5 Best Picnic Spots Near Ooty One Must Definitely Visit In 2020!

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Ooty is one of the most beautiful hill stations in South India. The proper and official name of this place is Udagamandalam. This small hill station is located in the district of Nilgiri, Tamil Nadu. Nilgiri hills are the center of attraction for tourists visiting Ooty every year. There is no doubt about the grandeur of this place as the place is full of natural beauty and mountain scenery. If you are planning to visit any hill station this summer vacation, then you will have to book your tickets for this place and try some. Picnic spots near Ooty. These picnic spots are full of thrills and one can feel after these places. Picnic spots in these places are highly sought after by visitors and travelers to Ooty.

5 best picnic spots near Ooty

Here is the list of top 5 picnic spots near Ooty. You can visit any of these places if you are out for a memorable vacation with your family. These places are full of natural scenery and scenery. People who are planning to go to Ooty can visit these places for a better holiday.

1. Dodbetta Viewpoint

It is the best place to visit

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Doddabetta peak is the best picnic spot for those planning to visit Ooty. It is the highest place in Ooty. The height of this place is 2523 meters. If you are planning to have your picnic, then you must visit this place because from here you can have a beautiful view of the plains of Coimbatore and the highlands of Mysore. A telescope house has been built here by the government for better view of the surrounding places. You can enjoy the beautiful views from the telescope. It is the highest peak of the Nilgiris. This place is best for picnics if you are taking your children for a memorable holiday.

Distance to Ooty: 9 km
things to do: Walking and trekking
Best Time to Visit: March to september
Places to live nearby: Sherlock, Fortune Retreats
Nearby restaurants: TTDC Restaurant, Culinarium

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2. Sim’s Park

Awesome park


Sim’s park can be one of the best picnic spots for those who are planning to go to Ooty to spend their vacation. The height of this place is 1780 meters. Apart from being beautiful, the place is full of natural flora. A natural park can be found here where they can visit for an everlasting experience. You can find some rare plants in this garden. The place is visited by a large number of visitors every year, as picturesque views are seen wherever the eye goes. This place can be visited by those who are lovers of natural places and like to see plants and some rare flower species. A large number of birds and bees visit this garden which increases the beauty of this place a thousand times. The picnic of this place will be fantastic.

Distance to Ooty: 20.4 km
things to do: Trekking & Picnic
Best Time to Visit: August to September
Places to live nearby: Walwood Gardens, Nilgiri Comfort Stay
Nearby restaurants: Tea Factory Road, Jharokha Restaurant

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3. Wenlock Downs 9th Mile Shooting Point

This place gives you such a wonderful memoir

This place is near Ooty and for those who are planning for a picture near Ooty, the best place. This place is full of grasslands or grasslands. The greenery of this place makes this place one of the most visited tourist destinations of Ooty. There are about 20,000 acres of grasslands for this reason that seem endless if you are going to take a glimpse of that. The area is covered with Shola forest and many films have been shot at this location. This place was once a victim of British rule in India. This place is best for hiking and walking as people who are visiting this place are suggested to visit this place as they will not forget this beautiful essence of walking here in their whole life.

Distance to Ooty:14.3 km
things to do: Trekking and walking
Best Time to Visit: March to september
Places to live nearby: Mount N Mist, Hotel, Lakeview
Nearby restaurants: Hotel Medena, Dhanalakshmi Restaurant

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4. Panna Lake

This is a wonderful place


Emerald Lake is one of the beautiful tourist destinations located near Ooty in Nilgiri district of Tamil Nadu. The area in which this place is located is known as the silent valley. The beautiful Panna Lake is the best picnic spot for those planning to visit Ooty. You can find different types of fish in the lake. Various beautiful local birds visit this place which increases the beauty of this place manifold. Don’t forget to catch a glimpse of sunrise or sunset near the lake as they will remind you of heaven. You can find a wide area of ​​tea garden and if you are a tea lover then you can buy tea products from this place. If you are opting for an emerald lake then you can have a wonderful picnic.

Distance to Ooty: 19.7 km
things to do: Picnic and walking
Best Time to Visit: Throughout the year
Places to live nearby: Emerald Lake Lodge, Fireweed Hostel
Nearby restaurants: Destiny Farm Stay, Fat Duck Restaurant

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5. Dolphin’s Nose

It's a nice place to come


Dolphin’s nose is one of the famous picnic spots near Ooty. This place is located in Nilgiri district, Tamil Nadu. The height of this place is about 1550 meters. The tip of the peak resembles the nose of a dolphin, which is why this place has been given this name. Becoming a rock of this place is completely final because it will steal your heart when you glance at it. Catherine Fall is located next to this place which is another center of attraction for the tourists visiting this place. If they are going for their picnic at this place then one can see the tea garden. Large cracks are found on both the left and right sides of the dolphin’s nose. Plan your picnic for this place and you will be grateful enough to visit this place.

Distance to Ooty:30.1 km
things to do: Trekking and walking
Best Time to Visit: July to February
Places to live nearby: Kurumba Village Resort
Nearby restaurants: TN 43 Hilltop Restaurant, SilverTip Cafe & Homestay

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These are some of the best picnic spots near Ooty. These places can be visited by those who are planning to go to Ooty. Surrounded by nature’s bounty, beautiful and panoramic views can be seen all over the place. If you are ready to enjoy your vacation, then you can plan for these places as these places will make you feel like heaven as they are situated in the lap of nature itself. You can take your friends, relatives and other family members to these places for a picnic. So whenever you plan a vacation to Ooty, make sure to take a break and drive to these picnic spots near Ooty.

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Frequently asked questions about picnic spots near Ooty

Q. Which are the best picnic spots near Ooty?

a. There are many picnic spots near Ooty which can be visited by you if you are planning a holiday in Ooty. Some of the most famous picnic spots are Dolphin’s Nose, Emerald Lake, Wenlock Shooting Point, etc.

Q. Do we need permission before any picnic?

a. It is not that you have to get permission before organizing any picnic, but you should consult the local authority before going to any of these picnic spots. This will keep you safe and out of any danger.

Q. What other activities can one do besides picnic?

a. Many other activities can be done in these areas besides picnics. One can go for walking and trekking in these areas as they are full of natural beauty and areas. Greenery will make you feel like heaven.

Q. Where are the places to stay near Ooty?

a. Ooty has many accommodation facilities. To stay you can visit any local guest house or hotel. The place is visited by a large number of visitors every year, so there is a large number of accommodation nearby.

Q. What to do before going to the picnic spot near Ooty?

a. You are advised to carry some important things while visiting some picnic spots near Ooty. You can carry dry fruits, woolen clothes and proper identification documents. These are some important things that you should take with you while visiting this place.

Q. Can we take children to a picnic spot near Ooty?

a. Yes, you can take children to these picnic spots, but you should take full care of them. You should keep your children with you at all times and do not allow them to go anywhere without your guidelines.

Q. Which is the most attractive picnic spot near Ooty?

a. Panna Lake is one of the most attractive and mesmerizing picnic spots near Ooty. Due to the presence of the lake, the place is known as one of the best picnic spots that creates a soothing essence for visitors. They can see different types of fish and birds visiting this place.

Q. How to reach these picnic spots near Ooty?

a. You can reach these picnic spots by road transport. These picnic spots are located near Ooty and one can reach these places in minutes or a few hours.

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