5 Tips for Finding the Right Office Space

Office Space 5 Tips for Finding the Right Office Space

Office space: There are many different reasons for deciding that you need a new office space, or even that you need office space in general. But then, once you’ve made that decision, the hard parts start – trying to figure out what the ideal space is, and then how to rent it.

To help you out with this admirable if the somewhat frustrating decision, follow the five tips. Below to get you searching most efficiently. Find out how to read your local office space listings. Be sure to read the most accurate reviews of spaces possible. Always visit the areas before committing. Consider your personal needs, and keep in mind the needs of clients as well.

Right Office Space

Find Your Local Listings

It’s not going to do you any good to learn about office spaces for rent or purchase in other communities. That means you have to know how to search for local listings. For example, for people in the Atlanta Metro area, search for Atlanta office space. It’s not going to do you any good to see what places cost in New York, LA, or Detroit. Learn to search efficiently, and you’ll save yourself a ton of time. You could look at an office finder which can really help you out and make finding a local office, much easier.

Right Office Space

Read Accurate Reviews

Many office space rental listings have reviews about companies, neighbourhoods, or spaces. Be smart about reading these reviews. Learn to recognize fake reviews. Even well-meaning companies will sometimes be a little shifty about how they advertise, so really it’s up to you to understand how the reviewing system works, and how to spot ones that are genuine vs. ones that are faked. If you follow the other tips in this list, that will come as part of your overall process of finding the right new place.

Visit the Spaces Before Committing

Even if you are shown pictures of potential office space, don’t commit to renting or purchasing until you actually see it. You could potentially be shown a beautifully designed space only to find out that the actual room or building is not what you expect. The only way to combat this is by visiting the actual site in person.

Right Office SpaceConsider Your Needs

You may be initially enamored about an office space. You might like the look and the feel, and maybe the location and the overall vibe. But be sure to think about practical needs you have before signing on the line. Don’t get so caught up in ‘wants’ that you forget about ‘needs’.

Think About Client Needs as Well

And that goes for client needs as well. If you’re not going to be gaining an environment that is comfortable for potential clients as well, you should rethink why you’re attempting to rent this space in the first place.

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