5 Ways to Have a Beautiful Lawn for Less

5 Ways to Have a Beautiful Lawn for Less

Creating a beautiful garden does not mean that you have to be in a constant state of hard work and difficult upkeep. There are many options for creating beautiful, presentable lawns that do not call for meticulous attention. Even though the specifics of low-maintenance landscaping can depend on weather conditions, there are a few basic guidelines to keep in mind concerning the makeup of the lawn. Here are some tips for a lush and healthy lawn.

Beautiful Lawn

  1. Getting the Height Just Right

Mowing is a lot more than just cutting the grass every Sunday. One of the most fundamental steps to a perfect lawn is getting the mowing height right for your type of lawn. Mowing height is decisive because the length of the grass blade is the part. That will absorb the sunshine which the grass blade then amazingly converts into food! Think about reticulation installation to assist in getting that grass growing just right.

  1. Fertiliser

Many people believe that fertiliser is a lawn food, but that’s just not true. In fact, plants make their own food using sunlight if it is to grow and develop into a healthy plant. In fact, fertiliser isn’t even absorbed by the plant as it’s put down on the soil. Basically, the fertiliser that is used on the lawn first goes through the digestive juices of many tiny microbes that live in the soil. Then it can be absorbed and used by the plant as building blocks to build more cells and carry on the process of converting carbon dioxide into oxygen.


  1. Using a Sharp Blade

The kind of power doesn’t matter, but the condition of the blade does. A blunt blade will tear at the grass. Try taking a close look at a blade of grass a couple of days after mowing. If the blade is blunt, you’ll see a jagged brownish line across the tip of the cut grass. This shows that your blade needs sharpening. Professional mowers will sharpen their blades around every 8 hours of use. For most homeowners, twice a year is recommended.


  1. Water Intake

Overwatering your lawn will cause more damage than a lack of water. Most lawn grasses can handle dry spells, but not flooding. You may want to think about supplemental watering such as a sprinkler system. During the dry season, these are of crucial importance and come with different types of sprinklings systems suitable for all kinds of lawn. If in need of reticulation repair, get it sorted before you need it.


  1. Sprinkler Systems

These are now more popular than ever. Usually, a new sprinkler system will be run using water from a garden water bore which saves money being spent on tap water. Should a bore not be possible, they can easily be installed using the mains water system. Should your system be in need of repairs or upgrades, reticulation repairs in Perth from TLC Services Perth are professionals at their job and at an affordable price?


That’s it folks, it’s all pretty simple and easy to follow. May your lawns be as green as your fingers!

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