have more of it to keep your stomach full with its healthy nutrients.

Watermelon- Like cucumber, watermelon is also full of water. With its 82% moisture content, it will not let you crave for food, especially keeping a check on the calorie count.

Oats- Eating oats in breakfast is a healthy option. It will fill your stomach and keep your hunger at bay for a longer period.

Eat food to lose belly fat
Eat food to lose belly fat

One of the best solution on the World

Apple- An Apple a day keeps a doctor away proves how beneficial an apple is. It is full of vitamins and potassium and helps in keeping the desired tummy size.

Beans- It is rich in fibres and assists in belly reduction. When you eat beans, it will fill your stomach without adding more calories to your calorie count. With fewer calories, your chances of the bulging belly reduce.

Avocado-It works best in burning excessive fats. Rich in fibres, it helps in deep cleaning of the belly. Thus, results in small waist size.

Peanut butter- Though butter is regarded only as a calorie booster, but this is not the case with peanut butter. It suppresses appetite and niacin present in it avoid tummy from expanding.

Fish oil- It helps in burning excess fats from the body.

Cranberry Juice- Cranberry juice is rich in organic acid that works as an excellent digestive. Make sure that you drink unsweetened cranberry juice while targeting tummy reduction.

Eggs-If you want to reduce extra fats from your belly, then eggs can help. Add egg white in your daily breakfast and avoid egg yolk. The nutrients present in the egg helps in treating the fat around the tummy.

Yoghurt- It’s weight reduction that we are targeting, so eat plain yoghurt. It will not only provide you with many nutrients but also assists in shedding all those extra pounds that you have lined up at your belly.

Natural food is equal to Medicine

Green tea- The health benefits of green tea are world known. It is an excellent detoxifier and helps in burning extra fats. The daily practice of consuming green tea will help your skin glow with the radiance of youth. Do give it a try for a slimmer figure.

Parsley Juice- This juice is a great calorie burner. The herb works best on kidney and acts as the fat burner. Have more to burn more!

Dandelion tea-Drinking dandelion tea is a better way to reduce extra fats in a healthy way.

Dandelion tea- Dandelion tea also serves the cause of belly reduction.

Celery- Celery contains only eight calories. It is the most economical option to keep fats under check. Celery is one of the best ways to keep belly fat under check. Eat celery in salad daily and drink its juice for keeping your hunger under control for more hours.

Cayenne pepper-

When you consume cayenne pepper with ginger you are in the process of detoxifying. It will assist in cleaning the lungs. Moreover, it will sweep away fats from your body especially stomach. Have it with ginger daily.


Last but not least, water is the most adaptable and result-oriented thing that helps in reducing extra fats. Though it is advised to drink eight glasses of water daily while targeting fat loss, try hot water. Whenever you feel hungry, drink hot water and when you are thirsty then too you have water. The results will be visible on your skin and belly.

Consuming these products will no doubt help in reducing extra fats from your stomach. But if you can take up some exercise daily along with above-mentioned eatables, no wonder you will get the best of both worlds. Don’t forget to do exercise for at least half an hour daily. Your exercise should be a combination of cardio, yoga, walking and run. Happy slimming regime!

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