4 Tips For Using Social Media Responsibly

4 Tips For Using Social Media Responsibly

Using Social Media Responsibly: Social media is the most popular way to stay in touch with your friends and family these days.  Beyond just being a place to stay in touch, it’s also a place to make new friends, discover local events, and even market your business.

As convenient as it can be, however, it also comes with a considerable amount of risks.  Initially, people saw social media as a harmless way to communicate, and it was encouraged to share freely.  However, people are starting to learn more and more that everything that you post online can potentially come back to haunt you.

Using Social Media Responsibly
Using Social Media Responsibly

In order to protect your reputation and privacy, make sure that you follow these tips to make sure that you’re responsibly using social media.

Don’t Post Anything You Wouldn’t Want The World To See

Even if your profile is private, you still have eyes looking at your page.  You never know when someone following you can take a screenshot of your page and share it with someone else.  Posting sensitive information or compromising images online believing that it’s private because of your settings is naive.

If you post something online, you should be willing to accept that it could be viewed by anyone with the right amount of computer skills.  Hacking and privacy breaches are a real thing.

Therefore, don’t post anything that you wouldn’t want to see broadcasted live.  Unfortunately, that’s just the world that we now live in.

Turn Off Geo tagging

One of the most important things to remember when posting photos, is that everything you post has a digital footprint. People can go in and see where it was posted and how. Dangerous individuals can use this information to track your whereabouts with a few clicks of a mouse.

One of the best ways to guard yourself against being tracked is to turn off geotagging on your images.  Before posting photos of your friends and family and assuming it’s ok, it’s considered polite to ask first.  Just because you’re ok with your image being publicly posted doesn’t mean that they are.

Always Ask Permission Before Posting Photos Of Others

As more and more people become aware of online privacy and facial recognition algorithms, less and fewer people want their image posted without being asked permission first.

Monitor Your Children’s Activity

It’s vital that as a parent you watch what your children are doing online carefully.  You should run their account for them if they’re under 16, and ensure that they’re using their accounts responsibility once they’re running their page themselves.

Children are all too often targets for bullies and sexual predators.  As a parent, you can reduce the risk of them being victims by keeping an eye on their online activity.

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