5 industrial designs that will instantly transform your home

Whether you are looking to decorate your new home or you are looking to freshen up your space, opting for an industrial style themed home is a fail option that is fashionable and versatile. Think – concrete floors and dark furniture – you can easily match with any home decor without looking cold or bare.

Located in quartz surfaces, Silestone by Cosentino has launched a new collection called Silestone Loft that includes five new industrial-style colorways inspired by iconic neighborhoods around the world to transform your home.

So, what comes to your mind as soon as you hear the term ‘Industrial style‘? If you are thinking of steel structure, exposed bricks, naked lightbulbs, and raw concrete – you are right. The thing that is not known very well is that the style is quite versatile, the way you mix the material palette.


Silestone Loft saw five neighborhoods in four cities – Seaport and Little Italy in New York, Corktown in Detroit, Camden in London, and Poblano in Barcelona – to come up with five theaters that are both versatile and sustainable.

Silestone Loft is the first Silestone collection created using a patented technology called HybriQ +, which reduces the amount of crystalline silica in production, allowing the collection to use a higher percentage of recycled materials without compromising its performance Get permission. This technology was the result of a three-year R&D aimed at anticipating global harsh environmental laws, so you can be sure that the material of your choice contributes to the rebirth of our planet.

Silestone continuous design for your industrial-style theme home.

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