5 Tips for Perfect Running Shoes

5 Tips for Perfect Running Shoes

Running Shoes: There are many various myths about running shoes existing on the web today. For instance, some researchers say that soft cushioning though feels great in fact does very little for your body. Others say that shock-absorbing running shoes cannot influence injuries during your runs. Some researchers claim that there is no difference between hard and soft soles for regular running.

Running Shoes

Regardless of these researchers and their demands, thousands of evidence running shoe structure, form and materials have a significant influence on the comfort of your training exercise. It is also a well-known fact that to choose the right shoes; you need to pay attention to every detail. To help you pay attention to each of the factors, we created a list of six tips to choose the right running shoes.

Shop at Smaller Stores

A lot of people say that classic running shoes are not for them because of specific needs. These people advise going to small stores to get more attention from shop assistants and consult professionals, instead of trying on thousands of pairs without any feedback at major department chains. However, pay attention to non-standard running shoes, such as Geox shoes, which can be ideal for your individual needs.

Length and Width

Even if you consult the most qualified expert about running shoes, New Balance experts say that it is only you who can make the final choice. When running you need to have some freedom for your feet, so when trying on ensure that you have some space in the front of the shoes and that there is no pressure on the sides of your feet.

Running shoes

A Test Run

Do not take it literally, but still try to walk and even run around the store to feel the running shoes you are planning to buy. This is the best way to test the running shoes and feel if there are any discomforts.


First of all remember, that every company has its size line for running shoes. So every time you come to the store, New Balance running shoe experts advises to re-measure your feet. And if there is no correct size that you usually wear, try the adjacent ones, because they actually might fit.

No ‘extra features.

As a rule, companies add ‘extra features’ to raise the cost of the product. Before getting hooked on such ads and buy running shoes with any additional features, think considerable if you need any of these extra features, such as Geox shoes. Of course, if you have some prescribed by doctor problems, consult an assistant for special footwear and check if the store has special insoles, for example, if you have flat-footedness.

And the last tip: always rely on your personal feelings first and then listen to any advice!

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