4 Theme Parks In Thailand That You Cannot Afford To Miss In 2020!

Thailand is a magical land with breathtakingly beautiful beaches, colorful festivals, rejuvenation of Thai spices, historical towns, temples and more. The enchanting islands, water sports, adventure activities, theme parks, nature and wildlife attract all of Thailand’s tourists to the world. This is why Thailand is one of the full-package destinations that offer everything from fun and food to history and sightseeing. If you are looking for adventure places then you must visit one of these Theme Parks in Thailand And cure your adventurous soul.

4 Theme Parks in Thailand

Take a look at the list of top theme parks in Thailand that blow your mind with the kind of roller coaster ride they offer. Choose Your Ride Wisely!

1. Ramayana Water Park

Ramayan Water Park


A pleasure and adventure water park located in the beautiful surroundings of the landscape mountains and in the southern part of Pattaya. You can enjoy a ride in any of the 50 slides and enjoy any of these attractions. It is one of the largest theme parks in Thailand. The pool is designed to protect your skin, no matter how long you stay inside the pool. There is also a small lagoon with toys inside this theme park.

Pools have filtered, clear water that does no harm to your skin. There is a bar near one of the adult pools, where you can take a dip and enjoy your time during the summer. It has three food outlets that serve superb food and drink. You can relax and spend a good time in a private cabana located close to the lake. You can also take a ride on this river with an inflatable tube.

It is one of the best places to go and have fun with the kids and participate in fun activities. A great family friendly adventure that you can take and enjoy high speed rides, and spend time in the pool. The python and anaconda are famous water rides inside this park. This water park has not found unique slides in any theme park in the world. The slides are suitable for all age groups.

Freefall and aqualope are the largest slides that children and adults can take to the pool. The longest slide inside this park is 280 meters long. Another slide to ride is Boomerango which is a vertical slide that gives a lot of thrill and fun. You can choose to drink and chill in the Relax pool, which has waves. There is also a play area and a place to enjoy the jacuzzi. There is also a green maze inside the park which is fun for children and adults to explore.

Time: 10.00 am to 6.00 pm
place: Sukhmvit Road, Pattaya, Thailand
entrance fees: Starting from INR 2,300

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2. The Million Years Stone Park

The Million Years Stone Park


A unique park built with stone sculptures of animal shape and decorated with plants, flowers, and beautiful caps. It is spread over 70 acres of land and is worth a visit with family and children. You can click pictures and take selfies with the stone sculptures and natural landscapes of this garden. It is one of the new and spectacular attractions in Pattaya. The best place for children and nature lovers as there are attractive areas of landscape gardens. Garden and Stone Park are Thai trees in a zone that is one million years old.

There is a zoo which has a white tiger, crocodiles and many farm animals that you can feed and play with them. There is also a collection of fossils from trees, dating back millions of years, with colorful rocks and beautifully designed gardens from within each region. You can relax and admire the beauty of these gardens.

The entire park is a visual delight. Animal and nature lovers would like to spend the whole day in this park. The place is also suitable for geological students to take field trips and explore fossils and trees that are over a million years old. Various areas have huge rock gardens and exotic species of plants and flowers.

Weddings and other events are organized in this park. Inside the zoo, you will find albino bears, giraffes, elephants, zebras, cranes, horses and endangered fish species of Thailand. There are crocodile shows held daily which attract the attention of visitors. You will admire the mystery surrounding the shape of these stones and delight in the beauty of this park.

Time: 8.00 am to 5.00 pm
place: Bangalamang, Pattaya
entrance fees: Starting from INR 685

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3. Splash Jungle Water Park

Splash Jungle Water Park


Enjoy your full day with family and children in this water theme park, which has many exciting rides, activities and attractions. Sliding on a 350 meter long slide can be very exciting for people of all ages. Holiday in Phuket without water activities in beaches and theme parks. There are various fun areas for children and adults to enjoy the rides and the pool in the thrills and the squirting. Many rides are designed that combine excitement and fun.

The most popular are the Superbowl, Boomerango and Lazy River rides in this park. The Boomerango is a vertical ride that plunges you into a pool of water. Lazy River Ride is a treatment for eyes and senses as it takes you to various scenic areas inside the park. In this ride you will cross gardens and other attractions which are 335 meters long.

All luggage and safety gear are provided in the park. Once you put on a life jacket, you can spend the whole day inside this park riding the waves, swimming, surfing and doing exciting rides. To ensure maximum safety during the ride, you will also be provided with safety helmets as well as rubber boots. This theme park is suitable for children of all age groups.

The many water challenges and hardship rides keep audiences of all age groups excited. You can jump into inflatable areas to reach the pool, and clear various obstacles and challenges that are a part of fun activities. The Zorb Race and floating trampolines are unique fun activities in this theme park.

Time: 10.00am to 5.45pm
place: Thalang, Phuket
entrance fees: Starting from INR 3,526

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4. Frost Ice Magic Park Siam

Frost Ice Magic Park of Siam

Loose igloos and ice domes create the atmosphere of the Arctic Circle. The temperature inside this ice dome is less than 10 ° C. A good place to hang out with family and children and have a unique experience in Thailand. It is a kind of park, different from most water and garden parks that you will find anywhere. While the outside temperature can be hot from 35 to 40 degrees Celsius, entering this park produces heat within minutes.

There are ice sculptures of polar animals such as polar bears, penguins, a snow house of various communities that live in the Arctic Circle. Traditional Thai items are also carved in ice. You’ll find an iced tuk-tuk, snowman, walking people, and more. There is also an ice bar inside this park where free drinks are served to the visitors.

Before entering this park you have to wear layered clothes, long pants, shoes, thick socks and all the warming items. The park has facilities such as renting winter coats which you can choose for the entrance. A coffee and tea restaurant is housed inside an ice dome offering piping hot coffee and tea. This theme park has an outdoor area. There are many sand sculptures that look amazing when illuminated in the dark.

The outer area is a replica of Himpan Forest. It has many sculptures of mythological creatures that you will find in Hindu and Buddhist scriptures. It is quite interesting to know about these creatures and the story behind their creation. This forest is said to surround the Mount Meru which is known as the center of the universe. Many sculptures from Hindu and Thai folklore have been found in this area of ​​the park.

Time: 9 am to 9.00 pm
place: Chonburi-Pattaya Highway
entrance fees: Starting from INR 1,459

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These are among the best theme parks in Thailand. You can go to any of these and have fun with family and children throughout the day. They come with many fun games and activities that are suitable for people of all age groups. Make sure you visit these theme parks if you vacation in Thailand in summer. Nobody else went for a fun trip this year to Thailand.

Frequently Asked Questions about Theme Parks in Thailand

Q. What is the best time to visit a theme park in Thailand?

a. Most theme parks are open throughout the year. If you go to meet them in the summer time, then you can enjoy yourself better by going to the theme park.

Q. What are the best theme parks in Thailand?

a. Siam City Park, Dream World, and Underwater World are the most visited theme parks in Thailand.

Q. Which theme park in Thailand has the largest wave pool in the world?

a. Siam City Theme Park has one of the largest wave pools in the world. You can enjoy many activities on the side of the pool.

Q. Which theme park in Thailand has some unique and best rides?

a. Dream World in Thailand has some of the best water rides like Viking Ship, Sky Coaster etc.

Q. Which theme park in Thailand has the best animal show?

a. Safari World is an animal and bird theme park and a zoo which is the best animal show in Thailand.

Q. Which theme park is based on the cartoon characters of Cartoon Network?

a. Cartoon Network Amazone is the only park in Thailand created with cartoon characters and cartoon themes.

Q. Which Thailand’s theme park is the largest in South Asia?

a. Ramayana Water Park is the largest in South Asia, the longest ride in the world, with many rides and facilities available inside the park.

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