Smart Shoppers guide and Tips to save money      

Smart shoppers: The best way to save money is by being a smart shopper. But you may have certain spending habits that you just can’t seem to kick. You’re not alone, and in fact, many advertisers and companies rely on the fact that they have superior psychology on their side.

smar shoppers
smart shoppers

To avoid the pitfalls and traps of regrettable shopping decisions, consider the following. The following four tips will ensure that you don’t come back from a shopping trip saying ‘now why the heck did I buy that!? Pay attention to the details, all the way down to the nuts, bolts, and quality of washers. Avoid impulse buying at all costs. Use technology for price checks whenever possible. And don’t buy food when you’re hungry.

Pay Attention to the Details        

Pay attention

The devil is in the details when it comes to purchases. There is an incredibly fine line between a bargain that will break in a few uses, and pay a percentage more for something that will last longer. Then there is the matter of luxury vs. practicality. If you’re spending money simply because there’s a celebrity name attached, you might want to rethink and instead purchase something expensive because it has high-quality parts.

Avoid Impulse Buying   

Smart shoppers
Smart shoppers

Ah, yes, we should all know the dangers of impulse buying by now, but it often doesn’t seem to matter. Our brain says that we don’t need that extra blender, but our heart says that it’s just so shiny! To prevent impulse buys, the best tip is to always wait at least a day after you decide you want something before you get it. It doesn’t matter if it’s super expensive or extremely cheap, the only way to avoid the things that you don’t need is by giving your mind a day to think about it and decide the pros and cons without your adrenaline making you make bad decisions. Advertisers know you’re hungry to feel good about purchases and can use that against you.

Use Technology for Price Checks          

Price Checks

Install the latest price checking apps on your phone. Done and done. And then, every time you think about making a purchase at a store, scan the UPC, check the item’s cost against what it’s like somewhere else, and make your decision based on that.

Don’t Buy Food When You’re Hungry

Seriously, don’t go shopping for food when you’re hungry. Your brain is going to be sending you illogical messages about what you actually need to buy because it’s going to be putting you in panic mode about survival and starvation. So eat a good healthy meal, wait for a half hour, and then go to the grocery store. Changing this simple habit can make a tremendous difference in your grocery bill.

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