4 Ways to Stop Medical Equipment from Ruining Your Feng Shui

4 Ways to Stop Medical Equipment from Ruining Your Feng Shui

CPAP machine
CPAP machine

Even if you don’t actually follow feng shui best practices, having large medical equipment in your home might be necessary but ruining your aesthetics. Luckily, there are a myriad of ways to “hide” equipment or opt for less obstructive options. Whether you’re cramped for space or you’re embarrassed to have house guests because of all the questions, taking care of your health at home shouldn’t interfere with your aesthetics.

Luckily, interior designers have come up with countless ways to distract the eye from less pleasing parts of the home. Check out theHouseBeautiful tips for general interior design recommendations, but don’t stop there. If you have items like a CPAP machine or oxygen replacement tanks in the home, that’s no need to avoid hosting. Here’s how to hide, blend and distract to your inner hosts’ content:

1. Plants for camo

There’s a reason a lot of camouflage features plants and greenery: it’s perfect “blending” both in the wild and in the home. Many medical devices can be easily tucked behind plants and greenery, making them still easily accessible when the time comes. Plus, plants provide better oxygen in the home and studies show that caring for plants can make you healthier. Visit Healthline to find out more on the benefits of houseplants.

2. Turn closets into medical storage spaces

You might think your closets already have a job, but chances are those coats and extra umbrellas can be better stored elsewhere. Make the most of pantries, hall closets and coat closets and turn them into medical storage facilities. You can optimize organization by customizing the shelving units, too. Easily roll in and out medical machinery, which will make it more likely that you’ll put away your supplies.

3. Embrace simplicity

Neutral colors and less clutter is the mantra of many an interior designer. Don’t allow your medical supplies to take over a room, and make sure to keep things neat and tidy. There’s a fine line between camouflaging these areas and turning them into a disaster area.

4. Opt for travel-sized options

The great thing about medical technology is that it’s getting better, smaller and more attractive all the time. If you can swing it and the results are just as good, upgrade to a travel-sized model instead. They’ll of course be smaller and you’ll be set the next time a vacation rolls around. Plus, many of these models are designed to abide by TSA guidelines and can make traveling easier, lighter, and less of a hassle at check-in.

5. Get creative with your storage

Splurging on a captain’s bed that has underbelly storage for supplies needed quickly, or adding a customized closet to your bathroom or existing closet space is a great way to make quick storage easy and accessible. Most homes don’t have enough storage space to begin with, so not only does this help you hide medical supplies, it also increases the home’s value.

6. Keep feng-shui volatile pieces at bay

Spend some time analyzing feng shui (it’s different for every person based on gender and birth date), and make sure you don’t keep any medical devices that could be seen as volatile in rooms where the common activities don’t mesh. For example, syringe supplies aren’t a good match for any room where relaxation is key, such as the bedroom.

Take pride in your home and don’t let medical conditions take over. There’s a time and place (such as a small closet) for everything. Whether or not you “believe” in feng shui, it won’t hurt and it provides you with a new way of approaching storage and décor.

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