5 Powerful Tips For Creating Optimum Workday

5 Powerful Tips For Creating Optimum Workday

Creating Optimum Workday:  It’s a constant challenge trying to figure out how to create the optimum workday. And particularly since the idea of ‘optimum’ can change depending on things like type of job, other things going on in your life, family situation, and even your basic age or demographic, it means that the optimum workday is a perpetually moving target.

Creating Optimum Workday
Creating Optimum Workday

To help you knuckle down the details, though, consider five generic ways that will always improve your situation, including setting up your desk and workspace correctly, planning meals ahead of time, learning your own energy cycles, creating a priority matrix for daily tasks, and ensuring that you keep a proper life balance at all times as well.

The Desk Arrangement

If you work at a desk, or even if you have an assigned workspace, the center of your optimum day is going to be there. That’s where you spend the most of your time either working or organizing your work, so that what you have to learn how to arrange in the way that makes the most sense. Even if you fix everything else in your life, if you have a mismanaged professional workspace, it’s all going to still feel wrong and inefficient.

Meal Planning

Once your workspace is arranged, the next most important thing is that you work with, and around, your desired mealtimes. The least productive way to handle your day is to suddenly feel exhausted and starving and then try to immediately do something about it. Instead, plan your work meals ahead. That way you can choose your desired nutritional makeup, and probably save a ton of money along with not having the frustration of foraging for food in the middle of your workday.

Learn Your Energy Cycles

Everyone goes through peaks and valleys of energy during the day. And typically, they’re going to be fairly consistent, assuming you have a fairly consistent diet. To achieve the optimum workday, you’ll have to learn which activities to try to plan during which parts of the day you typically go up and down. After a few adjustments, you’ll be amazed at how much more productive you are.

Make a Priority Matrix

Chances are very likely you’re not going to have enough time in the day to do everything that you want. To that end, you should have lists of tasks that you put into some type of priority matrix. That’s basically just a fancy way of saying if the right tasks have the right parameters, you’ll do them in the right order.

Find a Good Life Balance

Optimum workdays are going to balance out with optimum life days. That means hard, focused energy toward your work and professional life has to come with respect to vacation, days off, making it easy, and hanging out with friends and family. Too much work, even optimized as such, won’t be beneficial unless it’s in tune with the rest of your life.

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