4 Majestic Waterfalls In Coonoor That Should Be On Your List In 2020

The hill station of Coonoor is rich in immense natural wonders and flora. The moment you go here, you will be mesmerized by its beauty and understand how lovely and peaceful everything is here. Ancient lakes, beautiful hills, picturesque villages and spectacular waterfalls of the place give you the opportunity to get close to nature and be a part of it for a few days. For the most part of the year, the soul-soothing climate and pleasant climate make it an absolute destination for travelers across the country. The vast variety of flora and fauna is also seen here.

You will have lots of things to do and visit in Coonoor. But, the most exciting waterfall among them all will be. Yes! On the banks of the hills and many other such challenging places, these magnificent wonders of nature are scattered all over the deep forests. So, if you want to get out for a fun and thrilling adventure, then visit the waterfall in Coonoor. Here’s a look at some of the best.

4 picturesque waterfalls in Coonoor and nearby

Coonoor has the most beautiful waterfalls in and around it that should be on your radar if you prefer to visit such places. The beauty of the springs will blow your mind away.

1. Catherine Falls

Katherine falls

It is one of the most followed waterfalls in Ooty, a great visual treat for the lovers of nature and an ideal destination for those seeking mental or spiritual peace. Catherine Falls, is named after the husband or wife of a British coffee planner or was formerly known by local tribes and people as Gaddheda Falls. The waterfall passes through the wood of Shola trees, attracting a large number of trekkers and explorers in the year. Climb to the top of the dolphin’s nose approach and from there you can appreciate the amazing views over the twin waterfalls that flow with the drift.

place: Mettupalayam Road, Kotagiri, Tamil Nadu 643201
Distance from Coonoor: 20 km approx.
Waterfall height: 76 m

2. Pykara Fall

Pykara fall

Paykara Falls near Coonoor is one of the most sought after waterfalls. This place has been inhabited by the Toda tribe since ages and is one of only a handful of places where you can find these people living in their original surroundings. You can enjoy fun activities such as relaxing in the sun on the banks of Lake Pykara or sailing on the crystalline waters of the beautiful lake. When you come here during summer you can take some casual attire with you. But remember, this area cools down significantly after night.

place: Pykara, Sholur, Tamil Nadu- 643224
Distance from Coonoor: 40 km
Waterfall height: 55m and 61m respectively

3. Law Falls

Law falls

It is one of the most outstanding waterfalls among other Ooty springs set amidst the rich bushes of Coonoor forest. You can reach the base of the falls by climbing a few steps on a difficult and rock route. Being located close to the main highway, the place attracts a large number of tourists throughout the year, especially in summer. It is an attractive retreat for tourists who want to experience a peaceful getaway.

place: Mettupalayam Road, Coonoor
Distance from Coonoor: 10 km
Waterfall height: 58 m

4. Kalahatti Falls

Kalhatti waterfall

In the event that you are planning a weekend trip with your friends or family, the Kalahatti waterfall in Coonoor should be on your plan. This place is home to a wide range of attractive flora and wildlife which gives you real natural life experiences that flourish amidst the beautiful nature of the district. During the monsoon season, this place is crowded with tourists and photographers for most part of the day. You will be absolutely stunned by the majestic beauty of the waterfall during the rainy season. Sight can lead your heart to avoid a beat or two. There are some points of trekking and hiking around Kalahatti Falls. So remember to pack your trekking gear in the event you decide to find its length and the place that nature has done to us.

place: Sigur Ghat Road, Ooty-643001
Distance from Coonoor: 31 km approx.
Waterfall height: 45 m

These waterfalls in and around Coonoor are worthy of your time and attention. Find solitude from these waterfalls on your next holiday to Coonoor. Get lost in the charm of nature and forget all worries. Places like this will only bring you joy and fond memories. Make sure to remove them from your bucket list and provide yourself with the retreat you’ve been craving forever.

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