5 fashion films for the latest Miuccia Prada collection

On the occasion of Digital Milan Fashion Week, Prada presented the new women’s and men’s collections, the latest solo shows by Miuccia Prada before the arrival of Raf Simons as creative co-director of the brand, through 5 fashion films directed by five different artists for background and creative vision.

Photographers Willy Vanderperre is Juergen Teller, among others, have been called to interpret the Prada men’s spring summer 2021 and women’s pre-collection collections, through their personal point of view to evoke the multiple interpretations and visions that spring from the spectators of a traditional parade.

«Prada evolves and changes every season. This season, while I was shooting and filming, the collection seemed honest to me, stripped of fashion ideas, which in turn turns that idea back into fashion. »he commented Willy Vanderperre, the Belgian photographer who takes the campaigns of Raf Simons since 2009 (except 2012) and edited the advertising images of Prada from 2016 to 2019. «It also seemed introspective and slightly schizophrenic. A look at the past with an eye turned to the future. I hope the public perceives the film as a pure and honest presentation of the collection “.

It was an honor to be invited to photograph and film Miuccia’s latest collection. In my eyes, men and women were beautiful, elegant and modern. I liked to interpret Miuccia’s vision and try to give it a sense that was as honest and direct as possible. »He commented Juergen Teller.

Raf Simons appointed Prada creative co-director

For his latest collection Miuccia Prada wanted to enclose the quintessence of the brand and his purest conception of fashion. How to wear clothes, where and why. The leaders join thesportswear to formal wear, lo classic style to futuristic innovations. The male silhouettes they are defined and streamlined with technologically advanced manufactures in nylon Prada and stretch materials in contrast to traditional tailoring clothes, while for women the fabrics take on volumes and couture treatments. The leaders ofindustrial and sporty inspiration, taken from the Red Line, are worked with classic manufactures and fabrics, while the lingerie and knitwear express the most aspect fragile and emotional of collections with light weights and delicate shades.

Besides Willy Vanderperre is Juergen Teller, through their personal point of view, the Polish photographer Joanna Piotrowska, the Californian visual artist Martine Syms and the Texas director and musician, Terence Nance, have interpreted the new Prada collections in the five chapters of Prada Multiple Views, a visual conversation aimed at reflecting also on the need for a digital presentation and on the meaning of offering a multiplicity of singular visions that can be shared by the spectators, creating new connections of ideas and a new sense of community.

Watch the full video of Prada Multiple Views.

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