4 Weight loss exercises that everyone can do

4 Weight loss exercises that everyone can do: If we are hunting for weight loss exercises there must be a reason. The lockdown in fact, it has not only changed habits. The sedentary lifestyle and the little movement inevitably weighed on the scales, we see ourselves weighed down and we said goodbye to the flat stomach. It emerged from a study by In a Bottle that, on average, the Italians increased by three kilograms.

The nutritionist’s advice Luca Piretta is to “Divide the daily caloric intake in a more functional way to the needs of the organism and its chrono-biological rhythms. The distribution should be done with 30% at breakfast, taking milk or derivatives, cereals and a fruit. Another 30% for lunch, preparing a first course with a side dish, and 20% for dinner, in which to eat a second always accompanied by a side dish.

4 Weight loss exercises that everyone can do
4 Weight loss exercises that everyone can do

Finally, the remaining 20% ​​should be divided into two mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks, in which to take fruit or a smoothie. Me too’hydration it is essential to dispose of fats: consume the canonical 1.5 or 2 liters of water during the day and, in the case of physical activity and high temperatures, even 3 liters “. The correct formulation of daily nutrition and the right motor activity must travel on parallel tracks. And here we come to us: what are the best exercises for weight loss, without being able to go to the gym yet? We offer you 5.

It is certainly excellent for getting back in shape, especially for those lucky enough to live in green places. Those who do not know where to go can opt for the Go upstairs, another hyper invigorating aerobic exercise.

Jump the rope

Everyone should have one. Otherwise, it is easily found on some stores online. You may not remember how portentous it is: they are eliminated 800 calories per hour and simultaneously work the arms, legs and abs.

Squat with medicine ball

It’s not like drinking a glass of water: the effort is there and you can feel it. But the results will be seen in no time. How to do? Squat with the medicine ball in your hand. Then, as you descend, throw it in the air and catch it on the fly as you ascend.

You lunges

The ally to “sink” the pounds in the fastest way possible and for dry your legs. Use weights or dumbbells for more intensity. 25 minutes thus help to eliminate about 40% of fat.

Go to Instagram

For those who want some company, the Insta-trainers think about getting back in shape. You can create your own circuit following their advice or dance to dry the body.

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