5 Picnic Spots Near Tirupati For Those Wanting An Ultimate Break!

Tirupati is an ancient city at the southern end of Andhra Pradesh, a pilgrim’s paradise. It is famous for many Indian temples and shrines. The most revered is the Sri Venkateswara Swamy of Tirupati Barai Temple and has faith from many parts of the country and abroad to visit this temple city seeking a powerful blessing! – More -> Tirupati can not only be seen as an ideal pilgrimage center but is also a great place for nature lovers, explorers and historians.

There are many offbeat places around Tirupati which are great hotspots for picnic trips and rejuvenation for all. Picnic spots near Tirupati Can be found in abundance and they are wonderful places if you are looking for some solitude between the natural landscape and the peace of Andhra Pradesh. Here is a fun guide on everything you need to know about these places!

5 best picnic spots near Tirupati

Here are five of the best picnic spots near Tirupati that are ideal for a weekend getaway with friends, family and close people.

1. Tada Falls – 81 km from Tirupati
2. Kapila Theertham – 35 km from Tirupati
3. Tirumala – 22 km from Tirupati
4. Chandragiri – 15 km from Tirupati
5. Tiruchanur – 5 km from Tirupati

1. Tada Falls / Ubalambadugu Falls

Tada falls


The panoramic Tada waterfall is situated in the dense forest called Shidurayakona on the hills of Kanakkan and is a popular place for hiking, backpacking and picnic. The area around the waterfall includes the formation of rocky hills and dense forests throughout the city. If you want to enjoy some quality time with friends and family, there is nothing better than this place where you can sit by the quiet pond and just relax.

place: Tada Falls / Ubalmadugu Falls, Andhra Pradesh
Distance from Tirupati: 81 km

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2. Kapila Theertham

Kapila Theertham


Kapila Theertham is a famous waterfall situated in the Til Patischa Shadril Hills. It is an attractive fall that falls from a height of 100 feet and forms a breathtaking pond in the center. Legend has it that for many years the saints meditated in the caves of this fall and that is why one can always feel a positive aura around this place. If you want a peaceful retreat then it serves as an awesome picnic spot with friends and family.

place: Kapila Theertham, Tirumala Tirupati, KT Road, Srinivasa Nagar, NGO Colony, Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh 17177
Distance from Tirupati: 35 km

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3. Tirumala



Tirumala is one of the most famous pilgrimage sites in India and attracts thousands of believers every year. The Tirumala Temple is situated on the top of the Tirumala Mountains and is a masterpiece of Dravidian architecture. You should normally visit this temple and Tirumala for a picnic as there is a lot to offer at this place.

place: Tirumala, Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh
Distance from Tirupati: 22 km

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4. Chandragiri



Chandragiri is an ancient city famous for its historical fort. You can plan a picnic for this fort and have a good day exploring the history and culture of the city. There are many parks in the city of Chandragiri where you can take your kids for a picnic as it will be really fun!

place: Chandragiri, Andhra Pradesh 517101
Distance from Tirupati: 15 km

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5. Tiruchanur



Tiruchanur is a religious site in Andhra Pradesh known for the famous Padmavati temple and many other magnificent temples. You can plan a picnic in these temples with your family as you can rejuvenate amidst the temple bells and the serene environment.

place: Tiruchanur, Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh
Distance from Tirupati: 5 km

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There is no doubt that all the wonderful picnic spots near Tirupati are serene and pristine and provide a comfortable place for relaxation. Not only can you relax in these places, but you can also enrich yourself with the culture and history that these places have to offer. We all deserve a break and there is no better way to take it than to go for a picnic! So, plan your trip to Andhra Pradesh and experience amazing picnic with loved ones!

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Frequently asked questions about picnic spots near Tirupati

Q. When is the best time to visit the picnic spot near Tirupati?

a. The best time to visit the picnic spot near Tirupati is between the months of September and February as the weather conditions are pleasant and there is no moisture during this time.

Q. Are there any hill stations near Tirupati?

a. Yes, the best hill stations near Tirupati are:
Nagri Hills
Horsley hills
Nandi Hills

Q. Which are the best places to visit near Tirupati?

a. Some of the best places to visit near Tirupati are:

Q. Does Tirupati have any temples?

a. Yes, Tirupati has some of the best temples:
Tirumala Venkateswara Temple
Sri Govindaraj Swamy Temple
Sri Varahaswamy Temple
Sri Kapileshwar Swamy Temple
Sri Agastaswamy Temple

Q. No one can live near Tirupati?

a. Stay at the following hotels near Tirupati:
Hotel KSR Grand
The Raintree Hotel
Minerva Grand
Hotel Blue Diamond
Hotel Pandian

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