4 Ways to Hide Your Nose Piercings at Work

There is no doubt that nostril piercings are one of the most common piercing options for both young and mature people. This popularity allows nose piercings to be acceptable in environments where other piercing options might be frowned upon. In the past few years, we’ve seen even corporate offices go forgiving about nostril piercing.

However, the fact remains that not every employer will love your nostril piercing. And when you have a septum piercing, you are less likely to find a job in a traditional corporate setting that will make it possible.

The good news is that it’s surprisingly easy to hide the nose piercing or make it less noticeable. Here are four ways to hide your nose piercing at work.

Choose dainty jewelry options

If you work in an environment where you can wear your nostril piercing but don’t love it, choosing dainty jewelry is a great option.

A tiny gem offers a slight sparkle but remains low key and ensures that your piercing is still visible but not noticeable.

If your boss Really If your nostril piercing isn’t your thing, you can go for a tiny ball or disc that sits more flush with your skin in a metallic color that blends in. That way, you can still enjoy your nostril piercing, but it won’t be very noticeable.

If you choose slim, petite options, even those who hate piercings will have a hard time complaining. Note, however, that this is only an option if your employer has agreed to allow you to wear your nose jewelry. You can still see the jewelry and you don’t want them to feel like they are ignoring their desires.

Get a piercing holder

If your employer has banned all nose piercings, you can invest in a piercing holder.

A piercing holder is simply a clear or skin colored piece that you insert into your piercing so the hole does not close up. If your nasal piercing is new or you have ever closed piercings quickly, this option should be seriously considered if you want to keep your nostril piercing.

Brackets may be available at many piercing studios and they can provide you with one that is convenient and subtle.

It is important to note that mounts are not completely invisible. Speak to your manager and show them what the piercing holder looks like to make sure you continue to adhere to the company’s dress code.

For septum piercings, turn the jewelry inside your nose

Although septum piercings can hit or miss in terms of workplace acceptance, they are much easier to hide than nostril piercings.

Simply fill the piercing with a round barbell and twist the jewelry up your nose. Nobody is going to be the smarter for your piercing.

However, you shouldn’t do this if your piercing is still healing. An important part of successfully healing your piercing is keeping the jewelry steady. Putting your jewelry up your nose every day can damage the delicate, healing skin. Therefore, you should only have your septum pierced if you are sure your employer will allow you to wear it for six weeks (or more).

Wear a curved barbell in your septum piercing for a more subtle look

Woman with a curved barbell in her septum piercing
A curved barbell in your septum piercing can be subtle enough for a professional work environment

If you’re allowed to wear a septum piercing at work but prefer a more subtle aesthetic, you can try a curved barbell.

When you wear a curved barbell in your septum piercing, the little ball ends will appear on either side of your septum and the rest of the jewelry will be hidden inside your nose. That way, you can enjoy the septum piercing look in a low-key way.

Getting a high-end corporate job doesn’t mean the end of your facial piercings. Talk to your employer about the dress code and find dainty jewelry styles that are suitable for the workplace. When buying body jewelry, it is also helpful if your jewelry is made from fine materials like 14 karat gold with diamond gemstones.

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