5 Tips for Getting Diwali Decorations Right and Traditional

5 Tips for Getting Diwali Decorations Right and Traditional

Going traditional doesn’t necessarily means going backward. In fact, it serves as a tribute to our glorious past and heritage. Traditional festivals are reservoirs of our age-old customs, and it is integral that we maintain their ethnicity. Diwali is on such festival of happiness, where a lot of such awesome customs are practiced maintaining the pristine purity of those traditions. Diwali decorations are one such practice that everyone who celebrates Diwali indulges in.

Your choice of Diwali decorations can be crucial indeed when it comes to delivering the authentic traditional feel to the festival. Often a modern form of decorations end up being tacky and an embarrassment instead of being embellishments. Here are five suggestions for traditional Diwali decorations.

1) Diyas:


Diyas or traditional oil lamps are native to the country and they are usually made from clay and lighted with cotton wicks dipped in oil or butter. Diyas come in various ethnic patterns with colourful designs and they are lovely sights to behold. The word “Deep” means the flame of a wick soaked in oil, and “Deepavali” literally translates as a row of lights. Placed on a balcony ledge in rows or in the courtyard on top of the rangolis, the diyas lend an air of simplicity and timeless elegance to Diwali decorations. Diyas are also considered as sacred and placed in temples for blessing worshippers.

2) AkashKandil :


AkashKandils (or Skylanterns) were traditionally hung with the help of a string on a tall pole decorated with cloth, festoons, eight bells and a pot. They are usually placed in courtyards, lawns and other open spaces. Akash Kandils, with their vibrant colours and free-flowing forms, adds a celebratory feel and an essence of freedom to the Diwali décor. They are also used as a means of paying obeisance to the gods above.

3) Bandhanwars / Torans:

Bandhanwars and Torans

Bandhanwars and Torans are quite essential for Indoor Diwali decorations. They not only add charm and beauty to the decor but also present a welcoming atmosphere to guests and visitors. The door and wall hangings are also considered as talismans to ward off evil spirits. Bandhanwars and Torans come in many impressive designs and color combinations which make them ideal Diwali decorative items.

4) Candles :


Candles give an air of austerity and sereneness to the interiors and Diwali décor. For ages, candles have been used in temples and for religious rites. They have still retained their ceremonial importance, and they are an important part of Diwali celebrations. Candles are also used to light up balconies, boundary walls and marketplace. The candles come in many varieties or designs such as round-shaped candles, scented candles, and tealight candles. These candles are also preferred as popular Diwali gifts to the loved ones.

5) Rangoli Stickers:

Rangoli Stickers

Rangolis are synonymous with Indian festivals and celebrations. As a part of Diwali decorations, they are drawn on the courthouse, front rooms and door entrances in myriad and vibrant patterns. Rangoli stickers are a handy way to create rangoli patterns and also minimize the efforts in making them. They are made from different colored materials such as beads, jewels, flower petals, and leaves. Rangoli stickers are not only effective, but they also provide a traditional and ethnic feel to the Diwali decors.

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