5 Reasons Why Heller Furniture is a Great Investment

Having a collection of award-winning quality modern furniture was once out of the realm of the average family. In 1998, Heller decided to demonstrate that exceptional design, industrial production and reasonable prices were possible for those looking for luxury designer furniture. Starting from the Bellini chair by Mario Bellini, Heller Inc. has brought its name to be considered the best in terms of affordable design furniture. There are several reasons why Heller is such an exceptional company, but five reasons stand out.

World-renowned designers bring the most current and creative designs to Heller. There is no comparison with other traditional manufacturing companies with their best designers behind the wheel. Massimo and Lella Vignelli, Philippe Starck and Studio 65 are just some of the internationally renowned designers with whom Heller collaborates to present new and innovative products.

The award-winning museum quality designs stand out in your home with what museum curators believe deserves to be collected and displayed. Stamped with approval and proudly displayed in exceptional locations such as The Smithsonian and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Heller’s designs have also won awards from the Industrial Designers Society of America and the ID Annual Design Distinction for Furniture.

Investment quality projects have shone on Heller since their inception thirty five years ago. Starting from a line of stackable tableware by Massimo Vignelli, the furniture would surely follow when other design and engineering icons began to appear with their incredible, refined creativity. The originals Bellini, Gehry, D’Urbino are just some of the prestigious names of the Heller team.

Form and function is an additional option from Heller with durable products designed for both indoors and outdoors. Many pieces are modular, stackable and precious as space-saving. The artistic presence of these pieces can be used anywhere, for multiple purposes in the workplace or high traffic areas where a solid and lasting shape is needed, while presenting a modern touch.

The lifestyle dominates more for the sociable but practical furnishings for a fun and witty environment that is possible thanks to creative designs. From the broken neck curves of a cube designed by Gehry to the gigantic red lips on a Bocca chair by Studio 65, these designs simply make you feel good. The museum-approved quality, world-renowned designers and functional features enchant investments that can be yours with modern furniture that lasts for years to come.


by Patrick L Mahoney

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