5 Tips for Running an Efficient Meeting

5 Tips for Running an Efficient Meeting

5 Tips  Two of the biggest time wasters in the known human universe are Managers and Meetings, so if you do not want your professional gathering to end up being resented or ignored, you may have to do some homework. Moreover, what is the homework about? It is about running an efficient meeting, truly, and not just pretending that is how it is going to go.

So, what are the steps that you can take to make this happen? Well, it is all about five specific tasks, including getting the right space, practicing your personal presentation in advance, having everyone at the meeting state their expectations, giving people enough breaks, and cutting it off before anyone gets bored.

5 Tips Business Meeting
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Get the Right Space

The first good choice that you need to make when trying to run an efficient meeting is you have to rent the right conference space. This mean the right amount of space, the right number of chairs, the right temperature and lighting, and all of the gear that you need (microphones, speakers, projectors, etc.) all needs to be there.

Practice Your Presentation In Advance

If you are the main presenter at the meeting you are throwing, you need to practice your speech in advance. Mark how long it takes. If you are taking longer than about 12 minutes, consider cutting it down. Attention spans keep getting shorter and shorter, and you also start losing impact after a certain point as well, so shorter truly is better when it comes to effective presentation techniques. Think of TED talks as examples for your own reference.

Have Everyone Talk About Their Expectations

Before the meeting, have everyone send you a quick note, even something like a text, explaining what his or her expectations are. If you have a general idea of what everyone is expecting, you can either meet those expectations head on, or explain at the beginning of the meeting that you are doing something else. This way there is a clean line of communication between the person putting the meeting on, and the attendees.

Have Regular Breaks

To keep people’s attention and focus, you have to have regular breaks. Even if it is just for people to get a drink of water and get a snack, you have to make sure there are regular ways for people to recharge; otherwise, the whole point of the meeting tends to get lost.

Cut It Off Before People Get Bored

Finally, no matter where you are in the meeting, you need to make sure you cut it off before people get bored. If you run it as efficiently as possible, there is going to be a balance point where all information will be communicated, and people have started getting fidgety yet.

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